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Chardon Laboratories is a full-service commercial water treatment company in Pennsylvania that can provide customized treatment techniques for cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems.

Our water systems services will remove microorganisms from the water, preserving your equipment's efficacy and extending its life. Our treatment options include:

Our Pennsylvania Service Areas

We have highly satisfied customers in PittsburghPhiladelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Scranton and all points in between. Our Midwest presence allows us to serve all markets in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Breweries
  • Food processing and cold storage
  • Health care
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Plastics

As the leading water treatment company in Pennsylvania, Chardon Labs is prepared to treat all your water system problems. We have:

  • A team of experienced technicians certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Customizable service plans to meet your unique needs.
  • A guarantee to provide clean systems at a guaranteed fixed price.

Take our free survey today to assess your water system's needs or contact Chardon Laboratories to learn more.

Cooling Tower Chemical Maintenance in PA

Cooling towers play an essential role in many types of manufacturing operations. These specialized heat exchange systems bring water and air into contact to reduce the water's temperature. Because of their exposure to outdoor environments, they are also a major source of contamination, including corrosion, scale, white rust formation, biological growth and concentrated mineral content.

As a top Pennsylvania cooling tower treatment company, Chardon Labs can work with you to develop and implement a customized chemical treatment program that will thoroughly address common cooling tower contamination issues. Whether you already have cooling towers in place or are in the process of starting up a new system, our experienced, ISO-certified technicians can recommend the best solution for your requirements.

Our cooling tower service starts with testing and reporting on the current system status. Our treatment options include white rust preventatives, microbiological inhibitors, and corrosion and scale inhibitors. These products are designed to treat a specific condition to eliminate and prevent contamination. Our technicians will determine which you need for your cooling tower maintenance.

We Can Handle All Your Boiler Treatment Needs

Boilers are machines that produce steam to maintain a specific temperature or heat water or air for comfort. They are critical to numerous industrial applications, so it's wise for businesses that rely on them to enact a thorough maintenance program to protect against:

  • Corrosion: A reaction between the chemicals in the air and the water supply will cause corrosion. This kind of damage wears into the metal, causing pits that degrade the boiler's mechanisms. Corrosion shortens the boiler's lifespan and increases maintenance costs.
  • Scale: Scale is a kind of deposit made when calcium, iron and silica impurities in the water concentrate onto the boiler's heat transfer surfaces. Scale is insulating, which means it prevents the boiler from transferring heat to the water. If a scale deposit sloughs off, it can interrupt the water flow and cause overheating and failure.

Chardon Labs is also widely recognized as one of the leading boiler water treatment services in Pennsylvania. We will recommend the best procedures for blowdown, layup and passivation to eliminate scale and caustic gouging after your free survey. For the harmful deposits that will eventually lead to corrosion, our technicians will use various chemical solutions to eradicate them before they can cause damage. Our water treatment solutions can prevent the warping and rupture of boiler tubes.

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    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Boiler Chemical Treatment in Pennsylvania

    Your boiler is essential to multiple operations in your building, so it’s critical that it continues to operate for as long and as efficiently as possible. Scale and corrosion can be two major barriers to this goal. Boiler treatment chemicals resolve these issues through prevention and treatment.

    If your Pennsylvania-based company needs help with its boiler system and boiler chemicals, Chardon can help your business fight off scale and corrosion and ensure your system’s longevity with boiler chemical treatments. We have chemical solutions for:

    • Foam reduction: Steam can cause dissolved solids to foam, reducing the boiler's efficiency. Anti-foaming agents adjust the water's surface tension to reduce the amount of foam generated.
    • pH control: Acidity can damage a boiler, so this neutralizer uses sodium hydroxide to reduce the acidity and protect the boiler.
    • Scale prevention: Phosphonate chemicals inhibit scale production by preventing solids from settling.
    • Oxygen Control: As oxygen can contribute to both corrosion and scale buildup, we provide a chemical treatment that breaks down gasses to minimize its impact.
    • Corrosion prevention: This return line treatment makes sure the pressure is consistent throughout so the metal can withstand corrosion. We have various blends available to suit particular needs, including food-safe systems.

    Between our extensive experience in the field, ISO-certified technicians and professional equipment, Chardon has your boiler system covered. Contact us today to learn more about our boiler water treatment services and boiler chemicals in Pennsylvania!

    Choose Our Pennsylvania Water Treatment Company for Your Closed Loop Systems

    Closed loop systems for HVAC applications transfer heat by circulating water, and they are used for heating, air conditioning and industrial processes. Leaks in refrigerant gas, chilled water or cooling tower water in a closed loop system can provide a pathway for contaminants that can foul the cooling water, which can prevent efficient heat transfer and cause extensive damage to system components.
    Our closed loop water treatment services in Pennsylvania start with a test for conductance, corrosion inhibitors, iron, pH and bacteria to determine which services are best. We have many treatment options, including flushing, cleaning and targeted chemical treatment. These treatments will make the water less corrosive, preventing boiler damage. Our technicians can also perform preventative maintenance measures such as the following:

    • pH and conductivity testing
    • Flushing and cleaning
    • Filter changes
    • Equipment replacement

    By implementing regular preventative maintenance, we can make your closed loop system less susceptible to leakage and other common and potentially damaging issues. Reach out to learn more about our closed loop water treatment services!

    Legionella Testing Services for Pennsylvania

    Legionella, the Legionella pneumophila strain more specifically, is a bacteria that grows in environments that are wet and warm. It is harmful to both equipment and human health. If a particle of Legionella is breathed in, it can cause Legionnaire's disease, a potentially fatal illness. Cooling towers and similar systems have the ideal growing conditions for Legionella, so identifying and eradicating an outbreak right away is crucial.

    Chardon is your Legionella testing and treatment expert. You can count on our expertise to identify Legionella in your water supply and determine the best treatment options to address it. All treatment plans follow the procedure outlined in Standard 188 from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), including documentation.

    HVAC Water Treatment Services

    HVAC systems for industrial and commercial facilities must meet particular heating and cooling requirements year-round. Because these setups are subject to high demand, it's important to arrange regular HVAC water treatments so the equipment doesn't break down or become contaminated with microbiological growth, scale and corrosion. These factors can cause the HVAC system's pipes to warp and rupture and the condensate lines to leak.

    Chardon is an HVAC water treatment company that will use our expertise to protect your HVAC system. Our service is ideal for cooling towers used with a chiller to remove heat and boilers that create steam. Both of these systems are prone to corrosion and scale, so it's essential to coordinate professional treatments that will help keep them in their best shape.

    After testing and inspection, we'll know precisely what solutions you need. We have chemical treatments that address numerous issues, including corrosion and scale inhibitors, to prevent contamination. For corrosion, we can clean and flush your system to remove the impurities that pit metal.

    Water Quality Testing in Pennsylvania

    The quality of Pennsylvania's water is determined by alkalinity, hardness and similar data points. Identifying water quality is the first step Chardon takes before any treatment service. Water quality varies across the state, so it is vital to know the particular challenges of your system's water. We will optimize our treatment plans based on your water's makeup. Our technicians have the experience to know which applications are needed to reduce your water consumption, increase your efficiency and eliminate microbiological growth.

    Chardon Labs is Pennsylvania's Choice Water Treatment Company

    Chardon Laboratories has provided top water treatments for Pennsylvania and throughout the Midwest since 1965. Pennsylvania businesses trust us for their closed loop water treatment services and other solutions. Our service team will remove contaminants like corrosion, scale and biological growth from your cooling towers, heat exchangers and boilers. When your systems are clean, they will run more efficiently, have a longer service life and provide cost savings in operations and maintenance.

    In addition to water treatments, Chardon also provides chemical delivery. We will bring your chemicals directly to your facility, which saves the costs of freight shipping and drum disposal. We will also install all the equipment you need.

    The water treatments from Chardon are comprehensive and customized to each customer's needs. Our ISO-certified technicians will tailor each service to ensure it meets your cleaning requirements. We will also make sure the services we provide are within your budget, delivering treatments that are both effective and affordable.

    We Don’t Sell Chemicals — We Sell “Clean” Systems

    Unlike many other water treatment companies in Pennsylvania, Chardon Labs does not push chemicals to our customers. Instead, we focus on delivering superior service that provides clean water system that run better and last longer. We believe that by doing everything possible to create clean systems, we can minimize our customers’ operating costs — which also helps us keep our costs low.

    Along with our guaranteed clean systems, you also get the benefit of a guaranteed annual price for our water treatment services — there are no hidden costs or other add-on charges. With a price that you can rely on, our services will always fit your budget.

    Contact Us to Learn More About Pennsylvania Water Treatment Solutions

    Discover why so many Pennsylvania manufacturing and other operations have made Chardon Laboratories their commercial water treatment company of choice. Contact us on our website for more information about our broad range of water treatment products and services, or give us a call at 610-200-6496 today. One of our representatives will be in touch to discuss your water treatment options.

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