City in Indiana where we offer water treatment services

Commercial/Industrial Water Treatment Services in Indiana


Indiana is known for its abundance of strong manufacturing industries — especially automobile manufacturing. If you operate a manufacturing company in The Hoosier State and aren’t satisfied with your current water treatment service provider, Chardon Labs can help.


As a leading industrial water treatment company in Indiana, we offer an assortment of high-quality closed-loop, boiler and cooling tower water treatment solutions that we’ll customize according to your company’s specific needs. Our services will protect your equipment and help you save money through the conservation of water and energy.


The Best Cooling Tower Treatment Company in Indiana


Companies from South Bend to Indianapolis to Evansville turn to us when they need water treatment service for their cooling towers. Our well-trained service technicians have the expertise to apply our extensive line of premium inhibitor products to limit the impact of destructive forces like corrosion and rust.


We can recommend and execute the most cost-effective treatment strategy for new system startups and heat exchangers.


We’re Also a Leading Industrial Boiler Water Treatment Services Provider


Steam boiler tubes are susceptible to a buildup of scale that can ultimately lead to warping and rupture. Our targeted boiler water treatment services include a blowdown recommendations to reduce the level of dissolved minerals that eventually form scale.


Our treatments are also extremely effective at preventing pitting corrosion by absorbing excessive levels of dissolved oxygen. What’s more, our services will minimize fuel waste bykeeping the heat transfer surfaces free of scale.

Closed-Loop System Services


Many industrial HVAC systems are comprised of refrigerant gas, chilled water and cooling tower water loops. These closed-loop systems can develop leaks because of corrosion caused by bacteria.  These leaks may result in system failure, down-time and excessive water consumption.


We have processes to clean and flush your closed-loop systems to remove iron deposits and apply a biocide to decontaminate the system. We can also maintain the proper pH balance to further reduce futurecorrosion.


Trust Our More Than 50 Years of Water Treatment Experience


Since 1965, Chardon Labs has remained a recognized leader in the Water Management industry by providing customized treatment programs for cooling towers, boilers and loop systems with guaranteed results.


Our service technicians and processes are ISO-certified, ensuring the highest quality. And, unlike many of our competitors, we focus on producing clean systems for our customers instead of looking for ways to sell more chemicals.


Contact us today or give us a call at 317-434-3259 for more information on our Indiana commercial water treatment services.