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Over 55 Years of Technical Expertise

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Founded in 1965, here at Chardon Laboratories we have seen it all. We have solved innumerable water treatment problems relating to boilers, cooling towers, closed-loops, Legionella, and other maintenance concerns. We opened a research and corporate center in 1992 to facilitate service, technological research, and product development needs. Later, in 1996 we instituted an ESOP program that made Chardon Laboratories 100% employee-owned. With a stake in the company, we attained further incentives to provide quality service work. This led to our ISO 9000 certification in 1997, which reflects our commitment to deliver promises to our customers. For over 55 years we have put the customer first and strived to provide an essential service in the most efficient, technically viable, and cost-effective way possible.




Industrial Water Treatment Services

Service Technician Inspecting WaterWhat separates Chardon Laboratories from other industrial and commercial water treatment companies is our sincere commitment to delivering superior customer service. We don’t sell chemicals — we sell clean systems. We will work with you to develop a customized treatment program for preventing scale, corrosion and biological growth from contaminating your cooling towers, boilers, closed loop systems and heat exchangers. We also hand deliver the necessary chemicals as part of your regular service, saving you freight costs and costly drum disposal.



We are an ISO-Certified Company

At Chardon Labs, we attribute much of our long-term success to the quality of our water treatment services. ISO-certified technicians perform all work. ISO is an independent, non-governmental organization that develops lofty standards for products, services and systems to ensure the highest possible quality, safety and efficiency. Our well-trained, uniformed techs will arrive at your facility in fully stocked trucks to provide top-notch service for your industrial/commercial water treatment systems. Our ISO-certified water treatment service benefits companies in a wide range of industries including:



We Stand Behind Our Service

Another reason why you should choose water treatment services from Chardon Labs is our willingness to stand behind every service we deliver. Because we don’t sell chemicals, we have a shared interest with our customers to keep their industrial water treatment systems’ operating costs as low as possible. It is our goal to reduce your water and energy costs.  We work to get you a scale-free industrial or commercial water treatment system. What’s more, we provide all of our water treatment services at a great annual price — you never have to worry about unexpected extra costs or hidden fees.

Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

Experience the Convenience of Electronic Service Reporting

As a Chardon Labs customer, you get the benefit of our electronic service reporting system. Our service tech will start your eReport immediately upon arrival at your facility, and your completed report will be available to you that same day. You will also have access to our electronic archives so you can review previous service reports at any time. You will always know exactly what work was performed, as well as when we provided a service.

Why Should You Hire Chardon Labs?


We don’t sell chemicals — we sell clean systems

We stand behind every service we deliver

We keep your operating costs as low as possible

Electronic Service Reporting

A custom chemical treatment plan

Continued maintenance at a guaranteed annual price

Guaranteed scale-free cooling tower water treatment

A Free Survey to determine the current system status and needs

Some of Our Clients

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“We don’t sell chemicals, we sell clean systems.”

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