Commercial/Industrial Water Treatment Services in New Jersey & NYC

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Chemical Water Treatment Technologies in New York and New Jersey

Chardon Labs offers more than 55 years of industrial water treatment expertise in each of these areas that can be tailored to your New Jersey company’s specifications. As a result, your systems will be more efficient while using less energy and water to reduce your operating costs. Our services include:

Our NY and NJ Service Areas

We are proud to offer chemical water treatment services for New York City and New Jersey companies, providing tests and treatments that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Chardon Labs has the capability to serve these industries:

  • HVAC
  • Plastics
  • Breweries
  • Food processing and cold storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Health care
  • Automotive

No matter your industry or system requirements, Chardon Laboratories is equipped to provide excellent service. Our qualifications include:

  • A team of technicians certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Customizable services to meet your testing and treatment requirements.
  • A clean systems guarantee at a guaranteed fixed price.

You can reach out online to evaluate your water supply issues and discuss potential solutions with a Chardon Labs professional.

New Jersey is known for its robust biopharmaceutical industry. The Garden State is home to numerous pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing organizations as well as health care and advanced manufacturing operations. The pharmaceutical industry has high employment rates, and New Jersey has the highest concentration of engineers and scientists in the world. Many major pharmaceutical companies are headquartered in New Jersey, which attracts clinical trial assets, research institutions and teaching hospitals.

New York City has one of the largest economies in the United States and is a major center for health care. Due to the city's high population, there is a significant demand for health care services. Employment rates are high, and the sector is expected to grow.

Many of these entities require affordable, reliable industrial/commercial water treatment services to maintain the health and maximize the performance of cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems. High volume and flow rate process water needs to be treated because organic and inorganic matter, bacterial strains and pH level can affect the water's quality, damage equipment, and decrease effectiveness and productivity. Commercial treatment services will improve your water's composition, which will protect your systems and ensure efficiency, uptime and water quality.

Reliable Cooling Tower Treatment Services in New York and New Jersey

As a specialized form of heat exchanger, cooling towers bring air and water into contact to reduce the water's temperature. Because cooling towers are exposed to the outside air, they are prone to contamination. The water loop can accumulate airborne particles, and the evaporation process concentrates the mineral content. If left untreated for an extended time, the cooling tower may become contaminated with white rust formation, mineral buildup and biological growth that will promote Legionella development and restrict heat transfer and flow.

Our comprehensive cooling tower water treatment services in New York include advanced cooling tower treatment for new system startups and heat exchangers. Our innovative water treatment products effectively treat the typical conditions that cause contamination — specifically, scale and corrosion. Our ISO-certified service technicians focus on the cleaning and passivation of cooling tower, refrigerant and chilled water loops to produce corrosion- and scale-free cooling tower systems.

Our cooling tower service starts with testing and reporting on your equipment's condition. Our technicians will use this data to create a customized treatment plan that includes all the services necessary to eliminate contamination. With Chardon Labs' services, you'll have a cooling tower that operates efficiently and is free of dangerous biological growth.

Our treatment options include our full line of white rust preventatives, microbiological inhibitors, and scale and corrosion inhibitors. These chemicals will eradicate existing issues and prevent future growth. Our trained technicians apply these chemicals and complete each treatment, continued maintenance service and passivation.

Choose Us for Boiler Water Treatment Services in New York and New Jersey

Boilers produce the steam needed for heating air and water and maintaining specific temperatures for industrial processes. Scale and corrosion don’t just impact the performance and longevity of cooling towers — they also pose a major problem for steam boilers:

  • Scale: Scale is made of silica, calcium and iron particles in the water that adhere to the boiler's heat transfer surfaces. The accumulated scale creates an insulating effect that, if left untreated, will eventually cause the boiler tubes to rupture. What’s more, accumulated deposits will reduce the boiler’s energy efficiency. Over time, the scale may slough off and enter the flow, causing the boiler to overheat and fail.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion occurs when there is a reaction between the boiler's metal parts and chemicals in the air or water. This reaction weakens the metal and can quickly spread over the surface of the boiler’s metal parts and components, which can lead to premature failure. The damage corrosion inflicts can also cause the boiler to run inefficiently and increase operating costs.

Chardon Laboratories' boiler water treatment services in New York will prevent the formation of corrosion and scale in your boiler to protect its components and lengthen its life span. Our technicians will survey your boiler system to identify its issues and the best treatment options.

We’ll implement our proven blowdown process for fouling removal in heat exchangers. This process works by draining the boiler's feedwater to regulate concentration cycles and limit dissolved material concentration. Our team will also apply a chemical solution for preventing general and pitting corrosion by dispersing crystals and absorbing oxygen.

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    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Boiler Chemicals in New Jersey & New York

    A boiler system plays a vital role in any facility, and keeping it running efficiently is essential. Unfortunately, corrosion and scale can stand in the way of your system’s functions. Corrosion and scale can increase the boiler's energy consumption while decreasing its efficiency. Eventually, the boiler will malfunction and require a replacement or repair, which can be expensive.

    Chardon can help keep your boiler system running smoothly in your New Jersey or New York company with our essential services. We have a full line of boiler chemicals that will prevent future issues and treat existing problems. When you use our chemicals as part of your boiler maintenance program, you can keep your equipment running well for years. Our boiler chemicals include:

    • Boiler inhibitors: Our boiler inhibitor treatments protect against oxygen pitting, corrosion and scale. Our Comp-50 and Comp-F blends use sulfite, phosphonates and caustic to accomplish this goal, and the Comp-F chemical is formulated for food-safe environments. We also have BJ-10 as an economical option.
    • pH control: Our pH control chemicals will neutralize the acids in your process water to increase its pH level. This treatment is available in solid and liquid formulations.
    • Return line: Return line treatments provide consistent pressure and corrosion resistance. Our blends contain morpholine, amines, cyclohexylamine and ammonium hydroxide, and each blend is made for a different task, line length, pressure and environment.
    • Scale prevention: The phosphonate blend in our scale prevention chemical keeps scale from forming in boilers. Antifoaming agents, extra dispersing polymers, molybdate tracers and sludge conditioners protect against overfeeding.

    With our professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians, extensive experience in the field and boiler chemicals, Chardon can reduce the effects of scale and corrosion in your system. Our technicians will help you decide which boiler chemicals your equipment will benefit from and apply them with professional expertise. We can use one or a combination of boiler chemicals, depending on what your system requires. Learn more about our boiler treatment services online.

    We’ll Keep Your Closed Loop Systems in Peak Operating Condition

    Closed loop systems use circulating water to transfer heat, which is needed in process, heating and air conditioning applications. This water moves through an air handler to be heated or cooled, and is then exposed to a hot loop or incoming air to influence its temperature and humidity. 

    Heating and cooling systems have three closed loops — a cooling tower water loop, a refrigerant gas loop and a chilled water loop. Over time, these loop systems may become corroded and foster bacteria growth, leading to system failure and an expensive repair or replacement.

    Chardon Laboratories has closed loop water treatment services for New York and New Jersey businesses that need to protect their equipment and work more efficiently. First, our technicians will survey your system to determine its needs. We will test for corrosion inhibitor, bacteria, iron, conductance and pH levels, then determine the most effective treatments.

    We’re adept at keeping corrosion out of closed loop systems. We accomplish this by using chemical treatments to maintain the proper pH balance and remove oxygen from the water. We’ll also perform flushing and cleaning steps to prevent the formation of destructive microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). Besides these treatments, our closed loop water treatment services include pH and conductivity tests, filter changes and equipment replacements.

    Our HVAC Water Supply Services

    Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems for industrial facilities must meet rigid requirements and perform reliably for long periods. Water services for HVAC systems will help keep this valuable equipment in its best condition, preventing breakdowns that cause downtime and production loss. They also prevent scale, corrosion and microbiological growth. Without proper treatment, these contaminants will cause pipes to warp and rupture and condensate lines to leak.

    The HVAC water services at Chardon Labs begin with our certified technicians testing your system to identify its issues. Then, we will develop a tailored plan for your equipment that will prevent scale and corrosion buildup. Chardon Labs will use chemical treatments, flushing, passivation and cleaning to remove existing contamination and prevent new cases.

    Chardon Labs recommends this service for cooling towers and boilers because these systems are particularly prone to contamination from scale and corrosion.

    Water Quality in NYC and NJ

    Because water quality varies throughout New Jersey and NYC, Chardon Labs takes the time to test your process water before starting any service. Testing helps us understand your particular requirements and identify the best treatments. Our goal is to sell clean systems, not chemicals, so we will help reduce your operational costs and water consumption while increasing your efficiency.

    New York City — Cooling Towers and Legionella

    Legionella pneumophila is a bacterial strain that thrives in warm, wet environments. When its ideal growing conditions are present, a small concentration of Legionella can quickly grow. Legionella contamination in cooling towers, air washers and ornamental fountains can be dangerous to human health. When humans breathe in air droplets containing Legionella, they may contract the potentially fatal Legionnaire's disease.

    Tragic events in New York City have resulted in the state of New York passing laws requiring, among other things, all cooling towers in New York to be registered, cleaned twice a year and tested for Legionella quarterly. Chardon will help building owners and property managers navigate the regulatory landscape and keep their cooling towers clean and free of Legionella. Since chlorination is ineffective at eradicating this bacteria, our Legionella testing and treatment services use advanced methods to properly eliminate Legionella from your system.

    Our technicians will test your process water to identify the presence of Legionella, then create a water management plan. Chardon Labs follows Standard 188 by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), which means that we will:

    • Investigate your building's water systems to identify the Legionella risk.
    • Create a water management plan to control the Legionella.
    • Validate and document each step we take in following the water management plan.

    Choose Chardon Labs for Chemical Water Treatment Services in New Jersey

    When you partner with Chardon Labs for your water treatments, you'll find that we’re not a chemical-selling New Jersey industrial water treatment company. What makes Chardon Labs different from other commercial water treatment companies is our focus on selling superior service and clean systems instead of chemicals. Our goal is to find ways to help our customers save money by conserving water and energy.

    To find out more about our New Jersey and New York City commercial water treatment services, contact us today or give us a call at 609-224-1763. We look forward to working with you!

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