Chemical Water Treatment Services for Healthcare Facilities

Health Care

Patient care is the number-one priority of healthcare facilities — especially maintaining a comfortable setting. Chardon understands the impact properly treated cooling towers and boilers have on the health of your patients. That’s why we offer essential healthcare water treatment services.

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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling towers keep your facilities at optimal temperatures but can present both economic risks and health hazards to a healthcare facility if not appropriately managed. Increased alkalinity levels and improper chemical treatment can lead to scale, causing slowdowns and inefficiencies that make your system work harder and increase your energy costs while decreasing your system’s cooling power.In addition to scale, corrosion is a common problem in cooling tower systems.  Additionally, cooling towers can quickly develop bacterial growth if left unchecked. Chardon can help treat these problems before they get out of hand. We are the best resource available for reliable cooling tower water treatment for healthcare facilities. Our highly trained, ISO-certified technicians have years of experience in water treatment services and can identify any issues in your system and create a custom treatment and prevention plan for you.

Boiler Water Treatment

Boilers in healthcare facilities serve many functions, from space heating to steam and hot water production for sterilization procedures. However, boilers can be prone to scale buildup and progressive corrosion if poorly maintained. While scale buildup can insulate a boiler, the resulting poor distribution of heat and wasted energy can result in system failure, leaking steam and hot water into the open air and wasting energy and money.

Both issues cause problems for healthcare facilities, as system inefficiencies and failures are costly to identify and repair. For this reason, regular boiler water maintenance is essential.

Chardon can help with your facility’s boiler water maintenance by offering comprehensive boiler water treatment for healthcare facilities. Our technicians make use of our extensive testing resources and expertise to analyze boiler systems for issues and develop a custom treatment and prevention plan.

Our services don’t just protect your boiler — they cover your steam system as a whole. Your entire boiler and steam system can reach optimal efficiency and continue running smoothly for years into the future.

Closed Loop Water Treatment

Most heating and cooling systems use closed loops to transfer heat.  These loops range fromchilled water loop to hot water loops, geothermal loops and other refrigerant-relatedloops. Though these closed loops are often sealed,corrosion and bacterial growth can affect their functionality and potentially lead to a leak in the system. With enoughcorrosion, these systemscan experience massive inefficiencies or even failure.

Chardon can help. We provide effective closed loop water treatment systems for healthcare facilities. Our technicians are experienced in water system care for all industries, including the healthcare industry, and understand the importance of maintaining peak efficiency in closed loop water systems.

We will analyze your system for signs of damage or inefficiencies, identifying problems and implementing a comprehensive treatment plan to remove the issue. From filter changes and water testing to system flushes and chemical treatments, Chardon implements effective techniques to help get your closed loop system back to optimal working condition.

Legionella Control and Prevention

Nosocomial illnesses are of enormous concern in the healthcare industry — especially Legionella-related diseases. Legionnaires disease and Pontiac fever are two diseases caused by the bacteria, which occurs when people aspirate contaminated mist or water droplets containing various virulent strains of Legionella pneumophilaLegionella is a bacterium that generally grows well in warm, wet, and stagnant environments. Cooling towers are particularly common places for the bacteria to grow in the United States and are a particular concern because they produce water droplets that can be aspirated, causing Legionnaires disease or Pontiac Fever.

Healthcare facilities are at an increased risk because of their often elderly andimmunocompromised patientsAppropriate water treatment and prevention measures are therefore essential for these facilities.

Chardon can help. We understand guidelines from Water Management Plans (WMP), ASHRAE 188, Health and Human Services, The Joint Commission (JCAHO).   We specialize in Legionella control and prevention in cooling towers for healthcare facilities and provide comprehensive testing and treatment programs to manage and prevent contamination. We also provide advice for healthcare facilities and help identify problematic designs in water systems to minimize the potential for bacterial growth.


Choose Chardon

Creating a safe, relaxed environment is of the utmost importance when it comes to patient care. Chardon specializes in servicing the health care industry and understands the impact properly treated cooling towers and boilers have on infection control in your facility. Chardon can provide your company with one of the best offers in the water treatment industry, with our three guarantees: Guaranteed Scale Free Systems, Guaranteed ISO Service at a Guaranteed Price.

Together we will develop a customized water treatment program to meet your specific needs. Chardon’s ISO-9001 certified service technicians will partner with your maintenance staff to ensure your treatment program runs smoothly, conserves chemicals and ultimately results in clean, efficient systems.

We make your concerns our priority.

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