Eastern Tennessee Industrial Water Treatment Services and Solutions

Eastern Tennessee Industrial Water Treatment Services and Solutions

Commercial water treatment plays a crucial role in many industries, including breweries, hospitals and health care facilities, plastics and many more. Superior water quality is vital in various manufacturing procedures.

Water systems like boilers, cooling towers and closed loops are vulnerable to different contaminants that can raise costs and set back operations. This makes regular water monitoring, treatment and maintenance a must.

At Chardon Laboratories, we specialize in a range of water chemical treatment solutions to maintain clean, safe and high-performing systems. We can customize an effective plan to meet your organization's needs. If you're looking for industrial water treatment in Tennessee, read on to explore the different services we offer.

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Commercial Cooling Tower Treatments

Cooling towers are specialized heat exchangers used in numerous industries, including food processing plants, chemical manufacturers and more. Without proper treatment and maintenance, however, the cooling system's metal can experience impediments like corrosion, scale, white rust and biological growth.

Thankfully, Chardon Labs can tailor a cooling tower chemical treatment plan to your facility's needs, defending against these unwanted contaminants. Our services come at a guaranteed annual price, so you can rest assured you won't encounter any hidden or surprise fees.

Commercial Steam Boiler Treatments

Our commercial cooling tower services include:

  • Testing and reporting on your system's current status.
  • Addressing problems like rust, scaling and biological growth.
  • Offering ongoing maintenance at a steady cost.
  • Providing heat exchanger services.

How We Solve Problems Affecting Cooling Towers

Here is a rough breakdown of these common issues and how we help resolve them:

  • Corrosion: Corrosion results from a chemical reaction on the metal's surface. When the metal is continuously exposed to water or acids, it causes oxidation that rusts, discolors and wears down the material over time. Corrosion progresses with increased water conductivity. Using a multi-step approach, a Chardon representative can help you create an epoxy protective barrier to inhibit corrosion and manage your pH levels.
  • Scaling: Scale forms when water contains high levels of minerals, such as calcium carbonate. Water hardness can lead to mineral buildup, causing a variety of issues in your cooling tower. We can help manage scale in your cooling tower through chemical maintenance, conductivity monitoring and blowdown removal.
  • Bacterial growth: Contaminants like fungi, algae and bacteria commonly develop in cooling towers. To reduce microbiological growth, we start by collecting water samples, then use the results to customize your chemical treatment plan. With the proper chemicals, you can continue to manage these contaminants after flushing and replacing your tower's water.

Our International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified technicians handle every step of the process, so you know you'll be partnering with a capable provider. Turn to Chardon for your cooling tower water service needs.


    Commercial Steam Boiler Treatments

    Boilers serve heating purposes in various industries, such as automotive, food and beverage, health care and more. They provide important applications like producing steam, heating water and maintaining accurate temperatures. Proper boiler maintenance is essential for a reliable, long-lasting heating system.

    Like with cooling towers, scale and corrosion are common hindrances impacting steam boilers. These issues can raise operating costs, reduce efficiency, shorten life span and increase maintenance requirements.

    Chardon Labs has the equipment, products and chemicals needed to defend your boiler from corrosion and scale. Our commercial boiler water treatment services include:

    • A free survey of your current system to determine its condition and needs.
    • Corrosion and scale prevention services through a customized chemical treatment plan.
    • Regularly scheduled testing.
    • Continued care and maintenance at a fixed rate.

    Below are some methods we use to address issues that can compromise boiler systems.

    1. Scale Prevention Services

    Scale accumulation can cause the boiler tube to warp and rupture, reducing heat transfer and efficiency and raising bills. To prevent scaling, we implement a process called blowdown, which lowers dissolved mineral concentration by draining feedwater from the boiler. We then replace the drained water with feedwater that has a lower concentration of dissolved solids.

    Our specialists also use chemicals to treat boiler feedwater systems. This process stimulates a reaction that consumes scale-forming minerals. In some instances, we also use water softeners to remove iron, magnesium and calcium ions from the feedwater.

    2. Corrosion Prevention Services

    Corrosion affects boilers in two main ways:

    • General: General corrosion spreads across a metal component's entire surface.
    • Pitting: Pitting corrosion affects a smaller portion of the metal surface, but it typically causes more damage than general corrosion due to heavier concentration in one area.

    Chardon applies high-quality chemical solutions to prevent corrosion in boilers. We use sulfite to absorb dissolved oxygen that often sparks corrosion. Additionally, we use various water treatment products to disperse precipitated crystals and particulates. This process keeps materials from settling and forming insulating deposits, which typically lead to corrosion and thermal stress.

    Commercial Closed Loop Systems

    A closed loop water system encloses water inside pipes to retain volume and quality. It usually includes three types of loops — a chilled water loop, a cooling tower water loop and a refrigerant gas loop.

    Due to this enclosed structure, it can be easy to overlook minor changes in flow rates and pressures in the system. However, these variables often lead to corrosion that can be difficult to correct. On top of corrosion, closed loop systems are prone to leakage that can develop bacteria in the cooling water. These factors can collectively compromise an entire plant's operations.

    To prevent leaks and other obstructions, Chardon Labs provides reliable chemical treatment services for closed loop water systems. This includes ongoing conductivity and pH testing, filter changes, cleaning and flushing, equipment replacement and more. Our other services for closed loop systems include:

    • A free water system survey to identify its current status and needs.
    • Scale, corrosion and microbiological growth control.
    • Regularly scheduled water system testing.
    • Ongoing maintenance at a consistent annual price.

    Through a fully customized approach, our ISO-certified technicians administer each treatment to minimize damage risks, optimize system performance and extend its life span.

    Contact Chardon Labs for Industrial Water Treatment Today

    Contact Chardon Labs for Industrial Water Treatment Today

    If you're seeking effective water treatment services for your facility in the Tennessee area, the experts at Chardon have your back. Since 1965, we've shared a similar goal with each of our clients — keeping costs down while maintaining optimal water system performance. That's why we sell clean system services instead of chemicals.

    Our highly trained technicians can help you conserve water and energy with customized solutions at a guaranteed price. That way, you don't have to break the bank with equipment repairs and replacements. Providing everything from equipment and chemicals to remote monitoring technology, we take care of complex water system maintenance so you don't have to.

    Serving eastern Tennessee and surrounding areas, we can meet all of your commercial or industrial water treatment needs. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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