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At Chardon Laboratories, we take a consultative, personalized approach to water treatment. Our ISO-certified technicians meet with you and develop a water treatment program to meet your needs, while also helping you find utility credit programs to save on costs. Because of our unique approach to water treatment, we’ve become the go-to water treatment company in Lansing, Michigan.

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boiler treatment services in the city of Lansing

Boiler Water Treatment in Lansing

Without proper water treatment, a boiler can decrease in performance due to scale and corrosion. The goal of our boiler water treatment in Lansing facilities is to protect your boiler and its hardware by using proven products, equipment and our extensive experience.

How do we eliminate scale and stop corrosion? Our team uses recommends a blowdown procedure selection of chemicals and water treatment equipment (such as: skimmer blowdown, conductivity controllers, water meters, chemical pumps etc.).

Boiler Chemicals in Lansing

If your facilities in Lansing need maintenance, Chardon can help by providing boiler chemicals and services.

Boiler systems are essential parts of your facilities and keeping your boiler system running efficiently is critical. Corrosion and scale can quickly reduce this efficiency, so Chardon is here to help.

Chardon helps your business by providing boiler chemicals and services throughout Michigan, including Lansing. We’ll help you treat corrosion and scale using our professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field. Learn more about our boiler treatment services and contact us today for boiler chemicals in Lansing!


Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

Closed Loop Water Treatment in Lansing

Closed loops in heating and cooling systems, from chilled water and cooling tower water to geothermal loops, present challenges related to bacteria and corrosion. Our closed loop water treatment for the Lansing area eliminate provide protection against corrosion and eliminate or manages bacterial growth.

Our experienced team uses a few different techniques to achieve this result. Depending on your system’s status, we may suggest a complete cleaning and flushing or changing your filters.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment in Lansing

Cooling towers can become a home to bacterial growth or the formation of scale. These factors all contribute to the breakdown of your tower and a drop in performance, too. We build our cooling water treatment programs in Lansing around eliminating scale, preventing corrosion, and controlling biological growth like Legionella.

HVAC Water Treatment in Lansing

Cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems in HVAC systems are essential to maintain. Factors that degrade each of these systems include scale, corrosion and bacteria. We use our experience treating these water systems to build our personalized HVAC water treatment for Lansing customers.

We use personalized chemical water treatment to maintain your system, protecting it from scale, corrosion and bacteria. Our service technicians are highly trained to analyze your system, and maximize its’ efficiency.

Contact a Chardon Labs Representative in Lansing

At Chardon Labs, we’re focused on clean systems — not selling you more and more chemicals. We invest ourselves in maintaining and optimizing your system, which is why our customers see scale-free systems and consistent prices. It’s a unique approach, but it’s why we’re a trusted water treatment company in Lansing.

We are well-represented in the Lansing area. We have technical personnel in Monroe, Detroit, Ypsilanti, Grand Rapids and Niles and are also able to cover the entire state.

Water Quality in Lansing, Michigan

Understanding the water quality in Lansing, MI allows Chardon to more effectively create an optimized chemical water treatment service around your specific system. With typical concentrations of Calcium of about 60 ppm and hardness of the water of around 100 ppm, it is important for a water treatment program to be designed around maximizing the use of the water without damaging your system.

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