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Industrial water systems can be susceptible to contaminants like scale, corrosion, rust and bacteria, especially without proper and ongoing treatment. If you need industrial water treatment in Catlettsburg, Frankfort, Lexington or anywhere in the Eastern Kentucky area, Chardon Laboratories is here to help. With our customized plans and solutions, we aim to help clients reduce their utility bills and maximize equipment performance for as long as possible.

Eastern Kentucky Service Area

Catlettsburg Water Treatment Chemicals

Various industries use process water systems for essential applications. Whether heating or cooling a facility, producing steam for brewing or providing cold storage for food processing, equipment like steam boilers and cooling towers perform many different functions.

Whether your facility uses a cooling tower, steam boiler or closed loop, Chardon Labs offers chemical water treatment services to protect your equipment.

Scale and Corrosion Prevention Chemicals for Cooling Towers

Corrosion and scale are common issues affecting cooling towers. They can cause mineral buildup and wear away the metal. Both of these hindrances reduce efficiency, raise operating costs and energy usage, and ultimately shorten the tower's service life. An effective chemical treatment plan by Chardon can help defend your machinery from unwanted setbacks.

We have a variety of scale and corrosion prevention chemicals for cooling towers. These chemicals contain multiple polymer and phosphonate variations, which help prevent dissolved solids in the tower water from developing scale- and corrosion-related issues. We use high-quality chemicals such as:

  • VT-35: This chemical benefits cooling tower applications with high calcium hardness and temperatures. We select its polymers specifically based on their scaling abilities for high alkalinity and hardness.
  • VT-38: VT-38 offers excellent corrosion and scale management in many low-to-medium hardness cooling tower applications. It's frequently used for comfort cooling purposes.
  • VT-58: VT-58 helps control corrosion in softened cooling tower water with lower calcium hardness.
  • VT-60: Used in both cooling tower and closed loop applications, this formula is suitable for process water with minimal alkalinity and calcium hardness.

Chemical Inhibitors for Steam Boilers

Scale and corrosion also affect steam and hot water boilers, compromising their performance and life span. If you need industrial boiler treatment services in Ashland or another part of Eastern Kentucky, turn to Chardon. We use an array of specialized boiler chemical inhibitors, including:

  • Comp-50: Comp-50 combines caustic, sulfite and phosphonates for a wide variety of scale and corrosion prevention applications.
  • Comp-F: While its makeup resembles Comp-50, Comp-F is also safe for food contact applications.
  • BJ-10: We use this powdered sulfite oxygen scavenger to prevent pitting in steam boilers. It's also safe to use in conjunction with other treatment products.


    HVAC water treatment in Eastern Kentucky

    Commercial HVAC Water Treatment Services

    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have critical responsibilities in commercial and industrial settings. Without consistent care and upkeep, HVAC system water can be vulnerable to scale, corrosion and bacterial growth. Materials like iron and calcium deposits can accumulate in pipes and drains, which can break down machinery over time. In addition, hard water can reduce efficiency and raise operating costs.

    Chardon Labs offers customized HVAC water treatment services, helping you minimize these obstructions and reap the full potential of your equipment. HVAC water treatment removes harmful organic material from the water, which can help:

    • Control and prevent bacteria and other organisms from damaging your equipment.
    • Boost heat transfer for optimal efficiency and water flow.
    • Protect pipes from scaling and corrosion.
    • Decrease electricity costs.
    • Extend HVAC system life span.
    • Keep water clean.

    Services We Offer for HVAC Systems

    Chardon can customize a water treatment plan to your unique facility and HVAC system. Our comprehensive services include:

    • Closed loop systems: We provide cleaning and flushing services for HVAC closed loop systems to prevent leakage, scale and corrosion. This process eliminates iron deposits, using a biocide to fully decontaminate the system. Additionally, we perform regular maintenance like pH testing, conductivity monitoring and filter replacements.
    • Cooling towers: Our chemical treatments use high-quality scale and corrosion inhibitors for cooling tower water. We also perform full HVAC system cleaning and passivation to prevent contamination.
    • Boilers: Scale and corrosion can cause boiler pipe warping and rupturing, oxygen pitting, condensate line leakage and steam trap failure. We provide cleaning, flushing and precise chemical application to prevent these problems in HVAC boilers before they cause extensive damage.

    Kentucky Closed Loop Water Treatment

    Closed loop water systems are prone to leakage, allowing air to enter the system. This reaction can stimulate corrosion and bacterial growth, potentially damaging the machinery over time. To enable efficient heat transfer and prevent closed loop components from corroding, it's important to adjust pH levels, observe conductivity, flush the water and change filters regularly.

    At Chardon Labs, we implement various techniques to prevent corrosion, scaling and other issues in closed loop systems, extending the longevity of your equipment. Our services include:

    • Chemical treatments: Our specialists can work with the dissolved solids in your closed loop system to make the water less corrosive. We treat water with various proprietary chemicals based on your system's status and requirements. Additionally, we use compounds that create protective films on metallic closed loop surfaces, defending them from corrosion.
    • Oxygen removal: When treating closed loop systems with no air exposure, eliminating oxygen is the best way to reduce corrosion risk. This process slows the spread of corrosion on metal surfaces. We apply proper water treatment chemicals to remove oxygen from cooling systems, helping preserve the equipment's integrity.
    • pH control: Maintaining the correct pH levels in closed loop water helps eliminate corrosion. Our team can adjust pH values as necessary with numerous chemicals to keep water within the noncorrosive range. We also use advanced pH and conductivity probes to monitor and analyze your system's water quality from anywhere.

    At Chardon, we specialize in high-quality chemicals, state-of-the-art remote monitoring technology and nearly 60 years of experience in the water treatment industry. You can trust our team to give your system the care it requires.

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