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The water quality in your region can impact the performance and health of cooling towers, boilers and closed loop heaters and coolers. Chardon Laboratories offers water treatment services for businesses in Wilmington, Delaware, and other parts of New Castle County.

Our Wilmington Service Areas

New Castle County Water Quality and Solutions

Wilmington and the rest of New Castle County receive water from groundwater sources and the Delaware River's Christina Basin. The City of Wilmington takes measures to ensure its water aligns with the Environmental Protection Agency's standards under the Clean Water Act. However, some minerals and biological materials may still be present in the water that enters your business — especially if the water runs through old pipes that comprise the city's water infrastructure.

Our water treatment solutions will protect your boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems from scale, corrosion and biological contamination.

Scale Removal and Prevention

Mineral-rich water will leave scale behind as it moves through your boiler or cooling tower, which can obstruct water flow and lead to corrosion. We offer scale removal and prevention services for Wilmington businesses. Our technicians use powerful chemicals and tools to eliminate scale and prevent future accumulation.

Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion occurs when oxygen, metals and alloys accumulate within a water system featuring numerous metal components. Biological materials can also cause corrosion. Cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems are susceptible to corrosion. We will assess your equipment's mineral and biological material contents and then apply the appropriate chemicals and products to prevent corrosion, such as:

  • Pretreatment chemicals
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Non-oxidizing biocides
  • Epoxy coatings
  • pH management

Microbial Growth Treatment

Microbial material can form in cooling towers and closed loop water systems. Cooling towers accumulate bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi, which thrive in the heat and humidity that these environments provide. Microorganisms inside a cooling tower can cause corrosion, fouling and disease. Closed loop systems develop microbial growth on metal surfaces, leading to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

Customized Planning for Delaware Businesses

At Chardon Labs, we improve results by developing a unique water treatment solution for each Wilmington business. Our ISO 9000-certified technicians will conduct a survey to determine the organic and inorganic materials present in your water. We will use our findings to determine which chemicals and methods will resolve the corrosion, scale and microbial growth. Our custom solutions range from treatment to prevention and monitoring.

Mobile Legionella Testing

The Delaware Division of Public Health recognizes that Legionellosis cases caused by Legionella are rising in the state. Legionella forms in fresh water and thrives in building water systems. Your business can contribute to legionellosis prevention efforts through regular Legionella testing. The professionals at Chardon Labs specialize in Legionella testing and prevention services.


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