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Sixteen Ways RemoteCast Can Save Your Day

Chardon's exclusive technology called RemoteCast puts the information you need right on your desk. Keep track of important cooling tower and boiler operational data on your own secure page at our extranet.

Already a Chardon RemoteCast Customer? Click here to log into our extranet.

RemoteCast information resides on Chardon's secure servers Sample RemoteCast web output chart Chardon's latest exclusive technology called RemoteCast provides you with customized charts detailing the information you feel is important. Cooling tower and boiler controllers usually sit silently in dark mechanical rooms. Disconnected from the outside world, the controller is unable to communicate the information it reads day in and day out.

Chardon's RemoteCast technology automatically downloads the information from your system and digests it into understandable full color charts. Best of all, you have the freedom to control and design the information you receive! By tailoring your charts, Chardon can provide you with meaningful feedback on cost analysis, operational performance, and system documentation. Simply log into your own secure page at our website and view your customized output.

Chardon's RemoteCast can make your life easier. Below is a list of some of the benefits this new service can provide. How many times could RemoteCast have helped you in these situations?

  • Provide Audit Information: The information you need for internal energy audits can be retrieved directly from your secure page. This saves the time and expense of an external energy auditor.
  • Document Overflow Situations: Leaking make-up or blowdown valves can waste thousands of gallons of water unnecessarily. RemoteCast helps you identify and stop this preventable waste of money.
  • Perform Trend Analysis: Demonstrate that your system is operating within your prescribed parameters. RemoteCast can provide the data and graphical output needed to perform these analyses.
  • Enhance Reliability: Reliability is an essential element of your operation and downtime is expensive. RemoteCast improves reliability by keeping the important operational parameters under close watch. Reliable equipment means less downtime.
  • Save More Water: The detail provided by RemoteCast allows our Technicians to fine tune the operation of your equipment to maximize efficiency and save water and sewer costs.
  • Eliminate Meter Reading Time: RemoteCast maintains a continuous and permanent log of water meter readings. This means that you no longer need to chase down meter readings to keep your log up to date.
  • Reduce Liability: Documenting your microbiological control program can often help reduce your liability should the need arise. RemoteCast provides a continuous record of microbicide additions and system operation.
  • Keep Your Hands Clean: If you need to perform routine checks of your system operation, RemoteCast can save you time and keep you productive by putting every aspect of your system's operation right on your own secure page at our website.
  • Keep Maintenance Staff Focused On Maintenance: The confidence afforded by RemoteCast allows maintenance people to focus on their specialty.
  • Get More Value From Your Computer: Some systems require an additional computer that is dedicated to the control and monitoring of your equipment. RemoteCast runs right on your PC and requires only internet access!
  • Train Your People To Be Efficient: You can use the graphical feedback from RemoteCast to demonstrate the effects of your crew's actions.
  • Back Up Your Requests: Do you need hard evidence of system load or use level to support your budget requests? RemoteCast can provide you with the evidence you need.
  • Identify And Correct Losses: Half the battle in finding and eliminating steam or water losses can be pinpointing the time of the event. RemoteCast provides you with detailed results to help you quickly get to the bottom of the story.
  • Keep Multiple Locations In Line: Struggling to keep several facilities on the same program? Buildings spread out over several counties or states? RemoteCast can help you stay in touch regularly without the need or distraction of travel.
  • Make Your Company More Competitive: You can put your water treatment worries behind you with Chardon's RemoteCast system. Rest easy and focus on your core business with performance data at your fingertips.
  • Manage Client And Tenant Relationships: Trouble keeping track of tenant costs? Let RemoteCast help you monitor your tenant's and client's system operation.

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