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chemical water treatment for cooling towers, boilers and closed loops in Nashville, Tennesse


Chardon Labs is a leader in water treatment for the wide variety of businesses and industries that make up the Nashville, TN area. Our ISO-certified service and commitment to keep your cooling towers, boilers and closed loops clean make us the premier commercial water treatment in Nashville. Using our 50-plus years of experience in the industry, our technicians have the knowledge to help you keep your equipment running at maximum efficiency.

Boiler Water Treatment in Nashville

Setting up a proper treatment program for a boiler is crucial to your business's operation. If left treated poorly or untreated, your boiler can scale or corrode, causing inefficiencies in your system, and potentially significant damage. Scale and corrosion, like oxygen pitting, can cause downtime and cost you money by keeping your boiler from operating at its’ peak efficiency.

At Chardon we pride ourselves on setting up a personalized program to help prevent these problems. Our expert boiler treatment technicians can set up your program to help save big on water costs and chemical costs.

Boiler Chemicals in Nashville

In order to properly care for your boiler to ensure that it is running at its’ peak efficiency, therefore saving you the most money, you’ll need boiler chemicals to protect from scale and corrosion. At Chardon, our boiler chemical line can help prevent things like oxygen pitting, scale formation and other issues that damage your boiler system.


Water Quality Around Nashville, Tennessee

Water Hardness & Alkalinity

City Hardness Alkalinity
Brentwood 99 80
Lebanon 40 60
La Vergne 60 80
Murfreesboro 80 120


Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

Closed Loop Water Treatment

Within a heating and cooling loop system, many problems can occur if the water in those loops is left untreated. Bacterial growth, corrosion, and scale could all cause problems with your heating and cooling loops. Even in closed loops, anaerobic bacteria can still cause many different problems for your system. Preventing bacterial growth in your closed loops can help keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Cooling Tower Treatment Nashville

Looking to prevent bacteria in your cooling tower? Chardon can provide chemical treatment and establish a biocide program to help prevent all kinds of bacteria from growing and causing issues in your cooling tower. From our Legionella solutions, to our established biocides and chemicals, Chardon has what it takes to keep your tower clean. Our technicians are experts at preventing other issues like scale and corrosion of your tower, as well as earning cost savings from things like evaporation credits. Call us today to start saving on water usage and to start up a cooling tower treatment program today!

Chardon is the leader in water treatment all over the Nashville area. Our technicians can handle a variety of water treatment around the area, from treating the hard water in Murfeesboro, to treating cooling water in Smyrna and Franklin.

Contact Chardon for any water treatment in Nashville today!