NJ & NYC Water Treatment Services: Cooling Towers, Boilers & Closed Loops

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Commercial/Industrial Water Treatment Services in New Jersey & NYC

New Jersey is known for its robust biopharmaceuticals industry. The Garden State is home to numerous pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing organizations — as well as health care and advanced manufacturing operations. Many of these entities require affordable, reliable industrial/commercial water treatment services to maintain the health and maximize the performance of cooling towers, boilers and closed-loop systems.

Chardon Labs offers more than 50 years of industrial water treatment expertise in each of these areas that can be tailored to your New Jersey company’s specifications.

A Reliable Cooling Tower Treatment Company in New Jersey

Our comprehensive commercial/industrial water treatment solutions include advanced cooling tower treatment for new system startups and heat exchangers. Our innovative water treatment products effectively treat the typical conditions that cause contamination — specifically, scale and corrosion.

Our ISO-certified service technicians focus on the cleaning and passivation of cooling tower, refrigerant and chilled water loops to produce corrosion- and scale-free cooling tower systems.

Make Us Your Boiler Water Treatment Company in New Jersey

Scale and corrosion don’t just impact the performance and longevity of cooling towers — they also pose a major problem for steam boilers. Accumulated scale creates an insulating effect that, if left untreated, will eventually cause the boiler tubes to rupture. Plus, corrosion can quickly spread over the surface of the boiler’s metal parts and components, which can lead to premature failure.

What’s more, accumulated deposits will reduce the boiler’s energy efficiency. We’ll implement our proven blowdown process to eliminate harmful scale and apply the right chemical solution for preventing general and pitting corrosion.


Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

Boiler Chemicals in New Jersey & New York

New Jersey and New York companies need to keep their boiler systems running smoothly. Chardon can help make that happen.

A boiler system plays a vital role in any facility and keeping it running efficiently is essential. Unfortunately, corrosion and scale can stand in the way of your system’s functions.

Chardon offers essential services to keep your boiler system running smoothly. With our professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians, extensive experience in the field and boiler chemicals, Chardon can reduce the effects of scale and corrosion in your system. Learn more about our boiler treatment services and contact us today for boiler chemicals in New York and New Jersey today!

We’ll Keep Your Closed-Loop Systems in Peak Operating Condition

We’re also adept at keeping corrosion out of closed-loop systems. We accomplish this by using chemical treatments to maintain the proper pH balance and remove oxygen from the water. We’ll also perform flushing and cleaning steps to prevent the formation of destructive microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

We’re Not a Chemical-Selling New Jersey Industrial Water Treatment Company

What makes Chardon Labs different from other New Jersey commercial water treatment companies is our focus on selling superior service and clean systems instead of chemicals. Our goal is to find ways to help our customers save money by conserving water and energy.

New York City–Cooling Towers and Legionella

Tragic events in New York City have resulted in the State of New York passing laws requiring, among other things, all cooling towers in New York to be registered, cleaned twice a year, and tested for Legionella quarterly.  Chardon will help building owners and property managers navigate the regulatory landscape and keep their cooling towers clean and free of Legionella.

To find out more about our New Jersey and New York City commercial water treatment services, contact us today or give us a call at 609-224-1763. We look forward to working with you!