Cooling Tower Scale & Corrosion Chemicals For Sale

Scale & Corrosion Prevention Chemicals

Cooling towers are prone to many problems like corrosion and scale, which can be especially costly to your water savings and life of the equipment. Protecting the equipment from these problems starts with a chemical treatment program.

Chardon carries an assortment of cooling tower corrosion and scale prevention chemicals, with multiple variations of phosphonates and polymers that help prevent the dissolved solids in the water from causing corrosion or scale problems.

Whatever application or environment your cooling tower has, Chardon can help provide cooling tower chemicals that protect that system.


This scale-prevention chemical is designed to control scale precipitation in cooling tower applications with higher temperatures as well as high calcium hardness. Polymers in this product have been specifically selected based on their abilities to reduce scaling potential in high hardness and alkalinity conditions.


Most often used in comfort cooling applications, this combination of phosphonates helps prevent scale formation along with fighting off corrosion damage. VT-38 provides outstanding scale and corrosion control in most low to medium hardness cooling tower applications. This product also maintains its’ inhibition in the presence of biocides/halogens. Use within mild skin temperatures (<160F)


This phosphonate blend helps inhibit corrosion in your cooling tower where the water has lower calcium hardness and/or softened water.


This phosphoric acid formula is designed to inhibit corrosion in cooling tower applications as well as semi-closed loop applications in which scale formation is of little risk. Effective in applications where make-up water contains little calcium hardness and alkalinity.


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