Water Treatment Equipment For Cooling Towers


Keeping an effective water treatment program in your cooling tower requires calibrated and functioning equipment. Upgraded and state of the art equipment can help maintain your cooling tower longer, as well as decrease cost of water treatment. Finding proper chemical feed by use of a contact-head water meter, or using a more reliable bleed solenoid can help prevent potential issues.


At Chardon, we offer a selection of cooling tower equipment that will help maintain the tower and the system as a whole. Proper equipment is a must in order to not only prevent scale and corrosion but microbiological growth as well. Having a proper biocide feed into the system is necessary to prevent harmful bacterial growth such as Legionella from becoming a problem.


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  • Conductivity Controllers
  • Contact Head Water Meters
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Mini Pulse Timer
  • Corrosion Coupon Rack
  • Flow Switch
  • Bleed Solenoids
  • Biocide/Chemical Batch Tanks
  • pH, ORP & Conductivity Probes


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