Commercial Water Treatment in Lexington, Kentucky

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At Chardon Laboratories, we are a trusted leader in the water treatment industry for commercial and industrial facilities. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to protect your water cooling and heating systems from corrosion and harmful bacteria, turn to Chardon. We care about saving energy and providing our clients in Lexington with efficient, clean systems so they can keep business operations running smoothly.

We offer ongoing preventative treatment plans to keep the cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems in your Lexington facility fully functioning. Find out more about our services below.

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Water Treatment for Cooling Towers in Lexington

Your industrial cooling tower will benefit from a custom-built strategy from Chardon Laboratories to treat and protect against scale, corrosion, microbiological growth. We recommend working with ISO-certified technicians to develop and administer a custom chemical treatment plan for your manufacturing, plastic or healthcare facility.

Let us help you protect your facility from contamination and system damage. Whether you need information on Legionella control, or are looking for a cost saving water treatment program, Chardon can help you find exactly what you need. Investing in cooling tower treatment services will lower repair and replacement costs while allowing employees and machines to work more efficiently.

Boiler Treatment Service in Lexington

Scale and corrosion can do significant damage to your water boiler if left unchecked. At Chardon Laboratories, we put a stop to these issues before they start with our wide selection of boiler treatment strategies.

From return-line treatment to corrosion-inhibiting products, we have a solution that will protect your boiler for years to come with regular maintenance and testing. Whatever your system’s individual needs, we have the experience and professional skills to devise a plan that will have long-term positive effects on your productivity and ROI.

If you own a manufacturing or business facility in the Lexington area and need a new water treatment solution for your heating and cooling systems, choose Chardon Laboratories. Our services and prices offered are reliable and competitive.

Closed Loop Water Treatment in Lexington

Closed loop water systems transfer heat for a variety of different processes. Chardon can treat many types of types of closed loop systems like refrigerant gas loops, chilled water loops and cooling and heating water loops. These systems prove useful in industrial settings, but they do require regular maintenance to stay in shape.

Our Lexington water treatment services include closed loop water treatment plans, which helps prevent the opening of leaks and the growth of unwanted bacteria. We offer:

  • Cleaning and flushing services
  • Oxygen-removing chemicals
  • pH control
  • Return-line chemicals

Contact us now or call (380) 224-7395 for additional details about our custom chemical treatment solutions for Lexington water systems!


    HVAC Water Services

    HVAC systems for industrial facilities must keep up with unique ventilation, cooling and heating requirements. Treating the water supply used for HVAC equipment prevents downtime and costly operating expenses. It will also reduce the presence of contamination, such as scale and corrosion, that can cause condensate lines to leak and pipes to warp and rupture.

    Chardon Labs has treatment services for HVAC equipment, including cooling towers and boilers. Cooling towers remove heat and boilers produce it, which makes both vulnerable to contamination. Our technicians will test and inspect your system to identify issues, then use chemical treatments that will prevent scale and mineral buildup from hard water. To remove contamination, we will conduct cleaning, flushing and passivation on your system.

    Legionella Testing Services in Lexington, Kentucky

    Legionella pneumophila is a bacterial strain that lives in water systems such as cooling towers, air washers and ornamental fountains. Low levels of this bacteria can quickly grow when these conditions are present:

    • Temperatures from 68 to 122 degrees F, especially in the 95 to 115 degrees F range
    • Stagnant water pooling
    • Algae and other bacteria that supply the essential nutrients needed for Legionella growth
    • pH between 5 and 8.5
    • Sediment that promotes the growth of commensal microflora

    It is essential for water systems to be free of Legionella because of the human health risks. When people breathe in water droplets that contain Legionella, they may contract Legionnaire's disease, which can be fatal. Unlike other kinds of contamination, Legionella cannot be eradicated by chlorination, so professional Legionella testing services are crucial.

    Chardon Laboratories is the leading treatment service in Lexington for Legionella testing and treatment. Our technicians are experienced with eradication solutions for Legionella and will apply a treatment that removes any contamination from your system. We follow the guidelines for a water management plan laid out in Standard 188 by the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

    As part of your testing and treatment service, Chardon Labs will:

    • Investigate the water systems in your building to analyze risk.
    • Develop a water management plan that will control the Legionella.
    • Validate and document the steps we take as part of the water management plan.

    Water Quality and Chemical Treatment in Lexington, Kentucky

    Water quality is determined by factors such as water hardness and alkalinity. Since Lexington's water quality is distinct from the water composition in other areas of Kentucky, Lexington businesses need water treatment services tailored to this makeup. Chardon Labs will test your water supply to understand your specific needs and create a plan to address any problems. As a result, your systems will be clean, and you'll have lower water consumption and utility costs.

    Chardon Laboratories Has Served Lexington for Over 55 Years

    Chardon Laboratories has provided chemical water treatment services for companies in Lexington and throughout Kentucky since 1965. Our goal is to sell clean systems, not chemicals, so you'll get results that will last. Our professional services will prevent cases of harmful microbiological growth in your systems, and these treatments are available for cost-effective prices.

    All services are completed by our in-house ISO-certified technicians. We will develop a tailored plan for your unique system to meet your treatment requirements and budget. As a result, your systems will last longer and cost less to operate.

    In addition to excellent services, Chardon Labs will deliver the chemicals you need to your facility for you and dispose of the containers, which will save you money in freight shipping and drum disposal expenses. If you need new equipment as part of your service, we will install it for you.

    Choose Chardon Labs for Chemical Water Treatment Services in Lexington, Kentucky

    If you own a manufacturing or business facility in the Lexington area and need a new water treatment solution for your heating and cooling systems, choose Chardon Laboratories. Our services and prices offered are reliable and competitive.

    Contact us now or call (380) 224-7395 for additional details about our custom chemical treatment solutions for Lexington water systems!

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