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Chardon Laboratories offers commercial water treatment services for businesses in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We have the experience and resources to develop custom water treatment solutions for boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems. Our experts will work with you to customize a treatment plan around your facility's needs.

Serving Kalamazoo and All of Michigan

Protecting Your Equipment in Kalamazoo

Groundwater is the primary source for businesses in Kalamazoo. The water supply is likely to contain various microbial and inorganic contaminants. Metals and bacteria can cause scaling, corrosion and leaks within your facility's water systems. At Chardon Labs, we design our water treatment services to mitigate the most common sources of contamination and equipment damage. Your treatment program will preserve your equipment's efficiency and health, promoting cost-effective operations.

Our Water System Chemical Treatments in Michigan

We offer water treatment systems for businesses in Kalamazoo. Our water treatments comprise various chemicals and equipment that will remove scale, prevent corrosion and eliminate biological material. Our ISO 9000-certified technicians will implement a strategy tailored to your facility and equipment. Work with us for boiler, cooling tower and closed loop water treatment solutions.

Chemical Treatment for Boilers

Boilers in Kalamazoo are susceptible to scale and corrosion due to the minerals in the region's groundwater. Scale and corrosion detract from the boiler's performance by disrupting heat distribution pathways and promoting leaks. Our boiler water treatment chemicals and equipment will help your boiler operate at peak efficiency and extend its life span. We use chemicals that remove excess oxygen and scale. We also implement a blowdown process to replace mineral-rich water with cleaner fluids.

Chemical Treatment for Cooling Towers

We provide treatment systems for cooling towers in Kalamazoo. Michigan's water systems allow cooling towers to develop scale and corrosion from minerals and biofilms. Corrosion and scaling may cause leaks and obstruct pipes, leading to costly downtime and maintenance. Our cooling tower treatment services consist of clarification, filtration, ion exchange, chemical feeding and automated monitoring to protect your facility's cooling equipment.

Chemical Treatment for Closed Loop Heating and Cooling Systems

A closed loop water heating or cooling system requires a precise chemical balance. Introducing biological material, altering the pH balance and adding mineral deposits can damage the system or compromise its function. Our treatments for closed loop systems will restore and maintain your system's health. We treat various types of closed loop water systems using a custom combination of corrosion inhibitors, non-oxidizing biocides, pretreatment chemicals and anti-foaming chemicals.

Customized Plans for Your Industry and Needs

When you partner with Chardon Labs, you will receive a customized water treatment plan that considers Kalamazoo's unique conditions and the equipment your facility uses. Our custom services include:

  • A free water survey that determines the minerals or biological material present in your system.
  • Cleaning services that remove scale, corrosion and biological growth from the system.
  • Water cleaning and flushing to replace contaminated or mineral-rich fluids.
  • Chemical treatments for boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems.
  • Legionella testing and treatment.
  • Continued monitoring, maintenance and treatment on a regular schedule.


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    The ISO 9000-certified professionals at Chardon Labs will tailor a water treatment system to your Kalamazoo commercial facility. Our process begins with a free survey, so contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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