Water Treatment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Water Treatment Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chardon Labs can provide premier water treatment services to your cooling tower, boiler, and closed loop systems in the Milwaukee, WI area.  Whether you are in the Racine, Kenosha, Waukegan, or any of the Eastern Wisconsin area, we can set up a custom water treatment program just for you.

Chemical treatment for boilers, closed loops and cooling towers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Our service and technical knowledge of how to protect and treat your systems come from over 50 years’ experience in the industry.


Cooling Tower Treatment in Milwaukee

Want to protect your cooling tower system and save on water usage? Chardon can implement a customized plan around protecting your tower from scale and corrosion, which allows your system to run at maximum efficiency.

Using ideas like evaporation credits, you can save big on water bills as well. Chardon can also provide premier bacterial treatment for your tower. Whether it’s preventing bacterial growth like algae or biofilm, or if you need expert Legionella treatment, Chardon has the knowledge and the chemicals to get the job done in Milwaukee.


Boiler Treatment in Milwaukee

At Chardon, we know how important a boiler is to the operation of your business. Establishing a proper boiler treatment program to protect it becomes just as crucial. If left treated poorly or not treated at all, the boiler becomes prone to scale and/or corrosion, which drastically reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the boiler itself. Problems like oxygen pitting can cause shutdowns and turn into costly issues.

Chardon can help. We have experts in treating boilers in the Milwaukee area who can work with you to help keep your boiler running at peak efficiency.

Closed Loop Treatment in Milwaukee

Heating and cooling closed loops are prone to many issues if left untreated. Problems like corrosion, scale and microbial growth can all create costly shutdowns and inefficiencies within a closed loop system. Even though the loop is not exposed to air, anaerobic bacteria can still cause many corrosion problems within the system.

Other things like dissimilar metals can also be a costly problem. Establishing a chemical treatment program for closed loops is very important to the maintenance of the system and the operating efficiency of the loop.


Water Quality In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Water Hardness & Alkalinity


City Hardness Alkalinity
Kenosha 90 100
Madison 120 210
Milwaukee 90 100
Racine 90 100


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Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment