Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

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The Cincinnati area is a substantial manufacturing base for both Ohio and the United States. Cincinnati is the headquarters for several Fortune 500 companies and houses secondary operations for hundreds of others. Food and beverage, cosmetics, toiletries, industrial machinery, robotics, electronic equipment and aircraft parts are just a few of the items and goods produced in this city. Manufacturing is responsible for billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs in Cincinnati's economy.

Chardon Labs — Cincinnati's Water Treatment Professionals

Since 1965, Chardon Laboratories has provided professional water treatment techniques for Greater Cincinnati, including Avondale, Queensgate, College Hill and more. Our comprehensive testing and treatments for closed loop systems, cooling towers, boilers and more can detect and resolve issues with ease and ensure industrial operations continue at full function.

Our water treatment tests and solutions will extend the life of your systems while making them more efficient in both performance and cost savings. Each service can be tailored to your particular needs. Our water treatment services cover the following:

Serving Cincinnati & All Ohio Regions

Our customers benefit from efficient services at a cost-effective price. We are equipped to serve businesses in these Cincinnati industries:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Plastics
  • Food processing and cold storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Breweries
  • Health care

Whatever your water systems require, Chardon Labs has the personnel and tools necessary for effective treatment, such as:

  • Service technicians certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • A clean systems guarantee at a guaranteed fixed price.
  • The development of a customized plan to address all treatment requirements.

Take our free survey today to assess your water service needs, or contact Chardon Labs for more information.

Legionella Testing Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Legionella pneumophila, or Legionella, is a bacterial strain that thrives in wet, warm environments. When Legionella is present in a water supply, it can harm human health. Breathing in Legionella particles can cause Legionnaire's disease, which is potentially fatal. Cooling towers and similar systems are ideal conditions for Legionella, especially if they have not been regularly cleaned or maintained.

Unlike other water contaminants, Legionella cannot be eradicated by chlorination. Due to the equipment and human health risks caused by this bacteria, it is essential to enlist professionals like Chardon if you have Legionella contamination.

Chardon Labs' Legionella testing and treatment service will help you identify, control and eradicate all Legionella in your water supply. Our service technicians will conduct testing to determine if there is Legionella in the water. If we detect it, we will create a water management plan that follows the rules and procedures outlined in the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 188. We will also document every treatment step taken to ensure accountability.

Across all manufacturing specialties, these companies rely on cooling towers, boilers, closed loop and similar water systems for their daily operations. A well-running system ensures quality work, minimal downtime and low operation costs. Conversely, factors such as inorganic matter, pH level and bacterial strains can affect water quality, damage components and demand costly repairs. Expert water treatment services can handle high flow rates and large volumes of process water. These services are crucial for Cincinnati businesses that need to ensure their system's integrity and performance.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Closed Loop Testing and Treatment Technology

    Closed loop systems are a type of HVAC system that uses circulating water to transfer heat for applications in industrial processes, air conditioning and heating. The system works by passing water through an air handler coil, where it is heated or cooled. After this, the water is exposed to the incoming air to lower its humidity or a hot loop to control temperature.

    Each of the three kinds of loops in an HVAC system — refrigerant gas, cooling tower water and chilled water — may leak and cause bacteria growth, corrosion and fouling. If you don't seek closed loop treatment to correct the issue, it can lead to system damage or failure and a costly repair or replacement.

    Our closed loop water treatment services in Cincinnati, Ohio, will help prevent microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and other factors from damaging your closed loops. We'll take a tailored approach to tackle each issue with your system. Our service starts with various tests that will evaluate its health, including testing for bacteria, pH, corrosion inhibitors, conductance and iron. Our treatment options include cleaning and flushing to eliminate microbiological particles.

    Our closed loop service also includes these preventative maintenance procedures:

    • Flushing and cleaning
    • Equipment replacement
    • pH and conductivity testing
    • Filter changes

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

    A cooling tower is a type of heat exchanger that enables water and air to make contact to reduce the water's temperature. This design makes cooling towers a cost-effective cooling system for HVAC and industrial applications.

    Since the cooling tower is exposed to outside air, it can be easily contaminated. The tower water loop captures airborne particles, and the evaporation process concentrates the mineral content. If left untreated, organic growth, fouling, scaling, white rust and corrosion can limit the cooling tower's efficiency, cause damage and downtime, and promote Legionella growth.

    Our treatment service for cooling towers will identify and eliminate these factors from your water supply. We'll test and examine your system to determine its condition, then establish a custom treatment plan that will cover all of your issues. Our service technicians will decide which of our many treatment options will best serve your system and apply them to begin eradicating the microparticles. Our chemical solutions include scale and corrosion inhibitors, white rust preventatives and microbiological inhibitors, which will treat existing conditions and prevent future problems.

    Boiler Water Treatment

    A boiler is a machine that produces steam to create heat and regulate temperatures. Because of how they work, boilers are prone to problems that may decrease their efficiency, including:

    • Corrosion: Corrosion is caused by a chemical reaction between the chemicals in the air and water. It causes the metal components of the boiler tube to pit and wear out, reducing lifespan and efficiency and increasing operational costs. A boiler may have general corrosion spread across the surface of its metal parts or more concentrated pitting corrosion, which is destructive damage that can severely weaken metal.
    • Scale: Scale is made of iron, silica and calcium impurities from the water that have adhered to the boiler's heat transfer surfaces. Scale insulates the boiler, so it is less efficient at warming the water. It also warps and ruptures the tubes. When there is significant scale buildup, it may detach and enter the stream, causing flow interruptions and potentially leading to boiler overheating and failure.

    A regularly treated boiler will last for years for industrial applications, so boiler services for your Cincinnati business are essential to maximizing equipment value and uptime. The boiler water treatment services from Chardon will use expert methods to eliminate the scale and corrosion in your boiler. Our blowdown process will limit mineral concentration to reduce scale by regulating concentration cycles via draining the boiler's feedwater. Chemical solutions will absorb dissolved oxygen and disperse the crystals, preventing the formation of corrosive pits.

    Cincinnati Boiler Treatment

    Corrosion and scale can damage your boiler and impair its efficiency. Since your boiler is essential to your business functions, you need adequate protection with a boiler treatment plan. This plan may involve using boiler chemicals.

    Chardon Labs has a vast selection of boiler chemicals that will eliminate issues in your boiler system to extend its life and increase its efficiency. Your custom boiler treatment plan may include using one or more of these chemicals to address your issues — our technicians will determine what you need. We have:

    • Boiler inhibitors: This chemical protects the metal components from oxygen pitting. We have varieties that are food-safe for food processing applications.
    • pH control boiler chemicals: pH control chemicals neutralize the acids and increase the water's pH level to regulate it.
    • Return line boiler chemicals: These chemicals treat the return line to maintain consistent pressure and make the metal corrosion-resistant.
    • Scale prevention boiler chemicals: Our scale prevention chemical is a phosphonate blend that inhibits scale formation. Tracers, polymers, conditioners and agents prevent overfeeding.

    Our Chemical-Free Water Treatment Options

    Cooling towers, chillers and piping are all types of recirculating water systems. These systems may have issues with scale, microbiological growth, airborne contaminants and corrosion over time, so Chardon Labs has developed a chemical-free treatment option for water problems. Backed by years of testing and research,PowerPure is a sustainable treatment option that uses established scientific principles to eliminate common issues with recirculating water systems.

    There are several benefits to using PowerPure for your water systems:

    • Substantial cost savings on system repair and replacement
    • Gain up to 20 concentration cycles
    • Opportunity to earn credits for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
    • Maintain a corrosion control rate of 3 mils per year (MPY)
    • Reduce wastewater
    • Backed by our scale-free guarantee
    • A sustainable solution

    HVAC Water Treatment

    HVAC systems are used to meet particular temperature, airflow and ventilation requirements, so they are placed under high demands in commercial and industrial applications. HVAC water treatment will keep your system running by eliminating scale, corrosion and microbiological growth. These contaminants can cause substantial damage and issues such as leaking condensate lines and warped and ruptured pipes.

    Chardon employs the Cincinnati area's top HVAC water treatment professionals. Our service technicians will examine your HVAC system and test the water to determine which solutions will work best. We have many chemical treatments, such as scale and corrosion inhibitors for hard water. If your system has existing contamination, we will clean and flush it for removal.

    This service will extend the life of your HVAC system while eliminating repair and replacement costs. It is especially useful for cooling towers and boilers because they are vulnerable to scale and corrosion as a consequence of heat exposure.

    Water Quality in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Chardon Labs examines water alkalinity and hardness and other data to identify ideal water treatment plans for the Cincinnati area. Water quality can vary from one suburb to the next, so knowing your exact water makeup is crucial. When you request one of our services, we will optimize your water treatment plans to ensure your process water equipment works efficiently without microbiological growth. Our service technicians are water treatment experts and will identify what you need to reduce your water consumption and operational costs.

    Chardon Labs Is the Leading Water Treatment Company in Cincinnati

    Chardon Laboratories has been the trusted chemical water treatment services provider for Cincinnati, Ohio, for more than 55 years. The Greater Cincinnati businesses who work with us have access to exceptional services that will prevent biological growth, scale and corrosion in cooling towers, closed loop systems, boilers and heat exchangers. With our chemicals and services, your systems will last longer and work better, and you will save money on repairs and replacements.

    We are committed to providing effective and affordable water treatment services for your business. When you partner with us, our ISO-certified technicians will create a treatment program tailored to your system's cleaning requirements and your company's budget. Our professional application ensures that all contaminants will be eliminated from the water to restore your equipment's full functionality. As part of our comprehensive service, Chardon will install all relevant equipment and deliver the chemicals directly to your facility for cost savings in freight shipping and drum disposal.

    Learn More About Our Chemical Water Treatment Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Chardon Laboratories is a professional water treatment service, not a chemical sales company. Because we sell clean systems and not just chemicals, we are dedicated to providing your Cincinnati-area business with an effective water treatment system that will yield low energy consumption and operational costs. When you choose us for your water treatment, you'll benefit from our expert services conducted by trained professionals. Our guaranteed clean systems are set at a guaranteed fixed price that you can rely on.

    For more information about our water treatment services for the Cincinnati area, call 614-420-2634 or fill out our online contact form. Our representatives will be in touch to launch your custom water treatment plan.

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