Delaware Water Treatment Services

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Though Delaware is small geographically speaking, it's a major supplier for several industries. One of its largest sectors is agricultural products, including soybeans and corn. Dairy farms provide a major source of milk for nearby cities such as Wilmington and Philadelphia. The agriculture industry contributes billions of dollars to The First State's economy. Due to its location on the coast, Delaware also has many fisheries and commercial fishing businesses. Its gulf contains more than 200 shellfish and fish species, which bring in millions of dollars each season.

Manufacturing is also a significant sector, producing paper products, plastics, chemicals and food products. The state's competitive tax rate makes it popular for manufacturers, and products from Delaware are shipped across the United States and to other countries. Tens of thousands of Delaware residents work in this industry.

These industries need a clean, reliable process water system and professional services to keep these components in their best condition by removing contaminants. Without chemical water treatment to accomplish this goal, bacterial strains, unbalanced pH levels, and organic and inorganic matter can all reduce water quality and damage equipment, creating the need for time-consuming repairs.

Chardon Labs is a commercial water treatment company that will help you repair and maintain your water systems. As a result, your:

  • Equipment will last longer.
  • Work will be of better quality.
  • Systems will be protected.
  • The facility's efficiency will increase.
  • Costs for repairs, replacements, maintenance and operations will be reduced.

Commercial Water Treatment Services in Delaware

Chemical water treatment services for Delaware can treat large volumes of water at high flow rates. The right treatment depends on the level of purity required in the final water makeup. Chardon Labs offers a comprehensive selection of premium commercial and industrial water treatment services in Delaware. We provide affordable, environmentally friendly commercial water treatment solutions for companies in leading Delaware industries, including:

  • Manufacturing.
  • Food processing and cold storage.
  • Health care facilities.
  • Plastics.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • Automotive manufacturing.
  • Breweries.

Our services provide an effective defense against scale, corrosion, and biological growth. We can customize any of our tests or treatments to fit your exact specification. Chardon Labs provides Delaware companies with:

  • Legionella testing.
  • Cooling tower water treatment.
  • Boiler water treatment.
  • Chemical water treatment.
  • Boiler chemicals.
  • HVAC water treatment.
  • Closed loop water treatment.

Choose Chardon Labs as your trusted water treatment specialist because of our:

  • Clean systems guarantee for a guaranteed fixed price.
  • Team of experienced technicians certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Treatment plans designed for your system requirements.

Determine which treatment program you need by taking our free survey or contacting us for more information today. With our help, you could save a small fortune in repair costs and enjoy a longer heating and cooling equipment life span.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services for Delaware

A cooling tower brings air and water into contact with each other to reduce the water's temperature. This specialized heat exchanger is used in power plants, food processing facilities, and other large industrial environments. Because these systems are exposed to the outside air, cooling towers are a significant contamination source. White rust, excessive mineral content, and biological growth are all serious cooling tower water issues because they promote the development of Legionella pneumophila bacteria and prevent efficient heat transfer and flow.

Chardon Laboratories will work with you to develop a customized cooling tower treatment program that will prevent contamination from these sources in your cooling towers. We offer tailored water treatment services for the startup of new systems as well as timely maintenance programs for existing systems — including the cleaning of heat exchangers and corrosion prevention.

Our technicians will conduct testing to determine your cooling tower's condition, then develop a tailored plan, which may include the use of corrosion and scale inhibitors, white rust preventatives, and microbiological inhibitors. As a result, these treatments will prevent contamination growth and treat existing problems, and your cooling tower will last longer and remain in top condition.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Delaware Boiler Water Treatment Services

    Boilers are used for comfort heating, maintenance of accurate temperatures and heating hot water. Since these are all critical applications, it's essential for Delaware area businesses to be aware of the two biggest kinds of boiler damage:

    • Scale: Calcium, iron and silica deposits from the water harden and concentrate on the boiler's heat transfer surfaces. The formation of scale deposits on steam boiler tubes significantly reduces boiler efficiency and increases fuel costs because they make the boiler work harder to heat water. Over time, these deposits can also block water flow, causing the boiler to overheat and fail and suffer warped and ruptured tubes.
    • Corrosion: When chemicals in the air or water interact with the boiler's metal parts, the metal will corrode. Corrosion includes pits, wear and acidity, all of which damage the boiler's mechanisms and shorten its life span while increasing operational costs.

    As a leading commercial boiler water treatment company, you can count on Chardon Labs for professional boiler water treatment services for Delaware businesses. We will implement an innovative “blowdown” process that will effectively prevent scale formation. This technique limits the concentration of dissolved minerals by draining the boiler's feedwater, which regulates the concentration cycles.

    We can also apply a chemical treatment to eliminate general corrosion and the more harmful pitting corrosion. The reactions from these chemicals consume the minerals that form scale by absorbing oxygen and dispersing crystals. Our technicians may opt to use water softeners that remove magnesium, iron and calcium ions from the feedwater.

    Boiler Chemicals in Delaware

    Your boiler system is an integral part of your business, so keeping your boiler running efficiently is critical. One of the most effective solutions for the issues boilers can have is boiler chemicals from Chardon Labs. Chardon helps our customers in Delaware avoid boiler inefficiencies and downtime. Our boiler chemical product line, along with our combination of professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field can optimize your boiler system’s efficiency.

    Our boiler chemicals include:

    • pH control: Sodium hydroxide neutralizes acid to increase the water's pH level. Our pH controlling chemicals are available in solid and liquid formats.
    • Return line: Cyclohexylamine, ammonium hydroxide, morpholine and amines are some of the chemicals in our return line blends because each has different strengths. Treating the return line will help keep it at a consistent pressure and resist corrosion. Chardon has blends for food-safe environments.
    • Scale prevention: A phosphonate blend prevents the formation of scale, and extra dispersing polymers, sludge conditioners, molybdate tracers and antifoaming agents protect against overfeeding.
    • Boiler inhibitors: Our boiler inhibiting solutions contain phosphonates, caustic and sulfite to prevent scale and control corrosion. Our treatments include Comp-50, Comp-F and BJ-10.

    If you need boiler chemicals in Delaware, Chardon has you covered. Our technicians use a tailored treatment involving one or more chemicals, depending on your system needs. Our boiler chemicals will help your boiler work better and last longer. View more information on our boiler treatment services.

    Closed Loop Water Treatment Services in Delaware

    A closed loop system circulates water to transfer heat for heating and air conditioning processes. Water passes through the air handler coil to be heated or cooled, after which it is directly exposed to a hot loop or incoming air to moderate the temperature and humidity. The standard HVAC system has three closed loops for refrigerant gas, chilled water and cooling tower water. It is common for these loops to leak over time, which causes corrosion and allows contamination like bacteria to enter and damage the system.

    At Chardon Labs, our experienced and certified technicians can create a custom treatment plan for your water system. We will start with a free survey to determine your system's needs, identifying the levels of conductance, iron, corrosion inhibitor, pH and bacteria in the water supply. Our closed loop water treatment process includes a complete cleaning and flushing to prevent microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) that often leads to leakage.

    Our closed loop water treatment services also include pH control to promote the natural dissolution of iron — another top cause of corrosion — as well as the targeted application of chemical compounds to form a protective film on system surfaces. We will also change filters and replace equipment as needed.

    HVAC Water Treatment Services

    HVAC systems for commercial facilities have unique demands. They must adhere to the building's requirements for ventilation, cooling and heating year-round and avoid breakdowns as best they can. With too many contaminants in the system, the pipes can warp and rupture, and the condensate lines can break down. HVAC water treatment prevents corrosion, microbiological growth and scale in these systems that utilize water.

    At Chardon Labs, we use water treatment services designed to extend the life and performance of your essential HVAC systems. Our technicians will test your water and inspect your system to identify any contaminants. If your water supply is hard, we will balance it with our chemical treatment solutions of scale and corrosion inhibitors. This balance and cleaning will prevent contamination. Our technicians will also perform passivation, cleaning and flushing.

    Chardon Labs will service your cooling towers, boilers and closed loop components. These systems can be affected by scale and corrosion, and our HVAC services will help prevent damage to your HVAC system.

    Legionella Testing Services for Delaware Facilities

    Legionella pneumophila — also called just Legionella — is a bacteria found in water systems and environments that are warm and wet. Legionella will grow in stagnant water pools with the presence of microorganisms containing its growth nutrients, a pH level between 5 and 8.5, and a temperature of 95 to 115 degrees F.

    When the ideal growing conditions are present, the Legionella concentration can grow rapidly. This bacteria is dangerous for people because breathing it can cause Legionnaire's disease, which may be deadly.

    Because ornamental fountains, cooling towers, air washers and similar systems are at high risk for Legionella contamination, Chardon Labs recommends our Legionella testing services. Our technicians will test the water for cultures, then develop a water management plan that meets Standard 188 of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

    Because chlorination does not eradicate Legionella, treating your process water regularly is essential for maintaining a pure water system. At each step of our plan, we will validate and document every task and treatment for your records.

    Water Quality

    Hardness and alkalinity are just two of the factors that determine the water quality in Delaware. Chardon Labs' first step before starting any boiler, HVAC system, closed loop or cooling tower treatment service is testing the water to identify its composition. The water makeup record will identify any problems present in your water supply, which helps us know which treatments we should use.

    Chardon Labs can customize any service to your exact requirements. Since the water quality varies throughout the state, this tailoring ensures that your system will be cost-effective and operational, and that our services will be fully effective.

    Why Choose Chardon Labs as Your Commercial Water Treatment Company?

    Chardon Labs has been a leading provider of customized water treatment programs for more than 50 years. We’re an ISO-certified water treatment company that delivers guaranteed scale-free systems at a guaranteed price. Unlike many of our competitors, our goal isn’t to sell chemicals to our customers — instead, we focus on selling clean systems that will increase performance and reduce your long-term operating costs.

    As part of our dedicated service, Chardon Labs will deliver the chemicals you need to your facility, saving you freight shipping and drum disposal costs. We will also install your new equipment for you. All our services are provided by experienced and well-trained technicians who make delivering superior customer service their number one priority.

    Contact Chardon Labs About Chemical Water Treatment Services in Delaware

    Chardon Labs has a long list of satisfied customers in Dover and Wilmington and all points between. Our goal is to solve any problems you're having with your processed water systems and reduce your water consumption. When you partner with Chardon, you will save water and reduce your energy costs.

    To learn more about our commercial water treatment services in Delaware, contact us today or give us a call at 302-235-3267.