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PowerPure: green, sustainable water treatment

When it comes to protecting your cooling tower system, there is no guesswork with the PowerPure system. Backed by proven science and the Chardon’s exclusive Scalefree Guarantee, the reliability of the PowerPure technology is based on more than five years of research and testing in all types of systems and conditions. PowerPure uses established scientific principles to protect your cooling towers, chillers, piping and associated equipment from the four basic problems common to all recirculating water systems:

PowerPure controls scale in your cooling tower Scale PowerPure controls scale in chiller tubes and heat exchange surfaces by precipitating calcium carbonate inside the vessel. An electric current is applied to the water causing hydrolysis. Hydroxide ions to migrate to the cathode inside the vessel. This causes the pH at the cathode to climb and CaCO3 to precipitate. PowerPure periodically flushes calcium carbonate safely down the drain.

Corrosion Calcium carbonate is precipitated out of solution, but the concentration of other dissolved solids including magnesium and bicarbonate increase dramatically. The accumulation of magnesium provides natural corrosion inhibition and the increase in alkalinity causes the pH to climb which reduces the corrosion rate on steel. CTI and NACE publishes acceptable corrosion rates between 2 and 5 mpy; PowerPure corrosion rates range from 0.5 to 3 mpy.

Airborne Contaminants Mud can be a nagging problem as cycles of concentration increase in your cooling tower. Effective filtration is essential for efficient operation. PowerPure systems include a centrifugal separator which not only impacts calcium carbonate, but also removes suspended solids circulating in the cooling tower system.  The PowerPure system removes virtually all circulating solids larger than 10 microns.PowerPure controls scale in your cooling towerPowerPure controls scale in your cooling tower

Microbiological Growth Your cooling tower is a natural place for algae and bacteria to grow and cause serious problems if microbiological controls are not in place. Chemical biocides and oxidizers have been the traditional answer, but PowerPure uses electricity to convert some of the naturally occurring chlorides in water into chlorine. The effect is small but works over time. Elevated dissolved solids and the electrical current also disrupt cellular metabolism and reproduction. CTI publishes acceptable total aerobic bacterial counts at 105 cfu/ml or less.  PowerPures total aerobic bacterial counts results range from 101 to 103 cfu/ml.

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