Water Treatment Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Water treatment services in Pittsburgh

Water Treatment Company in Pittsburgh, PA

At Chardon Laboratories, we’ve become a reliable water treatment company in Pittsburgh because we aren’t focused on selling more chemicals.  We are focused on aligning ourselves with our customers to conserve water, energy and provide clean boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems. Our goal is making your water treatment system efficient and having it deliver low operating costs. That’s why our comprehensive services help keep you scale-free at a great price.

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Boiler Water Treatment in Pittsburgh

Scale or corrosion, whether through general use or pitting, can cause extensive damage to your boiler. Incorporating our boiler water treatment for Pittsburgh prevents the development of corrosion and scale, and in turn, keeps your boiler active and efficient.

We personalize our treatment plans to include scale prevention, oxygen scavengers, water softening-pre-treatment, return line treatment and general corrosion inhibitors. This series of chemical products will prevent scale and stop corrosion.

Boiler Chemicals in Pittsburgh

Facilities of all types rely on boiler systems and keeping your boiler system running efficiently is essential. Unfortunately, factors like scale and corrosion can negatively affect your boiler systems, reducing efficiency and driving up energy costs.

Chardon’s comprehensive boiler chemicals and services for Pittsburgh businesses and facilities can help prevent these problems and keep your boiler systems running optimally.

With our professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field, we know exactly what chemical treatments your system needs to fix and prevent any issues that come up. Learn more about our boiler treatment services and contact us today for boiler chemicals for in Pittsburgh!

Water Quality in Pittsburgh

Knowing about the water in the Pittsburgh area helps our service team create a chemical water treatment program for your system. Calcium and Alkalinity levels in the Pittsburgh area are typically low and manageable (around 60-80 ppm) and knowing how to properly cycle up and maximize your water usage and thus lowering utility costs, becomes very important in Pittsburgh. At Chardon, our service model ensures that we want to optimize the water treatment program put in place, and ultimately keep a clean and efficient system.

City Hardness Alkalinity
New Castle 62-176 180
Pittsburgh 45-180
Erie 80 100


Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

Closed Loop Water Treatment in Pittsburgh

Standard loops in heating and cooling systems, such as chilled and hot water loops, are susceptible to corrosion, bacteria and system failures. Our closed loop water treatment in Pittsburgh prevents these precursors to a system breakdown.

Our ISO-certified technicians use a broad range of treatment. After inspecting your system, we will test for pH, iron, conductance and corrosion inhibitor. We will also test for bacteria in certain applications. We may additionally apply chemicals and/or a full cleaning and flushing.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment in Pittsburgh

Whether starting a new system or operating an older one, preventive maintenance ensures your cooling towers remain functional. We use state-of-the-art products in our cooling tower water treatment for Pittsburgh companies to deliver a scale-free tower that’s protected from corrosion and bacteria.

We design a chemical water treatment program for your cooling tower according to water usage and incoming water quality. The inhibitors and biocides used in the cooling tower system are specifically designed to treat water in Pittsburgh, based on its’ hardness and conductivity levels.

HVAC Water Treatment in Pittsburgh

Commercial and industrial companies depend on HVAC systems that operate at optimal performance. Our HVAC water treatment services for the Pittsburgh area focuses on preventing scale, corrosion and biological growth through world-class treatment.

Our team treats HVAC systems with cooling towers, closed loops and boilers through a combination of treatment. We use corrosion and scale inhibitors, as well as cleaning and flushing, so your system continues to meet your cooling, heating and ventilation needs.

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At Chardon Labs in Pittsburgh consists of highly-trained engineering personnel and is served by our ISO-certified, water treatment technician We work with you to establish a customized treatment plan and talk to you about potential utility credit programs that can reduce your energy, sewer, water and chemical costs in Pittsburgh and throughout the rest of Pennsylvania.

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