Chemical Water Treatment Services for Health Care Facilities

Chemical Water Treatment Services for Health Care Facilities

Patient care is the number one priority of health care facilities, and it should remain that way. Chardon Laboratories knows the impact cooling towers and boilers have on your patients’ health — that’s why we offer essential health care water treatment services, ensuring their safety and preventing potential contaminations.

The Importance of Chemical Water Treatment in Health Care Facilities

Water filtration is essential for cleanliness and patient safety, and ongoing chemical treatment and maintenance are necessary for closed loops, cooling towers and boilers. Here are some processes that call for clean water and effective filtration:

  • Laboratory procedures: Water quality is a critical consideration in laboratory tests, as tiny traces of contaminants can compromise lab results and patient data. Clinical laboratories also need high-quality water to prevent bacterial disease.
  • Surgical instrument cleaning: Surgical tools can carry contaminants without proper cleaning measures, posing significant risks to the patient. Boiling them in filtered water helps destroy these lingering contaminants, making them safe.
  • Laundry: Hard water can affect the quality of laundry, making it scratchy, stiff and uncomfortable. Additionally, it requires a greater use of soap, chemicals, water and energy, thus increasing utility costs. Proper filtration and maintenance are essential to ensure good water quality and cost efficiency for laundry tasks.

Legionella Control and Preventive Maintenance

Nosocomial illnesses are of enormous concern in the health care industry — especially Legionella-related diseases. Legionnaires disease and Pontiac fever are two diseases caused by Legionella pneumophila. This bacteria occurs when people aspirate contaminated mist or water droplets containing various virulent strains.

This bacteria thrives in warm, wet and stagnant environments. Health care centers are at an increased risk due to their elderly and immunocompromised patients. Therefore, appropriate water treatment and prevention measures are essential for these facilities.

We specialize in Legionella control and preventive maintenance in cooling towers for health care facilities. We provide comprehensive testing and treatment programs to manage and prevent contamination under guidelines from Water Management Plans (WMP), ASHRAE 188, Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Joint Commission (JCAHO). Our team also provides advice for health care facilities, identifying problematic water system designs to minimize the potential for bacterial growth.

Why Choose Chardon Labs?

You’ll experience several benefits by choosing Chardon Labs for your health care facility’s water treatment needs, including:

  • Vast expertise: Having proudly served the water treatment industry since 1965, we’ve resolved countless issues in closed loops, cooling towers, heat exchangers and boilers using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and proprietary chemical solutions. Additionally, our technicians are all ISO-9000-certified.
  • Industry-specific services: Our extensive water treatment expertise allows us to serve a wide variety of industries, including HVAC companies, breweries, food processing facilities and automotive manufacturers.
  • Cost-saving benefits: At Chardon Labs, we share a mutual goal with our clients — keeping their expenses down as much as possible. You’ll receive an ongoing treatment plan at a fixed annual price with customized chemical solutions, system cleanings, remote monitoring and electronic reporting — no surprise fees are involved.
  • Personalized solutions: When it comes to water treatment, a cookie-cutter approach won’t suffice. Our technicians will visit your site, inspect your water systems and analyze risk factors to create your personalized water treatment program.

Contact Chardon for Health Care Water Treatment Solutions

Choose Chardon for Health Care Water Treatment Solutions

Creating a safe, relaxed environment is of the utmost importance when it comes to patient care. Chardon specializes in chemical water treatment services for health care facilities. We understand the impact properly treated water systems have on infection control in your facility. Chardon can provide your company with our three guarantees:

  • Scale-free systems
  • ISO-9000-certified service
  • Affordable prices

Together, we will develop a customized water treatment plan to meet your specific needs. Contact us to request a free survey of your water system today.


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