Commercial Boiler Water Treatment Services for Breweries

Brewing is one of America's fastest-growing industries, and most breweries require a steam boiler. Your brewery relies on steam production for efficient, even heating and a quality brewing process, requiring a dependable and efficient brewery steam boiler.

Boiler water treatment keeps your brewery boiler safe, reliable and running at peak condition. Chardon Laboratories has the experience and knowledge to make these factors possible.

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How Your Boiler Impacts the Brewing Process

Steam boilers are indispensable tools in breweries. Boilers boost heat transfer and timeliness during several critical steps in the brewing process.

Mashing, Lautering and Sparging

Mashing is the first step in the brewing process and creates the base color, body and flavor of your beer. The crushed barley kernels travel to the insulated mash or lauter tun so enzymes can continue breaking down the starches. Your boiler generates the hot water that sprays onto the grains to keep the released sugars moist and usable.

In lautering and sparging, water recirculates to filter through the husks of the used grains and additional hot water pours over the grains to remove the sugars for further use. During this step, you'll need your steam boiler to provide the proper water temperature for effective heat transfer, ensuring that these processes run smoothly and on time.


When you boil the hops with the liquid from your mash, you'll need consistent heat to ensure thorough boiling to destroy unwanted enzymes, remove harmful oxygen and lower the pH to stabilize the wort. The kettle has double walls so steam can circulate in the gap to provide even heating, and you'll also need a boiler capable of effective, even heat transfer. Without a strong heat program, the boiler will scale and inhibit heat transfer, thereby taking more time to boil ingredients.

Fermentation and Bottling

During fermentation, the yeast converts the sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide. You'll need to maintain a carefully calibrated temperature in the fermentation vessel so the yeast can do its work most efficiently. Your steam boiler helps provide the precise level of heat you need for fermentation and bottling.

What Does a Steam Boiler Do in a Brewery?

Let's take a closer look at the benefits a steam boiler provides.

along with maintaining proper temperature and producing heat for bottling steam provided by the boiler is a crucial part of the brewing operation

Within the brewing process, steam plays a vital role in providing hot water for sanitation and heating the kettle. Along with maintaining proper temperatures and producing heat for bottling, steam provided by the boiler is a crucial part of the brewing operation. Producing and using this steam as efficiently as possible will lower overall fuel costs and the cost per barrel.

The Importance of Water Treatment for Brewery Boilers

Water treatment for brewery boilers has two main benefits — it improves performance and lowers costs. Here's a closer look at how these factors can impact your brewing process:

  • Improving performance: The feedwater in a boiler contains minerals and other impurities that can build up as scale or corrode the boiler's metal. Scale and corrosion make boilers inefficient, increasing their energy consumption, and they also cause premature wear and tear that can cause a boiler to break down. Water treatment helps disperse the minerals in the water to prevent scale buildup and corrosion. It helps your boiler perform more efficiently and reliably.
  • Lowering costs: An inefficient boiler consumes massive amounts of fuel and sends your utility bill skyrocketing. And a boiler that breaks down because of scale buildup or corrosion can cost you a small fortune in repairs. Chemical treatments for your boiler help keep your costs low by minimizing scald and corrosion, making your boiler more efficient and reducing expensive repair and maintenance needs.

Our Services for Brewery Boilers

At Chardon Laboratories, we offer several different boiler water treatments for brewery boilers to help eliminate scaling and prevent corrosion, including:

  • Complimentary assessment: Our first step is to perform a free evaluation of your brewery boiler to determine its condition and service needs.
  • Chemical treatments: We offer superior chemical treatments to help prevent scale buildup, inhibit corrosion and maintain high performance in your brewery boiler. We'll deliver the chemicals, add them to your water and dispose of the containers for you. All our chemical treatment technicians have received International Organization for Standardization certification, so you can feel confident in the quality and safety of the chemical application.

a man standing in front of a machine with the words regular testing below him

  • Regular testing: We'll set up a customized water treatment plan that tests your water regularly to determine when more chemicals are necessary. That way, you only pay for the chemicals you need.
  • Peak use and off-season care: Your brewery probably has times of high and low demand, and use of your boiler will fluctuate accordingly. We can give your boiler the optimal service for its peak usage and slower times.
  • Ongoing maintenance: Once we've treated your brewery boiler, our top priority is to ensure its long-term performance. We'll provide ongoing maintenance at a fixed price, so you'll never receive a repair bill that's much higher than you expect.
  • Chemical-free treatments: If your brewery is looking for a greener option than regular chemical use, we can offer a chemical-free alternative to our standard water treatments. This sustainable, eco-friendly solution helps you reduce wastewater, earn LEED credits, control scale and erosion and save your brewery thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs.

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To see the benefits of chemical treatment for your brewery boiler, make Chardon Laboratories your trusted provider. At Chardon, we understand the need for a clean and efficient brewing process and how steam production plays a vital role. Our proven chemical treatments help you conserve energy, produce steam more efficiently, reduce repairs, lower costs and customize a treatment program for your brewery's specific needs.

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