Madison/South Central Wisconsin Commercial Water Treatment Service and Laboratory

Madison/South Central Wisconsin Commercial Water Treatment Service and Laboratory

When it's time to implement commercial water treatment or testing in the Madison, Wisconsin, area, Chardon Labs is your full-service partner. We offer a wide range of services and solutions, including cleaning, treatment, testing, maintenance, equipment provision and Legionella compliance. With over 55 years of experience, Chardon Labs has the experience and expertise to deliver high-quality, cost-effective water treatment and testing for commercial and industrial midwest businesses.

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Commercial Water Solutions in Madison, Wisconsin

Chardon Labs' commercial water solutions help businesses of all kinds maximize equipment life and performance and keep operations running smoothly. We don't sell chemicals — we sell clean systems customized to the unique needs of your operating environment.

Our modern technology for water treatment can keep your equipment in top condition and eliminate threats like bacteria, corrosion, scaling and deposits. We offer services for tanks, cooling towers, boilers, closed loop systems and other process water systems. Whether you need to neutralize acids, perform ongoing maintenance or renovate or decommission a tank, our water treatment services can help.

Some other services we offer include:

  • Cleaning and maintenance: Businesses turn to our technicians and processes, certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), to help systems work their best, remove debris and chemicals and meet applicable regulations on effective but affordable schedules. We can balance hard water and treat it to minimize scale and corrosion. We also provide maintenance, flushing and cleaning.
  • Inspections and testing: Chardon Labs can offer reliable third-party testing and inspections to support internal and external standards, keep occupants and customers safe, and assess system health. We can test for hardness and alkalinity and assess the composition of the water to determine appropriate treatment methods. We customize our services based on this testing and test to gauge efficacy during treatment.
  • Equipment implementation and chemical sales: Our experienced team helps you find and implement the right system for your operations, complete with the chemicals, training and support necessary to make the most of it. Highly trained technicians understand the details of water quality and are committed to helping you implement a system that works for your business, your water and your goals.

Our water solutions can help your equipment last longer, perform better and minimize contamination. Whether you're running a retail store, a multi-family dwelling or an industrial facility with complex waste management needs, Chardon Labs can make cost-effective water quality simple and affordable.

We serve a wide range of clients in Wisconsin, including those with demanding water treatment needs. Some businesses that rely on Chardon Labs include those in health care, food processing, brewing, automotive and manufacturing. Whether you're focused on delivering clean water for food or pharmaceutical products, cleaning heavily contaminated water to meet environmental regulations, or saving water for boiler systems in your facility, we have the solutions and skills to help.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Water and HVAC Commercial Contractors

    Our certified team of commercial contractors can implement an array of equipment solutions to meet your workflow, budget, quality standards, pain points and other unique demands in heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) systems and other systems with process water.

    Our specialties include equipment for boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems across an array of businesses in Wisconsin.

    Boiler Water Equipment Used at Chardon

    Boiler Water Equipment Used at Chardon

    Industrial boilers are essential for creating comfortable spaces and heating water for a wide range of purposes. The right equipment and treatment plans are critical to avoiding corrosion and deposits that could hurt your system's reliability and efficiency.

    Some of the boiler water equipment we use in our comprehensive systems includes:

    • Controllers: Controllers automate feeds, read-outs and conductivity bleeds through an easy-to-use interface and diverse input options. Our solutions can help you control your system easily and with minimal manual requirements.
    • Return lines: Return lines collect cooled water and feed it back to the boiler to be reheated. Appropriately selected and treated return lines can prevent problems from gravity, odd pipe shapes or steam condensate. Our return line components can also help reduce noise, extend equipment life, improve performance and reduce costs.
    • Heat exchangers: A heat exchanger transfers heat from gas to the water in the boiler. With quality heat exchangers, we can help you reduce noise, avoid leaks and keep process water much cleaner.
    • Corrosion coupon racks: With fast disconnects and wrench-free removal, our coupons and coupon racks help assess corrosion rates to monitor a system's performance.
    • Chemical mix tanks with agitators: Double-wall chemical containment tanks can safely store and consistently add chemicals to your system. We offer tanks made with industrial-strength components built for durability, security and ease of access.
    • Boiler probes: We offer an array of boiler probes that work with controllers and help monitor pH and water levels within your system.
    • Contact headwater meters: These meters provide accurate readings for your water usage to provide insights into efficiency and costs. With a pulse-activated pump or timer, contact headwater meters can also help provide consistent feeding and proportional control based on your water flow.

    Alongside our quality equipment selection, Chardon Labs has the knowledge to pair the right components together for your company's needs and goals.

    Cooling Tower Equipment Used at Chardon

    Cooling Tower Equipment Used at Chardon

    Keeping bacterial growth, scaling and corrosion at bay calls for high-quality equipment. Chardon Labs' commercial contractors can set you up with a comprehensive, custom-built solution.

    The cooling tower equipment Chardon uses during service includes many of the same components used in boilers, such as conductivity controllers, contact headwater meters, chemical pumps, corrosion coupon racks and chemical mix tanks. Other cooling tower equipment we may use includes:

    • Mini pulse timers: Based on relay outputs, our biocide timers can feed chemicals into your cooling tower at the right time to help kill bacteria and reduce contamination risk.
    • Flow switches: A flow switch can help monitor cooling tower equipment and identify issues quickly. Our equipment plays an important role in the longevity and proactive maintenance of your cooling tower.
    • Bleed solenoids: Bleed solenoids ensure a cooling tower bleeds correctly and maintains safe water quality. We provide equipment that you can easily turn on and off as needed.
    • pH, conductivity and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) probes: Various probes link up to your controller to give access to real-time pH levels and accurate cooling tower analysis. We offer dependable, convenient tools to monitor your cooling tower.

    With our custom plans, we can help you implement cooling tower equipment that fights bacteria, corrosion and scale across a wide range of system designs and water compositions.

    Closed Loop Water Treatment Equipment Used at Chardon

    Although closed loop systems theoretically don't require much attention, in reality, many factors can cause leaks, corrosion and other problems. The right equipment for a closed loop system can help prevent leaks and subsequent corrosion or bacteria.

    We can supply equipment for a high-performing system, such as pH probes, filtration and biocide or shot feeders. Then, we follow up with essential regular services like flushing and testing to keep the system corrosion-free for as long as possible.

    Your South Central, Wisconsin, Industrial Chemical Wholesaler

    Commercial and industrial water treatment can call for a wide range of chemicals, and Chardon Labs is your one-stop shop for these supplies. We offer chemicals for boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems to prevent issues like scale, corrosion and acidity.

    Our catalog of water treatment chemicals includes:

    • Scale prevention chemicals: Phosphonate chemicals help to control calcium carbonate and inhibit scale production in boilers. Some also include sludge conditioners and dispersing polymers.
    • Oxygen and acid control agents: Corrosion water treatment chemicals often target high acidity and high levels of dissolved oxygen. Our sodium hydroxide pH neutralizers come in liquid and solid formats, and we have various chemicals for reducing oxygen levels.
    • Anti-foaming chemicals: These agents can modify the surface tension of water to reduce how much foam appears in a boiler when dissolved solids rise to the surface. These issues can also appear in cooling towers due to biocide overfeeding.
    • Boiler inhibitors: Our all-in-one boiler solutions include Comp-50 and Comp-F, which comprise sulfide, caustic and phosphonates. Comp-F is also food-safe. BJ-10 offers cost-effective, long-lasting protection from oxygen pitting.
    • Return-line boiler chemicals: Return-line chemicals can help your boiler achieve more consistent pressure and better resist corrosion. Our blends include chemicals like morpholine, cyclohexylamine, amines and ammonium hydroxide. Our experienced team can find the right blend for your system.
    • Corrosion inhibitors and protectants: These chemicals can help eliminate rust and scale in cooling towers and other systems.
    • Nonoxidizing and oxidizing biocides: Fight bacteria and other microorganisms with specific bacteria water treatment chemicals selected for your water quality and application.
    • Pre-treatment chemicals: We can help maximize the life span of the heat transfer equipment in cooling towers with pre-cleaning and pre-filming agents.

    Our comprehensive assessments allow us to find the ideal combination of chemicals for your system and your needs.

    Mobile Water Testing Laboratory

    Quick, on-site testing services allow us to analyze process water at your south central Wisconsin business. We'll collect quick results on water quality and use them to implement solutions in the same visit.

    Whether we're documenting results for quality requirements, monitoring performance during ongoing maintenance or determining how to best treat your water, our mobile water testing laboratory is fast and accurate. For more involved testing, we'll send samples to an advanced lab for further details.

    Legionella Compliance in Madison and Surrounding Areas

    Legionella bacteria are a dangerous threat to human health that thrive in warm, wet environments within water systems. It often grows in stagnant water at warm temperatures between 77 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Common places it can grow include:

    • Water heaters
    • Hot and cold water storage tanks
    • Showerheads and hoses
    • Pipes, valves and fittings
    • Infrequently used equipment
    • Ice machines
    • Hot tubs
    • Decorative fountains
    • Cooling towers
    • Some types of medical equipment

    You may need to take extra caution to prevent Legionella if those who may come in contact with water are over 50 years of age, are current or former smokers, or have chronic diseases or weakened immune systems. This increased risk requires particular precautions for businesses like health care facilities and long-term care facilities.

    Many governments, jurisdictions, and industry organizations have implemented water quality standards to keep the public safe. You might need to use certain equipment or follow specific processes to minimize the risk of growth, and you may need to show evidence of third-party testing that proves the absence of high levels of Legionella.

    From decorative fountains to cooling towers, Chardon Labs has your back for Legionella compliance. Legionella testing can be particularly difficult because of the way it spreads. The bacteria are consumed by an amoeba and multiply from inside it. Eventually, the bacterial growth causes the amoeba to explode, spreading bacteria into the water.

    To combat this spread, we offer proactive testing from a state-of-the-art lab and chemical and equipment solutions to tackle potential growth. Our approach to Legionella compliance can include:

    • Surveying your water systems to document current practices and assess risk
    • Reporting on the results and analyzing them to identify solutions that can reduce the risk of an outbreak
    • Evaluating the findings to create a Water Management Plan with your committee
    • Establishing a risk management plan to use within the Water Management Plan
    • Implementing the plan in your water treatment program according to survey results and applicable standards

    Substandard prevention practices are unacceptable for commercial facilities, and the experienced team at Chardon Labs can support your demands for Legionella compliance.

    Commercial Boiler Maintenance for Water Tanks

    Even the best equipment won't last long without proper maintenance. Whether you use your commercial boiler frequently or it goes through periods of disuse, such as during off seasons or renovations, our certified technicians can keep it in top shape. Cold weather and intermittent use can also call for additional maintenance.

    Boiler maintenance is key to avoiding corrosion and scale, which can build up over time and eventually cause overheating or failure. Scale can build up on the walls and slough off, interrupting the flow, while corrosion can cause pits and wear that eat away at the inner components of the boiler. Even if they don't cause failure in your boiler immediately, these problems can hurt its efficiency over time. Proper maintenance prevents these issues.

    Our maintenance services include testing the boiler, performing inspections, cleaning it, analyzing the water and conducting other necessary tasks. These can help you:

    • Reduce operating costs through more efficient operations
    • Keep your boiler running smoothly with clean, corrosion-free parts
    • Help you meet inspection and maintenance requirements
    • Extend the life of your boiler and other equipment
    • Keep your equipment running smoothly even during heavy use or off seasons

    We offer a free survey to help identify your current needs and can set up a regular schedule of testing for your custom treatment plan. Our ISO-certified technicians provide reliable, trustworthy services for commercial boiler maintenance for Wisconsin businesses.

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment Solution Provider in South Central Wisconsin

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment Solution Provider in South Central Wisconsin

    Chardon Labs delivers clean systems, not just chemicals. As the trusted water treatment solutions provider in south central Wisconsin, we have a vast catalog of products and services and the expertise to make the most of them. Our ISO-certified technicians provide ongoing support so our customers receive an unparalleled experience.

    Clients can trust our fully equipped and marked service vehicles and uniformed technicians to carry out sales, treatment and monitoring. To learn more about how Chardon Labs can support your commercial water treatment needs in Wisconsin, reach out to us today.

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