Chemical Water Treatment for Businesses in Memphis, Tennessee

Chemical water treatment services in Memphis Tennessee

Working in a manufacturing facility, school or health care center, you may rely on industrial water systems for different processes. Whether your operations involve a cooling tower, steam boiler or closed loop system, regular treatment and maintenance are critical.

If you're searching for commercial water treatment in Memphis, Tennessee, Chardon Laboratories can provide the solutions your organization requires.

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Memphis Water Quality Insights

Memphis is the largest city in the United States that relies completely on groundwater. The groundwater is extracted and sent through aerators for processing and purification.

Memphis's water generally has a high purity level and requires minimal treatment. However, Memphis Light, Gas and Water recommends that businesses and residents follow specific measures to protect the water and keep it contamination-free, like proper waste disposal processes and recycling hazardous materials. Additionally, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the Environmental Protection Agency set limitations for specific contaminants in public water systems.

Your business can do its part to maintain water quality through rigorous treatment and maintenance, which is our specialty at Chardon Laboratories.

Benefits of Industrial Water Treatment

Here are some advantages of choosing Chardon Labs for your commercial water treatment needs:

1. Customized Services

Not every water system faces the same challenges and needs. That's why we recommend a water treatment program unique to your facility and water conditions. Our certified technicians can work with you to analyze your system's requirements and incorporate the appropriate treatment measures.

2. Cost Savings

When you partner with Chardon for water treatment, you choose a company with the same goal as you — keeping your costs down as much as possible. Rather than selling chemicals, we service and sell clean water systems.

As a result, you don't have to order chemicals constantly. You'll receive all the services you need as part of your water treatment program, such as system cleaning and flushing, filter changes, remote monitoring and more.

With Chardon Labs, there are no surprises or hidden fees. Additionally, less water and energy wastage translates to lower monthly utility bills. Our services will also help you avoid costly repairs, helping you save money.

3. Decades of Expertise

Chardon has been in the water treatment business since 1965, and our team has served various industries and organizations over the years. We've tackled a multitude of issues in boilers, closed loops and cooling towers, from scale and rust to bacterial contamination.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

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    With our time-tested strategies and programs tailored to your needs, you can trust us to deliver exceptional services and results.

    Tailored Solutions for Your Cooling Towers, Boilers and Closed Loops

    The appropriate treatment methods can vary depending on your water system type. Chardon Labs can help you implement a personalized water treatment plan based on your system's risks.

    Below are some common concerns in cooling towers, boilers and closed loops and how we address them.

    Cooling Towers

    Cooling towers are essential for cooling purposes. Serving as heat exchangers, they spray water down through the tower to regulate the temperature within a facility. Various industries rely on these devices, from food processing to plastics manufacturing to health care.

    However, cooling towers are prone to a host of issues that hinder performance and raise operating costs:

    • Bacteria: Cooling towers are a breeding ground for algae, fungi and bacteria due to their humid environments. Biological growth can corrode cooling tower surfaces and reduce efficiency. Additionally, Legionella bacteria can cause outbreaks of Legionnaire's disease when inhaled through tiny airborne droplets. If you suspect Legionella or other bacteria issues in your cooling tower, a Chardon specialist can survey your water system and help you create a plan to control and hinder growth.
    • Scale: Scale is a chalk-like mineral buildup resulting from hard cooling tower water. Over time, it can damage tubes and shorten your tower's life span. Chardon Labs can help manage scaling in your cooling tower and restore its efficiency. We use proactive approaches like conductivity monitoring, chemical additives and blowdown removal to prevent scale formation.
    • Corrosion: Contaminants like carbon dioxide and oxygen can degrade the cooling tower's metal, causing pitting and rust. Eventually, these problems can lead to expensive downtime, leaks and equipment damage. At Chardon, we implement a variety of measures to control corrosion. These include applying a protective epoxy coating to metal surfaces, using special corrosion inhibitor chemicals and regulating pH levels.

    If you're looking for cooling tower treatment in Memphis, Chardon Labs is ready to help.


    Boilers produce steam for temperature control and heating applications, making them assets in a range of industries. Like cooling towers, they often experience problems like corrosion and scale that can throw a wrench in your facility's operations.

    Fortunately, Chardon Labs can assist with comprehensive boiler treatment services. Here are some of the ways we prevent scaling and corrosion in boiler systems:

    • Chemical treatments: Our proprietary boiler chemicals stimulate reactions that consume scale-forming minerals. Water softeners can also help eliminate iron, magnesium and calcium ions from the feedwater. Additionally, we employ sulfite to absorb dissolved oxygen, which often causes pitting.
    • Blowdown: Blowdown involves draining feedwater out of the boiler and adding water with a lower dissolved solid concentration. This process helps maintain optimal cycles of concentration.
    • Equipment: We use various water treatment products, like corrosion coupon racks, chemical pumps, contact headwater meters and boiler probes. These products help distribute precipitated crystals, keeping materials from settling and creating corrosive insulating deposits.

    Closed Loops

    Closed loop water systems fulfill various applications, like oil, bearing and air compressor chilling. Despite their enclosed structure, closed loops can experience contamination as much as any open loop system. For instance, a leak somewhere in the system could be letting in air without your knowledge. This scenario can cause bacteria, scale and corrosion to harm both the equipment and water quality.

    With that in mind, proper closed loop treatment and maintenance are crucial. Chardon Laboratories can perform a free evaluation of your closed loop system to determine its needs.

    Our closed loop water treatment services include preventative maintenance steps like cleaning and flushing, filter changes and pH and conductivity testing. We also use chemicals like corrosion inhibitors, pretreatment chemicals, antifoaming chemicals and nonoxidizing biocides.

    Our chemical blends serve numerous purposes:

    • Maintaining proper pH levels within the noncorrosive range.
    • Removing oxygen from the water to slow the spread of corrosion.
    • Forming protective films on metal surfaces.

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    When you need commercial water treatment planning in Tennessee, Chardon Laboratories is here to assist. Offering years of expertise, tailored solutions and substantial cost savings, we're your source for industrial water system services in the Memphis area.

    Don't let issues like scale, corrosion, rust and bacteria disrupt your normal workflow. Get in touch with Chardon Labs about a customized water treatment program today.

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