Chemical Water Treatment Services in Chicago

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Effective chemical water treatment is a necessary part of an optimally functioning water system. Poor water treatment leads to the scaling and corrosion of the pipes and vessels that comprise your system, resulting in higher costs and increased health risks.

If your Chicago-based business requires an analysis to determine the quality of your current system, Chardon Laboratories can provide the services you need. Instead of selling you chemicals, we focus our services on keeping your water systems clean over the long haul. Our mission is to design a program to effectively treat your system while delivering higher efficiencies and lower operating costs.

Our Services in Chicago:

Boiler Services in Chicago

Boilers are critical because they provide steam for space heating, generate electricity, heat water and more. It's vital to keep a boiler properly maintained for longevity and reliability. Preventing the development of scale and corrosion is key to keeping your boiler running actively and efficiently.

At Chardon, we offer boiler water treatment services for the Chicago market that include the following:

  • A free survey to assess your system's status and needs
  • Regularly scheduled testing
  • Scale and corrosion prevention
  • Boiler care in both peak times and the offseason
  • Routine maintenance at guaranteed pricing
  • Service administered by our ISO-certified technicians

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Water Treatment Services for Cooling Towers in Chicago

Industrial cooling towers use water to remove waste heat from a system and eject it into the atmosphere through evaporation. Cooling towers need regular maintenance to prevent mineral buildup, surface corrosion and biological contamination, which can wreak havoc on a tower's operating system. Regardless of your tower's size, draft type or airflow direction,  we can customize an effective treatment and maintenance program consisting of these measures:

  • Testing and analyzing your current system status
  • A customized chemical application plan to combat rust, scale, biological growth and other issues
  • Cooling tower passivation by our ISO-certified technicians
  • Ongoing maintenance at an established price
  • Heat exchanger handling services

Closed Loop Water Treatment Services

Most cooling or heating systems use closed loops. Three of the main types of closed loop systems include a refrigerant gas loop, a chilled water loop and a cooling tower water loop. If not maintained adequately, all three are vulnerable to bacteria and contamination-forming corrosion, leading to severe damage or total system failure.

Among the components of our highly effective closed loop treatment program are:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your current system
  • Preventive measures for scale corrosion and further growth
  • Cleaning and flushing
  • Corrosion monitoring coupons
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance, testing and treatment
  • Service from Chardon's ISO-certified technicians

Chicago Legionella Testing and Control Services

Legionella bacteria thrive in the warm water environments of water tanks, cooling towers and industrial plumbing systems that are not adequately maintained. Exposure to this bacterium can cause Legionnaires' disease, a potentially fatal illness that produces symptoms similar to a lung infection. In light of these risks, keeping the occupants of your facility safe is of vital importance.

At Chardon, we partner with the leading Legionella testing service in the Chicago area to evaluate your systems. Our recommended standards of testing and treatment include:

  • Risk analysis of water systems in your facility
  • Developing a water management plan for the treatment of any bacteria present
  • Testing to determine the effectiveness of the plan

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