Professional Water Treatment Services for Food Processing and Cold Storage Businesses

The Food Processing and Cold Storage Industry

Chardon Laboratories knows the importance of efficiency in food production. One hour of downtime could result in losses of thousands of dollars for your company. Your customers have high expectations for the cleanliness and efficiency of your systems to deliver the products they need. Your organization’s reputation and productivity depend on your food processing and cold storage operations.

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That’s why we offer comprehensive food processing and cold storage water treatment solutions. Our services aim to improve your production efficiency through more efficient cooling systems and water treatment methods. We use customized treatment programs to prevent biological contamination, scale and corrosion from occurring in your cooling towers, boilers, closed loop and heat exchangers — all while saving you money and reducing your water and energy consumption.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment for Food Production

The food production industry relies on consistent refrigeration and cold storage. Often, food processing organizations use a combination of cooling towers and ammonia compressors for temperature control purposes. Cooling towers are susceptible to various contamination issues, such as biological growth, corrosion and scaling. Ammonia compressors can leak ammonia into water supplies, corroding water lines and doing serious long-term damage to water systems.

An effective water treatment plan for cooling towers and ammonia compressors is essential to minimizing contamination risks. Chardon can help you develop a customized chemical treatment plan that aims to improve your production efficiency in applications using ammonia compressors. Our expert, ISO-certified water technicians will work with you to craft a program that provides an effective solution while setting your system up for contamination and damage prevention in the future.

We offer comprehensive cooling tower water treatment services, using proven procedures to treat various contaminants in different types of cooling towers. We will evaluate the type of cooling tower equipment you use within your facility to provide a cost-effective solution that addresses your needs.

Our water treatment services include:

  • Testing and reporting
  • Customized chemical plans
  • Cooling tower treatments
  • Continual maintenance and preventative care
  • Services for heat exchangers

Food-Grade Steam Boiler Water Treatment

Boilers are critical in food processing operations, helping organizations sterilize, heat, pasteurize, dry and cook various food and beverage products. Steam boilers encounter two primary concerns throughout their service life:

  • Scale buildup: Scale accumulation inside a boiler has an insulating effect and can cause pressure buildup throughout boiler components. Pressure differentials from scale buildup can warp and rupture boiler tubes, while the scale itself can compromise a boiling system’s efficiency. Scale buildup can increase energy waste, leading to higher fuel bills and less steam.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion can appear across the entire surface of a boiler component or as pits in a component. Pitting is more harmful and causes heavier damage in a single area. Corrosion can lead to total part failure, which may result in steam trap failure, leakage and wasted energy.

A well-maintained boiler minimizes the risks of scale buildup and corrosion, offering long-lasting performance and reliability. With professional water treatment services, you can optimize your energy and water efficiency while lowering costs and maximizing productivity.

Chardon can help minimize scale and corrosion risks through comprehensive food-grade steam boiler water treatment strategies. Our experienced technicians will identify any signs of corrosion or scale through testing and analysis and attack any problems with the appropriate food-grade boiler water treatment chemicals. Our full-service treatment program can help protect your boiler and set up your steam system for a long service life with fewer incidents in the future.

We offer treatment services such as:

  • Free surveys
  • Regularly scheduled testing and chemical treatment
  • Scale prevention
  • Preventative maintenance for corrosion
  • Boiler care during peak and off-season uses


Choose Chardon

Running production lines at peak efficiency is important to staying ahead in today’s competitive environment. Since 1965, Chardon has helped organizations in the food processing industry solve water treatment issues while saving money and preserving equipment. We specialize in providing professional, cost-effective water treatment for food processing and cold storage businesses so you can maintain your competitive edge.

Together, we will develop a customized water treatment program to meet your specific needs. Chardon’s ISO-9001 certified service technicians will partner with your maintenance staff to ensure your treatment program runs smoothly, conserves chemicals and results in clean, efficient systems. Our goal is to reduce your water and energy costs while ensuring you get a scale-free water treatment system.

At Chardon Labs, we don’t sell chemicals — we sell clean systems. We make your concerns our priority so you can depend on us to have the effective, customized solutions you require for your food processing organization. Connect with our team today to learn how our water treatment solutions can save you money.

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