Water Treatment Services for Manufacturing Businesses

Efficiency, reliability, productivity, timeliness and cost-effectiveness are essential in your manufacturing operations. Missing production deadlines by even a minute can have a devastating impact on a company, and machines that continually break down become prohibitively expensive.

The right water treatment program can remove contaminants, boost your system's performance and give you peace of mind. At Chardon Labs, we pride ourselves on a water treatment program that will prevent your equipment from shutting down and keep your manufacturing facility running smoothly. Learn more about how our industrial water treatment for manufacturing works and how our programs can benefit your facility's cooling towers, boilers and closed-loop systems.

The Importance of Industrial Water Treatment for Manufacturers

Industrial water treatment is essential in manufacturing for several reasons. It keeps your equipment clean and efficient and enables you to lower your operational costs. Below are a few problems that can develop in the absence of proper water treatment:

  • Scale: Scale forms when minerals such as calcium carbonate and magnesium precipitate out of your recirculating water and form a scaly white buildup on equipment surfaces. Scale impedes water flow, affects heat transfer and can lead to costly breakdowns.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion develops when substances in the water react chemically with metal parts and degrade them. Corrosion is particularly dangerous because it can quickly make your equipment structurally unsound.
  • Airborne contaminants: When airborne contaminants like silt, dust, soot or smog get into your water system, they can accumulate into a thick buildup that impedes heat transfer and water flow.
  • Microbiological growth: When minute organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae infiltrate your system, they can form a slimy film on your equipment's surfaces that diminishes performance and can potentially spread illness.

The accumulation of these types of buildup causes harmful effects. They block water circulation, impede heat transfer and weaken the structural integrity of your pipes and other metal components. The damage they cause necessitates frequent maintenance and costly repairs, and the inefficiencies they create can send your utility bills soaring. They diminish the quality of manufactured products, and microbiological contaminants can potentially contribute to the spread of disease.

Types of Manufacturers That Benefit From Water Treatment

Water treatment is helpful in many different manufacturing sectors, but some organizations see distinct advantages. Below are a few types of manufacturing facilities that can reap particular benefits from water treatment:

  • Plastics: Plastic injection molds and plastic extruders often use cooling towers to cool the molds. A dependable water treatment program keeps your cooling tower running efficiently without excessive maintenance or expensive repairs. It can also keep your plastic parts clean and sanitary so they receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.
  • Food processing: The food processing industry uses cooling towers in cold storage applications. But cooling towers can harbor bacteria that are too small to filter out and could lead to disease outbreaks if they come into contact with the refrigerated food. Using a chemical water treatment program keeps the equipment functioning properly and makes it safe for use with food and beverages.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC): Many manufacturing facilities require an HVAC system to keep the temperature comfortable for their employees, especially if they work with machines that generate substantial amounts of heat. HVAC systems generally use a cooling tower plus a water-chilled cooler and condenser. Using chemical treatment to keep the water and equipment clean means maintaining a safe temperature within your facility and saving money by decreasing your utility bills and minimizing repairs.

Our Water Treatment Services for Manufacturing Facilities

At Chardon Labs, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, economical water treatment solutions across the manufacturing industry. Below are a few of the services we offer, plus what they can do for you.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment for Manufacturers

The combination of a warm, moist cooling tower environment plus a high concentration of dissolved particles can quickly lead to an overgrowth of biological and mineral contaminants. They decrease the quality of your manufactured products, and they compromise the structural integrity of your cooling tower and cause safety issues. They can also lead you to spend a small fortune in cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

At Chardon Labs, we are happy to work with you on a chemical treatment plan that takes your manufacturing facility's design and requirements into consideration. Our advanced cooling tower water treatment solutions generally offer the following standard benefits:

  • Testing and analysis of your current system.
  • A chemical treatment program customized to your specific process water composition and facility needs.
  • Treatment application and passivation services from technicians with full International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification.
  • Ongoing maintenance at a fixed yearly price that eliminates surprise bills and gives you control over your treatment program.
  • Services optimized for cooling tower heat exchangers.

These services provide numerous advantages for your manufacturing facility:

  • Standout service: Our highly trained expert technicians have the experience and skills necessary to complete the job quickly, thoroughly and correctly. Our chemical services remove and prevent scale, corrosion and airborne and microbiological contaminants to help your cooling tower maintain its superior, reliable performance.
  • Financial savings: By using a chemical treatment program for your cooling tower, you can significantly lower your operational costs. Preventing buildup and corrosion from weakening and degrading your cooling tower system means you'll spend much less money on repair services and replacement parts. And having a more efficient system means you'll use less energy and spend less money on powering your equipment.
  • Product quality and safety: Chemical treatments can also help you manufacture safer and higher-quality products. Because removing buildup from your cooling tower's pipes and other surfaces boosts heat transfer ability and water flow, you'll be able to generate the heating and cooling you need to manufacture superior products. And removing microbial contaminants helps ensure products intended for consumption are safe and healthy.


Boiler Water Treatment for Manufacturers

Boilers are critical in manufacturing processes because they generate the steam necessary to maintain the correct production temperatures. As water recirculates continuously through a boiler, though, the metal becomes susceptible to problems like scale buildup and corrosion-related deterioration. Bacterial contamination is less likely in boilers than in cooling towers. However, mineral deposits in boilers can have numerous harmful effects, including uneven heat distribution, inefficiency, wasted energy, component failures and the potential for damage and injuries.

boiler water treatment program that includes regular water treatment and maintenance is essential for manufacturing facilities that rely on boilers. A chemical treatment program from Chardon Labs can offer many benefits to mitigate the issues noted above:

  • A complimentary assessment to evaluate your boiler's current condition and needs.
  • Superior scale and corrosion prevention and treatment.
  • A unique chemical treatment plan that includes regular testing and a comprehensive prevention strategy.
  • Tailored boiler care during both peak use and the slower season.
  • Ongoing maintenance at a set yearly price to eliminate surprise bills and help your facility plan accurately.
  • Treatment by fully ISO-certified technicians.

These services provide many different advantages for your manufacturing facility's boiler use:

  • Safety: A boiler full of scale buildup or corrosion is unsafe to use. It could break down or explode, potentially causing extensive facility damage and catastrophic injuries. A clean and well-maintained boiler creates a much safer working environment.
  • Efficiency: A clean and well-maintained boiler also runs more efficiently. It provides more consistent heating and helps you save on your utility bills and reduce your carbon emissions.
  • Expertise: Our expert technicians have the knowledge and technical training to give your boiler the treatment it needs. They'll choose the right chemicals to optimize its performance, and they'll perform the treatments safely and effectively.
  • Lower operational costs: An efficient boiler consumes less energy and costs less to run. And a consistently treated boiler runs reliably with minimal breakdowns, so you'll spend much less money on repairs.

Closed-Loop Water Treatment Systems for Manufacturers

Closed loops — including hot-water, chilled-water, refrigerant, geothermal and cooling tower water loops — often make up integral parts of different heat transfer systems. These loops are highly susceptible to corrosion. Various factors relating to water composition and conditions can lead to corrosion – incorrect pH levels, system design, dissimilar metals, an abundance of bacteria or excess oxygen. As in other systems, excessive corrosion in closed loops can weaken structural components, causing leaks and component failures that require repairs.

Chardon Labs' closed-loop water treatment systems offer the following features:

  • A complimentary survey to determine your current system's strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Practical and effective scale, corrosion and microbiological mitigation.
  • System cleaning and flushing.
  • Corrosion coupons for specific corrosion treatment when needed.
  • Process water pH control.
  • Oxygen control and preventative passivation.
  • A customized chemical treatment plan that includes regular upkeep and prevention strategies, including water testing, filter changes and system flushes.
  • Continuing maintenance at a consistent yearly price.
  • Treatment by knowledgeable ISO-certified technicians.

These features offer several benefits for your manufacturing facility:

  • Chemicals chosen specifically for your needs: Our closed-loop water treatments are carefully crafted mixes of pH adjusters, corrosion inhibitors and biocides that keep your process water clean and reliable.
  • Budgetary peace of mind: When your process water and equipment are susceptible to scaling and corrosion, you never know when extensive repairs are right around the corner. A chemical treatment program keeps your repair costs low.
  • Boosted productivity: Extensive repairs require extensive downtime, and a downed closed-loop system can bring your productivity to a halt. Implementing a chemical treatment plan keeps your equipment running smoothly and your productivity as high as ever.
  • System longevity: When your closed-loop system struggles with scale, corrosion and microbiological buildup, it may break down sooner rather than later. Using chemicals to disperse particles, oxygen control to provide an inhospitable environment for buildup and a protective coating to help surfaces resist buildup and corrosion means your closed-loop system will last much longer.

Legionella Control and Prevention for Manufacturers

Waterborne diseases are all too common — the United States sees up to 32 million cases of waterborne gastrointestinal illnesses per year. One cause of many of those cases is Legionella, or Legionnaires' disease. This serious illness can cause symptoms ranging from fever, cough, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aches and headaches to long-term fatigue and neuromuscular impairments. In some cases, it can be fatal.

The cooling towers used in manufacturing environments offer ideal environments for Legionella growth. Chlorine will not kill these microorganisms, and they can often spread in process water undetected. Contaminated water can spread Legionella to employees via water droplets in the air.

Chardon specializes in Legionella control and prevention for manufacturing facilities, offering proven testing and treatment programs to help you handle Legionella outbreaks as well as consulting services to prevent them from happening. We’ll help you with regular cooling tower maintenance procedures and even system designs to help keep Legionella outbreaks at bay in your facility, minimizing your system’s chances of an outbreak. Below are some of the features of our Legionella control and prevention systems:

  • Assessment of current Legionella risk factors, including improper pH and temperature, stagnant water, lack of biocide, sediment and an abundance of other microorganisms such as algae and flavobacteria.
  • A culturing strategy to identify bacteria in your process water.
  • A comprehensive biocidal treatment to kill Legionella on all affected surfaces.
  • Continued upkeep to prohibit further colonization and prevent outbreaks.

Some of the main advantages of working with Chardon Labs for Legionella control include the following:

  • Health and safety benefits: Eradicating Legionella with a treatment plan keeps everyone who works around your heating and cooling equipment healthy.
  • Experienced and knowledgable staff: Our technicians have the years of experience and extensive training necessary to eliminate Legionella in your systems.
  • Enhanced reputation: Even a single disease outbreak associated with your facility can do permanent, devastating damage to your professional reputation. Working with a reliable treatment company like Chardon helps you control and prevent Legionella and keep a sparkling reputation for your commitment to public health.

Chemical-Free Water Treatment for Cooling Towers in Manufacturing

For many reasons, your manufacturing facility might be looking into greener, more sustainable practices. Maybe you'd like to work toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Maybe you have clients who are enthusiastic about partnering with environmental leaders in the industry. Or perhaps you want to do your part to reduce waste and preserve a healthy planet and its resources for generations.

In any case, chemical-free water treatments can help you achieve your eco-friendly goals. Using chemical-free water treatments for your cooling towers provides numerous benefits:

  • Progress toward LEED credits.
  • Increased sustainability.
  • Reduced wastewater.
  • Potentially thousands of dollars in cost savings.
  • Effective corrosion control.
  • As many as 20 concentration cycles.
  • Reliable scale removal and prevention.

Chardon's chemical-free water treatment solution for cooling towers, PowerPure, results from years of intensive research into a reliable and ecologically responsible water treatment product. It has undergone rigorous testing in many operational conditions and systems, and it effectively addresses all four main challenges common to recirculating water systems — scaling, corrosion, microbial growth and airborne contaminants. We are proud to back PowerPure with our official scale-free guarantee — it is safe and dependable for removing scale in cooling towers, chillers, piping and other relevant components and equipment.

Chemical-free water treatment is an excellent option for meeting your facility's cleaning needs while maintaining green, sustainable practices. It helps you remove and prevent scale and corrosion while keeping chemical waste out of the soil and water, and it can be a great alternative to traditional treatments.


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