Boiler Scale Prevention Chemicals For Sale

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Scale Prevention Chemicals

When it comes to boiler water treatment, preventing scale buildup is a top priority. At Chardon, we carry a variety of chemicals to protect your boiler tubes and system from building up scale, which causes inefficiencies in heat exchange, and damage to the system.  Chardon utilizes a variety of unique phosphonate chemical blends to control calcium carbonate scale.


DA-22 is Chardon’s newest steam boiler scale inhibitor and sludge conditioner. Based on the phosphonate formula in our DA-21 inhibitor, DA-22 is an organic treatment compound formulated to control deposits on heat transfer surfaces. This product also contains extra dispersing polymers, an antifoam agent, and a convenient PTSA tracer to accurately insure proper feed rates.


This phosphonate blend is designed as an inhibitor to scale precipitation in a wide variety of steam boiler applications. This inhibitor is formulated to protect heat transfer surfaces from scale deposits and is also a sludge conditioner. This product is also traced with PTSA in order to protect against over-feeding, which maximizes efficiency of chemical usage.



The composition of this active phosphonate blend is designed to inhibit scale formation and specifically treat steam boiler systems that come in direct food contact. Using Hydroxyethylidene Diphosphonic acid (HEDP) as the active phosphonate, this inhibitor and sludge conditioner is extremely effective at protecting heat transfer surfaces from scale.


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