Southeast Indiana Commercial Water Treatment Services

Chardon Laboratories is a premier water treatment company for businesses in Southeast Indiana. Our ISO 9000-certified professionals develop custom water treatment plans that help businesses reduce and prevent corrosion, scaling and bacterial growth within their water systems. Partner with us for industrial water chemical treatment near your business.

Southeast Indiana Water Treatment Service Areas

Water Quality in Southeast Indiana

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) regulates and enforces water quality in the state. Following these regulations helps Southeast Indiana's businesses maintain efficient, sanitary water systems. However, maintaining water quality is difficult in the region, resulting in the chance of contaminated water reaching your facility. Pursuing water treatment is essential. At Chardon Labs, we provide testing, monitoring and treatment services that will help your business meet relevant regulations and preserve its equipment.

Water Treatment for Manufacturing, Schools and More

We support businesses in Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany and other parts of Southeastern Indiana by providing diligent water treatment services. Our experience extends to the numerous industries that drive the region's economy:

Southeast Indiana Cooling Tower, Boiler and Closed Loop Solutions

Our water treatment services maintain the health of cooling towers, boilers and closed loop heating or cooling systems. We will conduct a free survey of your water system, during which our professionals will collect samples and test them for minerals, biological contaminants and the pH balance. We will then develop a treatment plan for your system. The strategy will include steps such as:

  • Flushing and cleaning the system.
  • Chemical treatment.
  • Monitoring and regular testing.
  • System maintenance.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment

    Scale, corrosion and bacterial growth can decrease cooling efficiency, introduce contamination and cause system damage. Our water treatment services will protect your equipment. We use various equipment and chemicals to treat cooling tower water within a five-step treatment process:

    1. Clarification: Removal of minerals and organic particles
    2. Filtration: Installation of filters that prevent the accumulation of minerals that lead to scaling and corrosion
    3. Ion exchange and softening: Additional removal of minerals present in your cooling tower's source water
    4. Chemical feed: Introduction of cleaning chemicals that inhibit scale, corrosion and biofilms
    5. Automated monitoring: Implementation of equipment that monitors and triggers treatment for mineral contents, pH balance and biological material

    Boiler Water Treatment

    Southeastern Indiana's water supply may leave your boiler susceptible to scale and corrosion. Scale can cause warping and subsequent energy waste, while corrosion induces oxygen pitting and leaks.

    We treat boiler systems using two methods — blowdown and chemical treatment. Blowdown is the process of draining and replacing the boiler's feedwater. Our chemical treatments prevent scale from forming, neutralize the oxygen molecules that cause corrosion and stabilize the water's pH balance.

    Closed Loop Water Treatment

    We treat all types of closed loop water systems, including hot water, chilled water, tempered water and process water. Our closed loop water treatment professionals use corrosion-prevention chemicals and inhibitors, including:

    • Non-oxidizing biocides
    • Oxidizing biocides
    • Anti-foaming chemicals
    • Pretreatment chemicals

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    Chardon Labs has the experience and resources to help your businesses maintain healthy, efficient water systems. We encourage you to contact us online to schedule a free survey and build a water treatment plan.

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