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eReport revolutionizes water treatment results management

Are you tired of wading through folders full of old water treatment reports just to assemble performance reports for your equipment? You are ready for Chardon's eReport.

Much like many mechanical rooms from the past, service reports from water treatment vendors tend to collect in file cabinets or on clipboards without ever reaching their intended person. Today's water treatment professional has important results and information to communicate. Today's customer is focused on efficiency, cost control, sustainability and performance. The mechanical room is no longer hidden away in a dark corner of the building and instead is becoming a showcase for environmental awareness and efficiency.

A snapshot in time is often better than nothing, but the real impact of the service report is trend analysis. Paper service reports usually require additional time, coordination, access to information and spreadsheed work to determine the direction of a water treatment program. No longer!

Chardon's new mobile electronics and web based service report program is called ,b>eReport. Monthly service data is now available at your fingertips on the internet. This new program will give you the information you want. Use the power of the internet to manage your cooling tower and boiler water treatment information. Review results on line. Replace files full of fading service reports with clean, easy to understand charts of your system's performance.

Click here now to log into our eReport system.

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