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- Georgia-Pacific Enhances Safety Image with PowerPure
Georgia-Pacifc revolutionizes its safety program at a Columbus, Ohio facility by eliminating chemical discharge from their cooling tower. PowerPure allowed this facility to eliminate scale and corrosion inhibitors and hazardous biocides from their wastewater stream and facility resulting in improved working conditions for plant personnel.

- PowerPure Rids Florida Hospital of Harmful Bacteria
Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, or SRB, can reduce the life expectancy of many cooling tower from 30 years to less than 3. Repairing SRB damage can be costly and is only temporary in many cases. PowerPure not only eliminated the need for hazardous biocides at this facility, but eliminated the SRB too.

- Shedd Aquarium Celebrates Economy with PowerPure
The Shedd Aquarium enjoys center stage as the jewel of Chicago's waterfront. All that exposure puts pressure on facility managers to maintain an environmentally friendly and responsible cooling tower system. Find out how PowerPure helped improve their already excellent reputation.

- RemoteCast saves national retailer a bundle
Chardon's RemoteCast application lets regional managers view cooling tower performance data for their location and use the information to make informed decisions that saved their branches thousands.

- Today's Facility Manager Interviews Brad Popovich, VP of Facilities for Shedd Aquarium
With conservation at the heart of the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL, Vice President of Facilities Brad Popovich was searching for a way to eliminate waste and save on energy costs. The PowerPure system he found accomplished both goals.

- McKinley Property Management Hits Homerun with PowerPure at First Energy Building
Clean chillers and a bundle of water and sewer savings is making waves at McKinley Property Management after PowerPure scores big at the First Energy Building in Canton, Ohio.

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