Chemical Water Treatment Services in Ohio

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As part of the Rust Belt region, Ohio is prominently known for steel and iron manufacturing. The Buckeye State is also responsible for a large portion of the country's businesses in automotive, agriculture, appliances and aerospace fields. These industries have a high demand for water treatment services that keep boilers, closed loop systems, cooling towers and other process water systems in their best shape.

Chardon Labs is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-certified water treatment company with over 55 years of experience providing cost-effective solutions for operations throughout Ohio. Our customizable treatment programs help our customers gain a reliable system and low operating costs.

We offer customized water treatment services that will improve the performance and lengthen the lifespan of cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems with the goal of increasing efficiency and decreasing operating costs. Our water treatment services include:

Our Ohio Water Treatment Service Areas

Ohio Cooling Tower & Boiler Water Treatment

Factors such as pH, hardness and organic and inorganic matter affect water quality and damage water system components. Commercial water treatment is necessary for protecting water systems and equipment while ensuring the quality of industrial processes that use water. Industrial treatment services treat large volumes and high flow rates of process water for organizations that require better water quality, helping attain the desired water composition while protecting your systems and equipment.

Headquartered in the Columbus, Ohio, suburb of Reynoldsburg, Chardon Labs' strong Ohio presence enables us to provide prompt and reliable water treatment services to companies located in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and all points in between. We proudly serve the water treatment needs of Ohio companies in industries such as:

  • Health care.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Food processing and cold storage.
  • Plastics.
  • Automotive.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • Breweries.

As one of Ohio's leading cooling water tower treatment companies, Chardon Labs is equipped with the personnel and tools necessary for effective water treatment, including:

  • Technicians certified by the ISO.
  • The ability to design a regular chemical treatment plan for testing and treating your system.
  • Ongoing maintenance for a set price.



    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Boiler Water Treatment Services in Ohio

    A boiler produces steam to create heat, which is used for temperature regulation and water heating. These systems are subject to scale from mineral deposits and corrosion from chemicals, which can decrease the boiler's efficiency and lifespan and may ultimately cause boiler tubes to rupture.There are two primary types of corrosion that affect steam boilers:

    • General corrosion: This kind of corrosion spreads across the surface of metal boiler parts and components.
    • Pitting corrosion: Pitting corrosion is the more destructive kind. It creates significant damage in smaller and more concentrated surface areas.

    A well-maintained boiler will perform reliably for years in an industrial application.

    Chardon Labs has professional experience in treating boiler water to eliminate scale and prevent corrosion. Our technicians will use the blowdown process to restrict dissolved mineral concentration, reducing scale at the source. We also use chemical solutions to absorb dissolved oxygen and disperse crystals and particles, preventing the formation of deposits that leads to corrosion. With our testing capabilities, our experts can quickly determine what your system requires and develop a treatment plan.

    Boiler Chemicals in Ohio

    Corrosion and scale can increase energy costs, reduceefficiency and cause damage to your boiler system. With so many functions that are essential to your business, keeping your boiler running well is important. Having a reliable boiler involves treating your system regularly with a combination of boiler chemicals.

    If you need boiler chemicals for your Ohio-based company, Chardon can help. Chardon helps your business keep its boiler operating efficiently with regular testing and treatment. Our full line of boiler treatment chemicals addresses various problems in the water supply for the prevention of problems and the treatment of existing issues. Our technicians may use a combination of these chemicals, including phosphonate chemicals, pH neutralizers and anti-foaming agents, as part of your customized treatment program.

    With our extensive experience in the field, ISO-certified technicians and professional equipment, Chardon can keep your boiler running smoothly. Visit our boiler treatment services page for more information and contact us today for boiler chemicals in Ohio!

    Water Quality Near Dayton, Ohio

    Water hardness and alkalinity data help Chardon create a chemical water treatment plan for your system in Springboro, Troy, Vandalia, Xenia and other Dayton-area communities. Our goal is to optimize your water treatment program so your system works efficiently and stays clean. Our service team will help you gain maximum water usage while keeping your utility costs low.

    City Hardness Alkalinity
    Springboro 380 340
    Troy 60 80
    Vandalia 80 140
    Xenia 393

    Closed Loop System Water Treatment Services

    Closed loop systems transfer heat through circulating water for heating, air conditioning and process applications. The water goes through an air handler coil where it is heated or cooled, after which it may be exposed to the incoming air to lower its humidity or a hot loop to moderate temperature. An HVAC system often has three kinds of loops — chilled water, cooling tower water and refrigerant gas. If bacteria contaminates the water, these lines may leak, causing corrosion and fouling.

    Chardon Lab techs will perform various testing for ensuring the health of your closed-loop water systems. Our service team will inspect your system and test for corrosion inhibitors, iron, pH level, conductance and bacteria, depending on your application. If necessary, we'll use a selection of our proprietary chemicals for treatment. To prevent component malfunction, we'll use our advanced cleaning and flushing procedures to eliminate microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), a common problem that causes leaks in closed loop systems.

    Our closed loop water treatment services for Ohio will help prevent MIC and other factors from damaging or breaking down your system.

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment

    A cooling tower is a kind of heat exchanger that facilitates the direct contact of air and water to reduce the water's temperature. This equipment is common in HVAC and industrial applications as a cost-effective cooling system.

    Ohio companies in manufacturing and other demanding industries rely on their cooling towers, so they need a treatment plan to ensure extended system life. Without treatment, towers may be subject to damage from corrosion, scaling, organic growth and fouling that can cause downtime and costly repairs. Because of their exposure to the environment, cooling towers are often the primary source of contamination in your system.

    Chardon's cooling tower water treatment services in Ohio remove these harmful elements from the water supply. Our service team will assess your current water quality and identify your ideal water composition to create a cooling tower water treatment plan. This maintenance application will be tailored to your specific needs, so all issues will be resolved with our professional solutions.

    Chardon has a full line of scale and corrosion inhibitors, microbiological inhibitors and white rust preventatives to treat the conditions in your cooling tower. Our ISO-certified technicians will decide which your system needs and apply them to begin your treatment plan. You'll benefit from an efficient, high-performance cooling tower that requires less water consumption and downtime.

    Treating Your HVAC Water Supply

    HVAC systems have high demands for commercial and industrial applications due to the need to meet specific temperature and airflow requirements. For HVAC systems that use water, treatment is necessary to protect the infrastructure by preventing microbiological growth, scale and corrosion in the system. These factors can cause a mechanical breakdown, leading to downtime and repairs.

    Chardon is an HVAC water treatment company that will eliminate damaging factors while extending the life of your HVAC system. Our service team will test the water and inspect the system to identify your HVAC requirements. We provide various chemical treatment solutions, including corrosion and scale inhibitors, that will eliminate these factors from your system. Chardon can also perform comprehensive passivation and cleaning to prevent contamination.

    Legionella Testing Services in Ohio

    Legionella pneumophila bacteria — also called Legionella — is a strain of bacteria that thrives in warm and wet environments. Legionella will grow in environments that:

    • Are stagnant.
    • Are between 68 and 122 degrees F.
    • Exhibit a pH level between 5 and 8.5.
    • Have microorganisms that supply growth nutrients for Legionella.
    • Have sediment that promotes the growth of commensal microflora.

    These factors place cooling towers and similar water systems at risk of Legionella growth, especially if they are not regularly disinfected and maintained. Aspirating Legionella can cause Legionnaire's disease, which may lead to death. Chlorination is not an effective treatment for Legionella, so if your water systems host this bacteria, you need to partner with a water treatment company that understands the right eradication options.

    As part of our Legionella testing, Chardon Labs will help establish a water management plan following Standard 188 of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Our Legionella testing involves surveying your water systems to analyze risk and developing and documenting the following of a water management plan to control the Legionella. You can rely on our expertise to evaluate your system's Legionella risk and take any necessary steps to purify your water.

    Chardon Labs: An Experienced Ohio Industrial Water Treatment Company You Can Trust

    Chardon Labs has been providing the best Ohio industrial water treatment services since 1965. When you choose Chardon Labs as your cooling tower treatment company in Ohio, you get access to a suite of premium services specifically designed to prevent corrosion, scale and biological growth from forming in closed loop systems, heat exchangers, boilers and cooling towers. We offer water treatment solutions for new system startups that will keep your setup working properly, extend component life and save money in repair costs.

    Our ISO-certified service technicians will work closely with you to develop an affordable and customized strategy for the precise application of our chemical product line to eliminate contaminants from water systems. When required, Chardon will also install the necessary equipment. We will deliver the chemicals you need to your facility as part of regular service, saving you the costs of freight shipping and drum disposal. In all that we do, Chardon Laboratories is committed to delivering clean systems with excellent customer service.

    Make Chardon Your Ohio Water Treatment Services Provider

    When you work with Chardon for commercial and industrial water treatments, you'll find that we're not a chemical sales company — our goal is to provide exceptional services that produce clean systems and reduce our customers' energy costs. You can count on our reliable service and great prices because we can guarantee clean systems at a guaranteed fixed price. Since we're not out to sell chemicals, we are mutually interested in keeping your operating costs low.

    For more information on our commercial water treatment services in Ohio, fill out our quick and easy online contact form today or give us a call at 614-420-2634. Our representatives will be in touch right away to begin designing your clean systems treatment plan.


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