Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Services in Tennessee

Boiler and Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services in Tennessee

Chardon Labs is a leading Tennessee commercial water treatment company that offers superior cooling towerboiler and closed loop system treatment technology services. We have partnered with companies in several leading industries in The Volunteer State, from Nashville to Knoxville and beyond.

River in Tennessee with boiler, cooling tower, or closed loop buildings

Our expert water services will address any existing issues with your water system and prevent contamination and damage. Our service team can customize each treatment to your particular system. Our water treatment services include the following:


We are proud to serve businesses in these fields:

  • Manufacturing
  • Plastics
  • Health care
  • Breweries
  • Automotive
  • Food processing and cold storage
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Whatever services you require, Chardon is prepared to take on the task. Our qualifications include:

  • A clean systems guarantee at a guaranteed fixed price.
  • Customizable treatment options to meet the requirements of various systems.
  • An experienced team of service technicians with certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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Our Tennessee Service Areas

Our Premium Tennessee Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services

Cooling towers are heat exchangers that reduce the temperature of water by bringing it into contact with air. They are popular for industrial applications due to their cost-effectiveness. However, cooling towers are easily contaminated due to their exposure to the outside air. Airborne particles can enter the tower water loop, and evaporation then concentrates the mineral content. Organic growth, scaling, corrosion, white rust and fouling are damaging to cooling towers, but these factors can be prevented with treatment.

Chardon Labs' cooling tower water treatment services for Tennessee businesses test for and eliminate each of these elements to protect your system. We’re experts at using cleaning, passivation and chemical inhibitors to eliminate contamination that results from a cooling tower’s continuous exposure to the elements.

Are you planning a new cooling tower system startup? Do you need a reliable and cost-effective water treatment solution for cooling tower heat exchangers? The well-trained, ISO-certified Chardon Labs service technicians will work with you to develop and implement a customized treatment solution for these common cooling tower system situations.

Serving Industries in All Regions of Tennessee

There is a wide range of industries in Tennessee that support The Volunteer State's economic development. One of its largest sectors is manufacturing, including automotive manufacturing, for which Tennessee is the top state in the nation. Many large automobile producers have facilities throughout the state that support the region's economy.

Health care, biotechnology and life sciences are also significant Tennessee industries. The health care industry is supported by surgical tools and pharmaceutical manufacturing and employs hundreds of thousands of people. Medical centers also contribute billions of dollars to the state's economy.

These Tennessee industries all need water treatment services to support their essential water systems. When cooling towers, boilers, closed loop systems and other water systems run well, they promote efficient operation, higher quality work, minimal downtime and low operational costs. However, factors like organic and inorganic matter, pH level and bacterial strains can harm the water quality, causing damage and necessitating repairs to water systems. Professional water services are designed to treat these water systems to ensure their integrity and long life.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    We’re Also One of the Top Boiler Water Treatment Companies in Tennessee

    Boilers produce stream to create heat used for comfort heating, water heating and temperature regulation. Boiler water treatment services in Tennessee are important for preventing common problems that impact this process, including:

    • Scale: Iron, calcium and silica impurities in the water adhere to the boiler's heat transfer surfaces, creating scale. Because scale is an effective insulator, it makes the boiler ineffective at heating water, forcing the machine to work harder. Scale may also distort and rupture the tubes. Over time, scale may slough into the water stream, interrupting the flow and overheating the boiler.
    • Corrosion: When the chemicals in the air and water react, it causes corrosion. This process leads to metal parts of the boiler developing pitting and wear, shortening the boiler's lifespan. Corrosion can spread across the metal's surface or be present in more concentrated pits — pitting corrosion is more destructive.

    Our industrial boiler water treatment solutions include scale elimination procedures that will improve your steam boiler’s energy efficiency and prevent damage to boiler tubes. Our chemical solutions will disperse crystals and absorb dissolved oxygen to stop corrosion at the source. We’ll apply our blowdown process to reduce the concentration of dissolved minerals in feedwater, a leading cause of scale buildup.

    Our service techs also have a wide range of water treatment options at their disposal to prevent general corrosion on metal boiler surfaces, as well as the more worrying pitting-type corrosion.

    Boiler Chemical Treatment in Tennessee

    The boiler system is linked to many functions in a building, and it’s important to maintain your boiler systems for optimal efficiency. Part of this maintenance includes keeping scale and corrosion at bay. Boiler chemicals are treatment options that can prevent damage and treat existing factors by addressing your water's specific characteristics.

    Your facilities in Tennessee need to keep up their boiler systems. Chardon can help your business combat scale and corrosion with maintenance and testing, using our professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field. Chardon has your boiler system covered with boiler chemicals in Tennessee. Our chemical solutions address:

    • Foam reduction: Dissolved solids can foam up in the presence of steam, reducing the boiler's efficiency. Anti-foaming agents change the water's surface tension, reducing foam.
    • pH control:Water with high acidity levels is damaging to a boiler. pH neutralizers reduce acidity with sodium hydroxide to increase the water's pH, protecting the boiler's metal from corrosion.
    • Oxygen control: Oxygen can cause scale buildup and metal decay, so this control chemical breaks the element down to prevent these issues. We have many oxygen control blends available, including food-safe options.
    • Scale prevention: Phosphonate chemicals regulate calcium carbonate, inhibiting scale production. The sludge conditioner in the chemical prevents solids from settling, meaning scale cannot form. This solution may also have anti-foaming agents, PTSA tracers and dispersing polymers to prevent overfeeding.
    • Return line: Consistent pressure and strong metal are important in boilers, and return line treatments will help ensure the presence of these conditions. We have many blends to suit different jobs, including food-safe applications.

    Learn more about our boiler treatment services and contact us today about boiler chemicals for your Tennessee locations!

    Closed Loop Water Treatment Services for Tennessee Companies

    Closed loop HVAC systems transfer heat through circulating water, and they are common in air conditioning and heating for industrial processes. Despite the name, sometimes chilled water, cooling tower water and refrigerant gas closed looped systems are not completely closed — they lose a small amount of water to leakage during normal operation. This leakage can cause bacteria growth, fouling and corrosion, leading to system damage and failure.

    Chardon Lab's closed loop water treatment service helps prevent harm due to corrosion and other factors. Our technicians will test your system to determine what procedures you need. Our cleaning and flushing procedure includes the application of chemicals that minimize the impact of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) that can eat away at closed loop system metal surfaces over time.

    Among other testing and inspection, we perform pH and conductivity testing, filter testing and equipment replacement as part of our closed loop system maintenance process.

    Chemical-Free Water Treatments in Tennessee

    Recirculating water systems — like chillers, piping and cooling towers — commonly have airborne contaminants, corrosion, microbiological growth and scale issues. After years of research and testing on these systems and their conditions, Chardon Laboratories developed PowerPure, a chemical-free and sustainable water treatment. It's backed by scientific principles to successfully eradicate contaminants from your system without the use of chemicals.

    There are many benefits to choosing PowerPure as your treatment option:

    • Save up to $100,000 a year by lowering your maintenance expenses
    • Use a sustainable treatment for water systems
    • Reduce your wastewater
    • Get support from the scale-free guarantee exclusive to Chardon Laboratories
    • Have the opportunity to earn credits from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
    • Gain up to 20 concentration cycles
    • Maintain a 3-mils-per-year (MPY) corrosion control rate

    Water Quality in Tennessee

    Water quality is determined by many factors, including hardness and alkalinity. Before we start any service for your cooling tower, boiler or closed loop system, we will test your water to identify its composition. Knowing any problems with your water supply will help our technicians identify the best treatments. Because water quality can vary throughout Tennessee, your facility may have unique treatment requirements. Each of our services can be tailored to meet these needs and ensure you have an operational, cost-effective system.

    Our HVAC Water Treatment Services

    In industrial applications, HVAC systems are used to meet specific temperature and ventilation requirements, so they are placed under high demands throughout their lifespan. Scale, corrosion and microbiological growth can damage HVAC systems and shorten this lifespan by rupturing pipes and causing leaks in condensate lines.

    The HVAC water service from Chardon Labs will protect your HVAC system from contamination. After our technicians test your equipment, we can use many chemical treatments, cleaning procedures and flushing methods to treat and remove microbiological growth. Chemical solutions break down the minerals in hard water that cause corrosion and scale, and cleaning and flushing remove existing contamination.

    Legionella Testing Services in Tennessee

    Legionella — the common name for Legionella pneumophila — is a strain of bacteria that may grow in cooling towers and similar water systems. Its ideal growing environment is a warm and wet place, often found in systems that are not regularly cleaned and maintained. Legionella outbreaks in a water supply can damage the equipment and harm people.

    Breathing in Legionella particles can cause Legionnaire's disease, which can be fatal in severe cases. This bacteria is not treatable with chlorination like other strains, and even a low level of Legionella can quickly grow to a high concentration.

    Due to the severity of the danger, Legionella outbreaks need to be eradicated right away. Testing for and treating Legionella requires the help of experienced professionals like Chardon technicians. We will test your system and water to identify Legionella particles. If your facility has an outbreak, we will create a water management plan that aligns with the regulations in Standard 188 from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Each treatment we apply to eradicate Legionella will be documented appropriately.

    What Makes Us Different From Other Industrial Water Treatment Companies in Tennessee?

    Since 1965, Chardon Laboratories has been a recognized leader in the water treatment industry. We have worked with various businesses throughout Tennessee to treat their water issues and preserve their equipment. When you partner with us, our technicians will provide necessary services that prevent microbiological growth, corrosion and scale in water system equipment to extend its life and promote efficient operation.

    Each service available from Chardon is both practical and affordable, and our custom options can adapt to address any water system issue. As part of our dedicated service, we will deliver your chemicals to your facility, saving you money in drum disposal and freight shipping. If you need new equipment, we will install it for you. At each step, Chardon's certified technicians are here to help.

    Learn More About Our Chemical Water Treatment Services in Tennessee

    The purpose of our industrial water treatment services isn’t to find ways to sell more chemicals to our customers. Instead, we focus on solving problems, providing excellent service and delivering clean systems. Because we’re not chemical sellers, it’s in our mutual best interest to find ways to minimize your water consumption. As a Chardon Labs customer, you’ll end up conserving water and reducing your energy costs.

    For more information on our Tennessee commercial water treatment services, fill out our quick online contact form or give us a call at 615-229-8277.

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