Legionella Water Treatment

legionella water treatment

Legionella bacteria is a natural inhabitant in natural water sources that, much like other bacteria, thrive in warm, wet environments. This clearly puts water systems such as cooling towers, ornamental fountains, air washers and others at a high risk for contamination. Unlike some other bacteria in water, though, Legionella has significant risks associated with human interaction. Simply breathing in water droplets containing Legionella can cause what is known as Legionnaire’s disease. With dozens of outbreaks over the past year, some of which resulting in deaths, having an effective plan to protect against this harmful bacterium has never been more important.


Knowing the Risk Factors of Legionella

The first step in creating a Legionella management plan is to understand the potential risks your system currently has. Most common problems associated with bacteria like Legionella can be traced back to issues with a variety of water systems (cooling towers, ice machines, decorative fountains, etc.) Whether it’s a lack of biocide feed in the system or stagnant water, Legionella has potential to spread in a variety of ways.

Chardon can come alongside your company to identify risk factors and offer immediate and long-term solutions to help prevent an outbreak Legionella.

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Legionella Outbreak Prevention

Preventing an outbreak of Legionella bacteria starts with understanding the risks of your systems and then implementing the proper treatment plan. There are a multitude of organizations from the CDC to the WHO, which all are establishing what it means to properly care for this system.

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A standard that is often pointed to is ASHRAE Standard 188 and within this standard, regularly scheduled Legionella testing and response guidelines must be laid out in a Water Management Plan.


Testing for Legionella

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A vital piece of your Legionella management plan is testing your water for cultures of the bacteria. Legionella bacteria testing is a challenge based on the nature of how the bacteria acts. Legionella is typically consumed by an amoeba and then multiplies from within in the outside amoeba before exploding and causing an outbreak. This makes ongoing testing crucial to truly know when your system can have a potential bacteria problem.

Chardon partners with the leading Legionella testing service in the industry to give accurate information about the levels of bacteria. This testing serves as a critical step in maintaining a standard of care for the water system.

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Recommended Standards

  1. Survey water systems within building and analze risk.
  2. Develop a Water Management Plan to control Legionella.
  3. Validate and document following of the Water Management Plan.


Water Management Plans

The next step in creating an effective solution to protect against Legionella is to have a Water Management Plan in place. Chardon can help draft this plan for you by using the following steps:

  1. Survey all building water systems and assess Legionella risk and document current practices
  2. Report survey results and findings to then provide best practices and solutions that reduce risk of an outbreak
  3. Evaluate the results with a committee of people responsible for maintaining the Water Management Plan
  4. Establish and define the risk management plan in the drafted Water Management Plan
  5. Implement the plan into your water treatment program as recommended by the survey results and in accordance to best practice standards (i.e. ASHRAE Standard 188)

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How Chardon Can Help You with Legionella Control & Outbreak Prevention

With extensive experience in the water treatment industry over the last 50 years, Chardon has the tools and the expertise to assist in your Legionella control solutions. Our team of world-renowned Legionella experts can provide a variety of options to best fit your water systems’ needs. From education and risk assessment to a fully customized Water Management Plan, Chardon can make the proper recommendations to prevent an outbreak of Legionella bacteria.

Legionella control services we offer include:

  • Plan development and implementation assistance
  • Consultation on best practices for Legionella control
  • Cooling tower cleaning
  • Legionella tests through a world-leading Legionella laboratory

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