Our Chemical-Based Water Treatment Services and Solutions

Our Chemical-Based Water Treatment Services and Solutions

Chardon Laboratories has specialized in industrial water maintenance solutions since 1965. We address issues like corrosion, scale and microbial growth notorious for slowing down water systems and damaging inner mechanisms.

We sell clean systems instead of chemicals. Rather than having to order products constantly, you can receive a customized chemical water treatment program at a guaranteed annual price.

Our ISO-certified technicians handle everything from chemical applications to full cleaning and flushing, providing ongoing maintenance during busy and off-seasons alike.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

We offer customized chemical water treatment programs for cooling towers. We can tailor our services to your specific tower's type and airflow needs. Chardon can address costly contaminants affecting cooling towers, including:

  • Bacterial growth: Algae and fungi often grow in cooling towers' humid environments.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion results from a reaction in metal, water or air surrounding the tower. It can cause pitting, wear and rust in the metal.
  • Scaling: Scale is a harmful deposit that naturally forms in hard makeup water, containing minerals such as iron, magnesium, silica and calcium. When scale develops and concentrates on heat transfer surfaces, it decreases efficiency and water flow while driving up operating costs.

When left untreated, these issues can reduce service life and lead to premature breakdown.


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Chemicals and Equipment

Chemicals and Equipment

Chardon uses high-quality cooling tower equipment and chemical treatment solutions to prevent and remove these contaminants. Our chemicals include:

  • Corrosion inhibitors: These chemicals are designed to eliminate scale and rust.
  • Non-oxidizing biocides: These anti-bacterial chemicals address pH imbalances, toxicity and microbiological growth.
  • Oxidizing biocides: Oxidizing biocides use an electron transfer reaction to attack microorganisms in tower water.
  • Anti-foaming chemicals: Anti-foaming chemicals help remove excess foam from the water.
  • Pre-treatment chemicals: Our pre-treatment chemicals focus on two phases — pre-cleaning (eliminating contaminants) and pre-filming (creating a protective film).

We also use state-of-the-art equipment to lower water treatment costs and keep your cooling tower functional:

  • Biocide tanks: Our biocide and chemical batch tanks enable safe, convenient storage for water treatment chemicals. They contain heavy-duty lids, a sturdy polyethylene material and a double-wall design to prevent leakage.
  • Contact head water meters: Contact head water meters help measure and track proper chemical feeds, helping you prevent scale and high utility costs from overfeeding or underfeeding.
  • PH probes: Working in tandem with conductivity controllers, our pH and conductivity probes provide real-time access to accurate pH levels. We can seamlessly monitor your cooling tower water and treat it proactively when necessary.


Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment

Corrosion and scale can eat away at a boiler's metal surface and inner parts. They can also cause tubes to warp, overheat and rupture, extensively damaging the system.

Chardon Labs specializes in boiler water treatment services, using advanced equipment and chemicals to keep your boiler reliable for years to come. Our boiler treatment chemicals include:

  • Scale prevention: We use phosphonate chemicals to control calcium carbonate and inhibit scale production. Our scale prevention chemicals also contain sludge conditioners to keep materials from settling.
  • PH control: PH neutralizer chemicals use sodium hydroxide to avoid excess acidity in boiler water, reducing corrosive properties.
  • Oxygen control: We can reduce scale- and corrosion-forming dissolved oxygen by infusing the water with chemicals that break down the gases.
  • Foam reduction: Anti-foaming chemicals adjust water surface tension to inhibit foaming, helping improve boiler efficiency.

Some of the equipment solutions we use for boilers include:

  • Boiler probes: Our boiler probes help monitor and detect pH levels in the water, providing the data needed for treatment.
  • Chemical pumps: A chemical pump helps ensure evenly and accurately dispensed chemical dosages. We have a wide variety of pumps, making it easy to accommodate your boiler system and its applications.
  • Corrosion coupon racks: A corrosion coupon rack allows you to estimate corrosion rates in boiler systems. This device features all of the essential mounting and installation hardware for simple assembly and removal.

Closed Loop Water Treatment

Closed loop water systems are susceptible to leaks that bring in air, which can cause issues such as corrosion and bacterial contamination. Chardon's closed loop water services promote efficient heat transfer and performance through high-quality chemical treatments.

We apply various closed loop water treatment chemicals, preventing oxygen pitting and corrosion in both hot and chilled loops:

  • SN-7: This chemical solution acts as a metal passivator and oxygen scavenger to manage corrosion in chilled loops. It creates an oxide layer to protect metal surfaces.
  • SN-10: SN-10 is a hot loop corrosion inhibitor that passivates metal, prevents pitting and forms a protective oxide layer.
  • SN-88: This chemical inhibitor scavenges oxygen and passivates metal, defending closed loops with relatively low conductivity.
  • Charlumina: Charlumina contains azole and sulfite to treat aluminum chilled loop systems.
  • CTA-800: This silicate-formulated chemical helps prevent foaming in closed loop water.

We also use specialized equipment like filtration devices — such as centrifugal separators and bag filters — and pH probes to manage corrosion in closed loop water systems. Equipment such as biocide feeders and shot feeder systems can help prevent bacterial growth and fouling from damaging its components.

Legionella Testing, Control and Water Management Plans

Legionella is a type of bacteria prominent in water sources like rivers, ponds, streams and lakes. It can also grow in humid building water systems, such as cooling towers, faucets, decorative fountains and air washers. Inhaling airborne droplets contaminated with Legionella can cause outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease, a type of pneumonia.

Chardon provides Legionella testing services to identify risk factors in your facility's water systems. We can help you create and implement a customized Water Management Plan (WMP) to control bacterial growth as much as possible.

We consider Standard 188 by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to help formulate our overall response to address Legionella risk areas and growth:

  1. Survey your building's water systems and locate potential risks, such as stagnant water, pH and temperature ranges, sediment and microorganisms.
  2. Develop a WMP to help control Legionella based on our findings.
  3. Validate and document WMP results after implementation, making corrections and adjustments as needed.

An effective WMP is important in protecting your water systems and the people within your facility. Choose Chardon for comprehensive Legionella testing and control services.

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At Chardon Labs, we aim to help our customers reduce operating and maintenance costs, achieving optimal water system performance and longevity. Whether you use a cooling tower, closed loop system or boiler, we can customize a water treatment program to your facility's needs.

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