Wabash Valley Water Treatment Services

Wabash Valley water treatment services

Process water treatment and maintenance require:

  • Comprehensive industry knowledge and experience.
  • The proper chemicals.
  • Advanced equipment and technologies.
  • Ongoing monitoring and upkeep.

Without these essentials, water systems can be susceptible to contaminants like rust and bacteria. Over time, these issues can lead to higher bills, damaged mechanisms and premature equipment breakdowns.

Luckily, Chardon Laboratories' water treatment services check all of the boxes listed above. Whether your facility uses a boiler, cooling tower, closed loop system or a combination, you'll need a customized water treatment solution.

If you're searching for industrial water treatment services in or near Wabash Valley, Indiana, browse the different services we offer below.

Wabash Valley Service Areas

Western Indiana Boiler Water Treatment

Commercial steam boilers serve essential applications in various industries. They assist crucial brewing processes like boiling and fermentation, generate steam for correct production temperatures in manufacturing, and provide comfortable temperatures for health care facilities, to name a few examples.

However, common yet costly issues like scale and corrosion can put boilers in harm's way. They increase maintenance needs, lower performance, boost operating expenses and ultimately shorten the boiler's life span.

Chardon Labs provides personalized boiler treatment services, using high-quality equipment and chemicals to keep unwanted scale and corrosion at bay. Learn more about our boiler water management services below.

Indiana Boiler Scale Treatment

Scale is a harmful deposit comprised of materials such as iron, calcium and silica. When these substances precipitate out of boiler water, they can harden onto heat transfer surfaces. Scale can reduce efficiency and damage equipment over time. When it sloughs off the sides, it can disrupt water flow in the tubes, leading to warping, overheating, rupturing and failure.

We use a strategy called blowdown to eliminate boiler scale and maintain proper concentration cycles. Blowdown minimizes dissolved mineral concentration by draining feedwater out of the boiler. We then replace the drained feedwater with that of a lower dissolved solid concentration.

We also treat boiler feedwater systems with special chemicals, stimulating a reaction to consume scale-developing minerals. In some instances, we also use water softeners to remove iron, magnesium and calcium ions from the feedwater.

Indiana boiler corrosion prevention


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Indiana Boiler Corrosion Treatment

    Boiler corrosion occurs when metal is exposed to water and oxygen. This chemical reaction can cause rust formation, pitting and wear in the metal, and disintegration of tubes and other inner mechanisms.

    Our customized chemical solutions can help prevent corrosion in commercial steam boilers. We use sulfite to absorb high levels of dissolved oxygen that often accompany pitting.

    Additionally, our boiler water treatment products help distribute precipitated particulates and crystals. This process keeps materials from settling and forming insulating deposits that lead to corrosion and thermal stress.

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services

    Many industries use cooling towers to manage heat from different manufacturing processes. On top of problems like scale and corrosion, these systems can be prone to bacterial development. Fungi, algae and other contaminants commonly thrive in their humid environments.

    All of these factors can lower heat transfer and efficiency. Moreover, bacteria such as Legionella can pose safety risks to people inside the facility, potentially causing harmful outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease.

    After conducting an assessment of your cooling tower water system, Chardon can tailor a cost-effective treatment plan to your facility's needs. These plans typically include chemical solutions with microbiological inhibitors, rust preventatives, and scale and corrosion inhibitors. We'll also help you create a maintenance plan to impede future contamination.

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment Equipment

    State-of-the-art equipment and technologies are also necessary to keep your cooling tower running effectively. They can lower maintenance costs, prevent contaminants and extend your system's overall service life. We carry the following cooling tower equipment and more:

    • Bleed solenoids: bleed solenoid helps ensure your cooling tower system bleeds correctly, minimizing contaminants in the water. Bleed solenoids contain motorized ball valves that allow you to activate and deactivate the bleed as necessary.
    • Chemical pumps: Chemical pumps help you add the proper chemical quantities to your process water, making them essential for cooling tower maintenance. Our chemical pumps feature various automation levels to accommodate your system's unique needs.
    • Contact head water meters: These devices can help facilities determine the proper chemical feed for cooling towers. Preventing overfeeding and underfeeding can save costs significantly and reduce the risk of scale formation. A contact head water meter also helps you track cooling tower water usage more accurately.
    • Probes: We offer specialized cooling tower probes to measure conductivity, potential hydrogen (pH) and oxidation-reduction potential. These probes enable real-time access to accurate pH levels to streamline water quality monitoring.

    Closed Loop Chemical Water Treatment Services

    A closed loop water system encloses process water inside pipes to maintain its quality and volume. Various factors such as pH levels, loop metal compositions and dissolved solids can cause pipe corrosion and leakage.

    Leaks allow air to enter the system, enabling corrosion and bacteria to contaminate the water. Proper flushing and testing are pivotal to ensuring a reliable, long-lasting closed loop system.

    How We Help Prevent and Control Contaminants in Closed Loops

    Chardon provides high-quality chemical treatments for closed loop water systems to prevent these occurrences. We perform regular filter changes, pH testing and conductivity monitoring to avert corrosion and boost heat transfer efficiency. Our team uses equipment like filtration devices, biocide feeders and pH probes to hinder closed loop corrosion and microbiological growth.

    We implement numerous techniques to optimize closed loop water systems, including:

    • Dissolved solid solutions: Using different proprietary water treatment chemicals, Chardon works with dissolved solids in closed loop systems to render water less aggressive and corrosive. We also use compounds that create protective films on closed loop surfaces, protecting the metal and preventing corrosion.
    • pH adjustments: We use various chemical solutions to help maintain noncorrosive pH levels in loop water.
    • Oxygen removal: For closed loop systems with no air exposure, eliminating oxygen from the water is an effective way to reduce corrosion risk. Using the proper water treatment chemicals, we remove oxygen to help slow the spread of corrosion on metal surfaces.

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