Kentucky Water Treatment Services: Cooling Towers, Boilers & Closed Loops

Water Treatment Services in Kentucky

The Blue Grass State is home to many different industries including automotive manufacturing, biotechnology, and bourbon distilleries. Our service coverage and expertise in treating cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems gives us the ability to provide excellent water treatment services to these facilities.

Our Midwest presence allows us to serve all markets in Kentucky. We have highly-satisfied customers in Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Florence, and all points between.

Since 1965, Chardon has been one of the leaders in the Water Management Industry, providing customized treatment programs for cooling towers, boilers and loop systems with improving results.


Boiler Chemicals in Kentucky

Your Kentucky-based company needs to keep your boiler system running. Chardon can help you do that.

Making sure your boiler functions as long and as efficiently as possible is of critical importance. Part of this involves keeping scale and corrosion under control.

Chardon can help fight off scale and corrosion more effectively with boiler chemicals, ensuring your boiler functions efficiently. Our professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field make Chardon equipped to maintain your boiler system. Learn more about our boiler treatment services and contact us today for boiler chemicals in Kentucky!

Contact Chardon Laboratories Today

At Chardon Laboraties, we are proud to have an team of professionals who are always happy to answer your questions or provide expert recommendations. Contact us online or give us a call at 502-230-4670 to learn more about our Kentucky commercial water treatment services.

A Few of Our Partners in Kentucky

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Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment