Jersey Shore Industrial Water Treatment Services

Jersey Shore Industrial Water Treatment Services

You have many critical responsibilities to manage each day when overseeing a manufacturing facility or plant. With so much on your plate, regular water system maintenance may be challenging. However, insufficient upkeep can cause issues like reduced efficiency, higher costs and equipment failure.

At Chardon Laboratories, we provide customized chemical water services for boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems. Read on to learn more about our New Jersey water treatments and solutions.

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Commercial Closed Loop Water Treatment

Closed loop water systems retain water within pipes to preserve quality and volume. However, pressure and flow rate fluctuations in your closed loop system could be corroding it from the inside out, wasting valuable water and energy.

These systems are also susceptible to leaks that expose the system to air, causing bacterial growth in the cooling water. Between corrosion, algae and bacteria, your entire system could be at risk of a breakdown.

It’s crucial to change filters, inspect conductivity and test pH levels frequently to ensure efficient heat transfer. Proper flushing and regular loop water testing can help preserve the system’s integrity. It protects pumps, piping and other essential chiller equipment from water loss, corrosion and unwanted downtime.

How We Help Prevent Corrosion and Bacteria in Closed Loop Systems

Chardon Labs offers closed loop water treatment services to prevent leakage, corrosion, bacterial growth and costly equipment malfunctions. We can customize a comprehensive treatment plan for your facility that includes the following:

  • A free survey to determine your system’s current condition and requirements.
  • Regular pH testing and chemical adjustments.
  • Filter changes.
  • Cleaning and flushing.
  • Equipment replacement.
  • Corrosion, scale and microbiological growth management.
  • Ongoing care at a steady annual fee.

We incorporate numerous techniques for corrosion prevention. We use different proprietary chemicals to work with the dissolved solids within the system and treat the water.

Eliminating oxygen from the water can reduce corrosion risk in closed loops with no air exposure. We use the appropriate treatment chemicals to remove oxygen, hindering the spread of corrosion. We also use compounds that create protective films on closed loop surfaces.

Chardon incorporates a range of effective closed loop chemical treatments to help your system maintain peak efficiency and minimize the risk of costly damages. We will tailor a high-quality treatment plan to your organization’s needs, allowing you to reduce operating costs and extend your equipment’s service life.


    Commercial Dissolved Solids Treatments

    Commercial Dissolved Solids Treatments

    “Dissolved solids” describe any minerals, metals, salts or ions dissolved in water. The total dissolved solids (TDS) is a measure of the dissolved ions or salts in your water. Measured in milligrams per liter (mg/l), your system’s TDS comprises the weight of remaining salts after water filtering or evaporation. The lower the TDS, the cleaner the water is. While dissolved solids typically remain transparent, they can stain or discolor the water.

    Conductivity measures the water’s ability to pass an electrical current. Salt contains both positive and negative ions, forming a neutral product with no net charge. Because dissolved salts conduct electrical current, water conductivity increases with salinity. In other words, the higher the TDS in the water, the higher its conductivity.

    How We Help Control Dissolved Solids

    Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration can be an effective way to remove TDS. This process forces water through a filter to remove these salts and solids, preventing dissolved particles from entering. RO is rarely a standalone water treatment but rather a method to reinforce an existing water management plan. At Chardon, we use RO as a mechanical pretreatment for water systems like cooling towers, steam boilers and closed loops.

    This process isn’t necessary for every water system. We primarily use RO when a facility’s municipal supply has poor water quality or when we believe RO pretreatment will benefit a system’s longevity.

    We use water treatment chemicals in the form of dissolved solids to protect metal against scale deposits, corrosion and microbiological growth. These dissolved solids can range from 50 ppm in cooling towers to over 3,000 ppm in closed loop systems.

    We also use anti-foaming chemicals in our comprehensive water treatments. These agents help modify water surface tension when dissolved solids rise to the surface, reducing the presence of foam in a boiler or cooling tower. When you need treatment for dissolved solids in your facility’s water system, Chardon can take on the task.

    Commercial pH Optimization Level Treatment

    Your water’s pH measures how basic or acidic it is. Process water typically contains high concentrations of dissolved minerals, which can impact its pH levels.

    Imbalances in pH can cause mineral and scale accumulation in water systems, potentially leading to contamination or damage. A pH between 5 and 8.5 can also promote Legionella bacteria growth. It’s crucial to maintain a balanced pH to reduce scale, corrosion and microbiological growth, extending your system’s longevity.

    Ideal pH values can vary depending on the type of metal that forms your water system. While solubility at specific pH ranges differs for various metals, a pH between 6.5 and 7.5 is often suitable for reducing scale formation. Cycles of concentration (COC) can also influence pH value. A cooling tower operating at a higher COC can tolerate a pH of up to 10.

    How We Help Optimize pH Levels in Water Systems

    Our specialists perform pH and conductivity testing services to prevent internal water system components from corroding and deteriorating. By adjusting pH levels with various chemicals, we can help your system maintain optimal values in the noncorrosive range.

    Our chemical treatments help neutralize acids in process water to regulate its pH. These treatments come in both solid and liquid formations. We also use pH probes to analyze cooling tower systems. These probes allow access to accurate, real-time pH levels for water quality observation and proactive system protection. They feature easy-to-read displays for simple, consistent pH monitoring.

    Regular pH and conductivity tests are essential for preventing damage while enabling sufficient heat transfer in water systems. Turn to Chardon Labs for high-quality pH optimization services.

    Choose Chardon Labs for Your Industrial Water Treatment Needs

    Choose Chardon Labs for Your Industrial Water Treatment Needs

    We strive to help our clients achieve clean, safe and functional water systems, keeping efficiency up and costs down. Rather than selling you chemicals, we sell water treatment services. Our experienced technicians are International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified. They’ll handle all your water treatment needs with the proper equipment, chemicals and technologies.

    Partnering with Chardon lets you avoid expensive equipment repairs and complex, time-consuming water system maintenance. Our services all come at a fixed yearly cost, so you don’t have to worry about any unanticipated fees.

    If you need water treatment services for your cooling tower, boiler or closed loop system in the Jersey Shore area, Chardon Labs is your solution. Reach out today to learn more about our services!

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