Return-Line Chemicals for Boilers

Return-line treatment for boiler systems can make a huge difference in your overall boiler performance. Preventing corrosion in a variety of return lines can be a unique challenge, depending on the pressure and size of the boiler system itself. But Chardon offers a wide variety of return line treatment for steam boilers. Whether in high or low pressures, long or short runs, one of Chardon’s 10 return line chemicals will fit your unique operation.


RL-21 is a condensate return line chemical composed of a morpholine blend, that is used to prevent corrosion of return lines in steam boilers with high pressure, and short return line lengths
RL-21 Datasheet



This cyclohexylamine compound is used to control pH of return line condensate to protect the line from corrosion. This product is most often used on medium and long runs and variety of boiler pressures.
RL-22 Datasheet


This amine blend is designed to control pH of condensate return. This versatile product is used throughout a variety of boiler pressures and return line lengths.
RL-23 Datasheet


RL-24 is an ammonium hydroxide blend designed to control the pH of condensate return to protect the metals from corrosion. This product is used mainly in food contact applications, and can be used in a variety of line lengths and boiler pressures.
RL-24 Datasheet


Blend of amines which is designed to buffer the pH of condensate into a range that is less aggressive toward the metals in most condensate return systems. neutralizing return line treatment
RL-25 Datasheet



RL-27 is a combination of amines (Cyclohexylamine, DEAE and morpholine) designed to neutralize the pH of condensate return to protect against corrosion in a multitude of return line lengths and boiler pressures.
RL-27 Datasheet


This neutralizing return line treatment uses cyclohexylamine to control the pH of condensate return. This product is generally used on long return line runs or lengths to protect the lines from corroding.
RL-28 Datasheet


This amine composed of mainly pH neutralizing, DEAE, is generally used on medium return line runs depending on pressure of the boiler. This product is designed to protect the metal of the condensate return line from corrosion.
RL-29 Datasheet



A neutralizing return line treatment made up of (Diethyl hydroxylamine) DEHA. Acts as an oxygen scavenger and mild steel passivator to protect return line from corrosion via condensate. Generally used on longer return line lengths.
RL-30 Datasheet


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