Manufacturing Water Treatment

Missing production deadlines by even a minute can have a devastating impact on a company. Chardon prides itself in a water treatment program that will prevent your equipment from shutting down and keep your manufacturing facility running smoothly.

worker attending to a part in a long line of pumps and closed-loop system with other manufacturers

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling towers can pose serious functional problems for your manufacturing facilities if they’re not appropriately maintained. A warm, wet environment along with concentrated, dissolved solids allow cooling towers to quickly develop into breeding grounds for biological growth and contamination if left unchecked.

With our years of experience, Chardon can be a great resource for your cooling tower water treatment in manufacturing facilities. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are ISO-certified and have the expertise to select and apply the right water treatment chemicals for your facility’s requirements, developing a custom plan for your unique system.

From corrosion to biological growth to efficiency-reducing scale formations, Chardon offers advanced cooling tower water treatment solutions to handle any issue and keep your tower in optimal working order.

Boiler Water Treatment

Boilers in industrial facilities produce steam to maintain appropriate temperatures for manufacturing purposes. However, in their continued use, boilers are prone to scale buildup and progressive corrosion if the boiler system water is not treated properly. Scale deposits can form insulating sections, resulting in uneven heat distribution and wasted energy and corrosion causes steam trap failure, tube failure and other production problems.

To ensure boilers maintain efficient operations and maximize their lifespans for as long as possible, regular water treatment and maintenance is a necessity. That’s where Chardon can help.

We offer comprehensive boiler water treatment for manufacturing facilities using our extensive resources and expertise in the area. We analyze your boiler system for any potential problems, treating your system as needed and developing comprehensive prevention plans for the future. Our steam and water treatment solutions for boilers are designed to maximize efficiency and equipment lifespan to keep your operations running smoothly for years to come.

Closed Loop Water Treatment Systems

Heat transfer systems are often designed utilizing a variety of closed loops.   These loops include chilled water loops, hot water loops, geo-thermal loops, refrigerant loops and cooling tower waters loop. Many closed loop systems are prone to corrosion caused by improper pH levels, system design, galvanic corrosion/dissimilar metals, anaerobic bacteria or conversely, too much oxygen in the system. Without proper corrosion inhibitors, pH adjusters and biocide, these systems will eventually fail because of leakage caused by corrosion, incurring downtime and repair costs for your manufacturing facility.

Chardon can help with effective closed loop water treatment systems for manufacturing facilities. Our ISO-certified technicians perform a wide range of services to keep closed loop systems running at peak efficiency, minimizing damage and corrosion and preventing future problems. From filter changes and water testing to system flushes and chemical treatments, Chardon implements effective techniques to ward off corrosion.

Legionella Control and Prevention

Waterborne illnesses are an increasingly pressing issue in the world, with Legionnaires disease slowly growing in breadth and incidence throughout global communities. Deaths and long-term disabilities caused by the disease have been experiencing a steady increase, making prevention a critical concern.

Unfortunately, cooling towers in manufacturing sites can be ideal places for Legionella to grow, infecting employees with the disease as they work. Prevention of Legionella often relies on appropriate water treatment, system design and regular maintenance, all of which Chardon can help with.

Chardon specializes in Legionella control and prevention for manufacturing facilities, providing water testing and treatment programs to manage Legionella outbreaks as well as consulting services to prevent them from happening. We’ll help you with regular cooling tower maintenance procedures and even system designs to help keep Legionella outbreaks at bay in your facility, minimizing your system’s chances of an outbreak.


Choose Chardon

Keeping production running at peak efficiency is important in today’s competitive environment. Chardon specializes in servicing the manufacturing sector and understands the critical role clean air compressors, chillers and boilers play in your operation. Chardon can provide your company with one of the best offers in the water treatment industry, with our three guarantees: Guaranteed Scale Free Systems, Guaranteed ISO Service at a Guaranteed Price.

Together we will develop a customized water treatment program to meet your specific needs. Chardon’s ISO-9001 certified service technicians will partner with your maintenance staff to ensure your treatment program runs smoothly, conserves chemicals and ultimately results in clean, efficient systems.

We make your concerns our priority.