What is a Water Management Plan?

Water Management Plans (WMPs) are programs designed to help maintain and protect your domestic and utility water systems. The main goal of the plan is to reduce the risk of Legionella bacteria growing within your system, and most importantly, reducing the risk of Legionnaire’s disease outbreak. The plan itself will identify areas of risk for the bacteria and its’ growth, as well as potential areas for testing.

Legionella Water Management Plans are becoming an industry standard for larger buildings in the United States. (ASHRAE 188: Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems June 26, 2015. ASHRAE: Atlanta). These programs establish practical steps and best practices for system maintenance and can greatly reduce the risk of any Legionella issues.


Do I Need a Water Management Plan?

Having a Water Management Plan to mitigate the risk of Legionella problems is a great way to protect your employees and tenants from contracting the disease. Determining if your building needs a plan starts with an evaluation of your operation and its’ inherent risk.

For example, Water Management Plans for healthcare facilities are becoming a standard. Buildings that have people who are at an increased risk of Legionnaires’ disease (smokers, people over the age of 65, immunocompromised, etc.) also are encouraged to have a plan.

If your building has water systems like cooling towers, decorative fountains, central humidifiers/misters, centralized hot water system, or more than 10 stories, it is recommended to have Water Management Plans to reduce the risk of Legionella growth.


Water Management Plan Process

Forming A Water Management Plan

Creating a team of your own to implement and validate the plan is the first step in the WMP process.


Analyzing Your Site

A Chardon representative will walk through your water system and establish areas of potential risk for Legionella. This site assessment will help create control measures and best practices to be followed for the WMP.


Testing for Legionella

Following the site assessment, Chardon will help determine where control locations are on your site, and then alongside your team, will determine the testing protocols to be followed. Testing will be done by a Chardon technician and then sent to a state-of-the-art lab for further analysis. Testing frequencies and requirements vary greatly depending on the risks associated with your business operation.


Correct & Remediate the Plan

The final step in implementing a WMP is the ongoing process of correction and adjusting. Along with changes to your building staff, water systems, etc., testing and other control measures should be regularly monitored and updated to best protect your building from Legionella. The updating of the plan is a simple process through an online database/portal, which is used to access and update the information of the WMP.


Water Management Plans with Chardon

After determining if your building will need a Water Management Plan to reduce risk associated with Legionella, Chardon can help you take it from there. Writing a plan can be overwhelming, but we can help create the plan alongside you to limit Legionella exposure.

Chardon can establish the control measures for the best practices at each of your buildings’ risk points and set up a testing program to ensure the correct actions are being implemented by you and your team. Our team of experts can give a risk analysis of your building and help draft a plan for you.

Call us today for more information about Chardon’s Legionella Solutions!