Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Services in Cleveland, Ohio

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Chardon Laboratories has been a leading water treatment company in Cleveland, Fairview Park, Cleveland Heights, Lakewood and the surrounding area since 1965. Our customers in northeast Ohio benefit from our treatment and testing services due to their efficiency, reliability, custom options and cost-effective pricing.

Chardon offers water treatment services that extend system life and efficiency, save on water and energy consumption, and reduce operating costs. Our water treatment services include the following:

Offering Water Treatment in Cleveland & Beyond

We are proud to serve Cleveland companies in these industries:

  • Brewing
  • Food processing and cold storage
  • Automotive
  • Health care
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Plastics
  • Manufacturing

Chardon Labs is qualified to handle your boiler, cooling tower, closed loop and other system treatments thanks to:

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-certified technicians.
  • A customized plan to address your testing and treatment needs.
  • A clean systems guarantee at a guaranteed fixed price.

Take our free survey today to evaluate your water supply issues and solutions, and contact Chardon Labs for more information.

Chardon Labs Is the Leader in the Water Treatment Technology

Health care and manufacturing are two of the biggest contributors to the economies of Cleveland and the state of Ohio, generating billions of dollars each year and supplying tens of thousands of jobs. Cleveland's hospitals are nationally recognized, and its manufacturing facilities produce paints, coatings, welding equipment, motion control technologies and aluminum rolled products.

The businesses in these essential Cleveland industries have one thing in common — a need for comprehensive and professional water treatment services to ensure top performance of their closed loop systems, cooling towers and boilers. Factors like pH level, bacterial strains and inorganic matter can affect water quality, damaging a system's components and compromising its effectiveness. Water treatment services are essential to ensuring the large volume of high-flow-rate water involved in industrial processes is contaminant-free, protecting systems and ensuring quality work.

Water Quality and Treatment Techniques in Cleveland, Ohio

Alkalinity, water hardness and other data points for water identify its quality and provide a starting point for Chardon's water treatment plan. Water quality can vary from Cleveland to Elyria to Strongsville, so our goal is to understand your specific needs and create a water treatment plan to resolve unique issues. Because we sell clean systems, not chemicals, we'll help you reduce your water consumption to lower utility costs.

Your Cleveland Cooling Tower Water Treatment Company

A cooling tower is a specialized heat exchanger that facilitates the contact of air and water to reduce the water's temperature. Since the cooling tower is exposed to the outside air, it's often the primary source of contamination in the system. The tower water loop gathers airborne particulates, and the evaporation process concentrates mineral content.

If a cooling tower goes unused for an extended time, like in the winter, the system may incur white rust formation, biological growth and concentrated mineral content. These contaminants can restrict heat transfer and flow and promote the growth of Legionella bacteria.

Our cooling tower water treatment services in Cleveland, Ohio, start with testing and reporting on your system's current conditions. Our service technicians will then develop a tailored treatment plan that includes all the necessary defenses against contamination. As a result, your cooling tower will operate at maximum performance and minimal cost.

Chardon has a full line of scale and corrosion inhibitors, microbiological inhibitors and white rust preventatives that will impede contamination growth and treat existing problems. Our ISO-certified team will complete each treatment, passivation and continued maintenance service. They will also identify which solutions you need for your system.

Our HVAC Water Services

HVAC systems for commercial and industrial applications must meet the facility's unique requirements for heating, cooling and ventilation. Because these systems have high demands, water treatment is necessary to keep uptime high and prevent microbiological growth, corrosion and scale. These contaminants can cause pipes to warp and rupture, condensate lines to leak and other areas to suffer damage.

At Chardon, our HVAC water treatment services will extend the life of your HVAC system and prevent costly repairs and downtime. We'll begin with water testing and system inspection to identify issues. Then, our service team will use chemical treatments that inhibit scale and corrosion buildup due to hard water. We will also do cleaning, flushing and passivation to remove any existing contamination.

This service is ideal for cooling towers and boilers. Cooling towers are often used with a chiller to remove excess heat, and boilers produce heat in the form of steam. Both of these systems are vulnerable to scale and corrosion and need professional treatment to prevent damage to the HVAC system.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Closed Loop Water Treatment Services in Cleveland, Ohio

    Closed loop systems use circulating water to transfer heat for process, air conditioning and heating applications. The water passes through an air handler coil to be heated or cooled, after which it is indirectly exposed to incoming air or a hot loop to moderate humidity or temperature.

    Heating and cooling systems have three kinds of loops — a refrigerant gas loop, a cooling tower water loop and a chilled water loop. These loops are prone to leaks that can cause corrosion and bacteria growth. If left untreated, these issues can cause system failure and an expensive replacement or repair.

    Chardon is Cleveland's expert source for closed loop system water treatment. We will conduct a free survey to determine your system's needs. This survey will identify the bacteria, corrosion inhibitor, pH, iron and conductance levels in the water supply. Our customized chemical treatment plan will prevent microbiological growth like corrosion and scale in your closed loop systems. Our service technicians may also use cleaning and flushing procedures to eliminate corrosion due to microbiological particles.

    Our comprehensive service includes several preventative maintenance measures, such as:

    • pH and conductivity tests.
    • Filter changes.
    • Cleaning and flushing.
    • Equipment replacements.

    Legionella Testing and Treatment

    Legionella pneumophila bacteria — typically referred to as Legionella — is a bacteria that inhabits water and grows in warm, wet environments. The ideal growth conditions for Legionella include:

    • Stagnant water pooling.
    • A pH from 5 to 8.5.
    • Temperatures from 68 to 122 degrees F, especially in the range of 95 to 115 F.
    • Sediment that promotes commensal microflora growth.
    • Pseudomonas, flavobacteria, algae and other microorganisms that supply Legionella's growth nutrients or harbor it.

    These conditions are found in cooling towers and similar systems that are not regularly disinfected and maintained, which may put you at risk for contamination. Legionella growth in your water supply is vital to address because it harms human health. When aspirated, it can cause Legionnaire's disease, which may result in death. Chlorination does not eradicate Legionella, so professional outbreak prevention and treatment are crucial.

    You can trust Chardon to be your expert source for Legionella testing and control. Our Legionella testing services in Cleveland, Ohio, will identify the presence of this bacteria in your water supply. Our service technicians will survey your water systems and analyze your risks. Then, we'll develop and implement a water management plan to control Legionella and provide full documentation of our actions. Our testing and response guidelines adhere to the industry standards specified in the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 188.

    Our Boiler Chemical Solutions

    Your boiler is essential for many functions of your business. This system can experience corrosion and scale issues, which can increase energy consumption while reducing efficiency. Inadequate boiler performance can lead to damaged components and expensive repairs. A reliable boiler treatment plan includes using various boiler chemicals to eradicate existing problems and prevent new ones.

    Chardon has various boiler chemicals that, when used as part of your regular treatment program, will keep your boiler running efficiently so it lasts for years. Our boiler chemical selection includes:

    • Return line boiler chemicals: These chemicals will treat your return line to ensure the pressure is consistent and the metal can resist corrosion.
    • Scale prevention boiler chemicals: This phosphonate blend inhibits the formation of scale, and it includes various polymers, agents, conditioners and tracers to prevent overfeeding.
    • Boiler inhibitors: The boiler inhibitor protects the system from oxygen pitting. We have varieties that are food-safe for food processing applications.
    • pH control boiler chemicals: These chemicals neutralize acid and regulate the water's pH level.

    Our certified technicians will identify which treatments you need based on your existing boiler condition. They may use one chemical or multiple to treat your unit. Our customized approach ensures that your boiler will remain in top shape.

    Boiler Water Treatment Services in Cleveland, Ohio

    The boiler produces steam for heating air and water and maintaining specific temperatures for industrial processes. Boilers are subject to two kinds of problems:

    1. Scale: Silica, calcium and iron impurities carried in the water adhere to heat transfer surfaces in the boiler. The scale insulates the boiler, reducing its efficiency at transferring heat to the water and warping and rupturing the tubes. Eventually, the scale can shed and enter the flow, interrupting it and causing the boiler to overheat and fail.
    2. Corrosion: A reaction between chemicals in the air or water and the boiler's metal makeup causes corrosion. This weakening of the metal can cause pitting, wear and eventual failure, which affects the boiler's inner mechanisms. Corrosion reduces a boiler's lifespan and efficiency while increasing its operating costs.

    The boiler water treatment service at Chardon will keep corrosion and scale from forming inside your boiler, protecting its components and ensuring its reliability. After surveying your boiler, our service technicians will prevent mineral concentration through the blowdown process. This solution involves limiting dissolved material concentration by regulating concentration cycles through draining the boiler's feedwater. We will also use chemical solutions to prevent corrosion. These chemical solutions will absorb oxygen and disperse crystals, so corrosive deposits cannot form.

    Chardon Labs Has Served as Cleveland's Professional Water Treatment Company Since 1965

    For more than 55 years, Chardon Labs has partnered with commercial and industrial businesses in Cleveland for Legionella testing, chemical water treatment and more. When you choose us as your commercial water treatment company, you'll gain access to our professional services that prevent microbiological growth in your closed loop systems, boilers and cooling towers. These vital treatments will extend the life of your process water systems, promote efficient operation and eliminate costly repairs.

    Chardon Labs is committed to providing professional treatment services with excellent customer care. Our experienced ISO-certified technicians complete every service. As water treatment experts, they will develop a strategy that is unique to your specific needs and affordable for your budget. In addition to treating water, Chardon also delivers the chemicals to your facility and disposes of the containers to save freight shipping and drum disposal costs. We will also install new equipment for you when required with your service.

    Choose Chardon Labs as Your Chemical Water Treatment Services Provider

    Chardon Labs does not sell chemicals — we sell clean systems. When you start your chemical water treatment services in Cleveland, Ohio, you'll find that our goal is the same as yours — to reduce your operational and energy costs and gain a fully functioning system. We guarantee clean systems at a guaranteed fixed price.

    For more information about Chardon Labs' water treatment services for the Cleveland area, call us at 614-420-2634 or complete our online contact form. A representative will be in touch right away to begin designing your treatment plan.

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