Non-Oxidizing Biocides For Sale

Non-Oxidizing Biocides

Non-oxidizing biocides are anti-bacterial chemicals that use other means of killing bacteria besides oxidizing the electrochemical reaction of the bacteria. These can include combinations of biocides and some dispersants, designed to remove specific bacteria or biofilm. Non-oxidizers are typically introduced into cooling tower systems when there are special challenges with the water relative to the biological growth, the quality of the water, the pH, discharge limits/toxicity, metallurgy and chemical safety. Chardon carries a wide variety of non-oxidizing biocides from DBNPA, to Isothiazoline.

Tolcide PS-20A

Combination of biocide and bio-penetrant, this non-oxidizing biocide can help infiltrate the biofilm layer surrounding the harmful bacteria, as well as kill off the bacteria once the layer has been penetrated. This biocide is especially effective against sulfate-reducing bacteria.
Tolcide PS-20A Datasheet


Filmex 100

This chemical is an effective bio-penetrant to remove biofilm which protect the bacteria. Commonly used alongside a biocide (oxidizing or non-oxidizing), this dramatically improves the effectiveness of the anti-bacterial program.
Filmex 100 Datasheet


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