Industrial Water Solutions in Indianapolis, Ind.

Industrial Water Solutions in Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Process water serves various purposes in commercial and industrial settings every day, from heating and cooling to power generation. With such critical applications, it's essential to care for and maintain your equipment — whether you use a boiler, cooling tower or closed-loop water system.Ongoing industrial water treatment provides a range of benefits, such as:
    • Extended life span of water-using equipment and appliances
    • Reduced maintenance, labor and cleaning costs
    • Bacterial growth and transmission control
    • Reduced utility bills and chemical expenses

    However, regular water treatment and maintenance is a sizeable undertaking requiring immense time and skill. You might consider hiring a professional to take care of these needs. If you're seeking chemical water treatment services in Indiana, Chardon Laboratories is the place to turn. Read on to learn more about the solutions and expertise we offer.

Indianapolis Water Treatment Service Areas

Your Boiler Chemical Treatment Company in Indianapolis

Many companies rely on boilers to provide hot water or steam for heating the building. With such a significant role, it's critical to maintain your boiler system for function and longevity.

Thanks to Chardon Labs, you don't have to handle your boiler water treatment services solo. We tackle these two substantial concerns affecting boilers.

  1. Corrosion: The two primary classifications of boiler corrosion are general and pitting. General corrosion spreads over the entire metal surface, while pitting causes heavier corrosion concentrated in one area. Corrosion usually stems from chemical reactions in the boiler's metal, water or air. When left unaddressed, it can damage the inner mechanisms, reduce efficiency, shorten the unit's life span and raise operating costs.
  2. Scale: Boiler scale is a hardened, concentrated accumulation of materials like iron, silica and calcium. It creates an insulating effect, which can cause the boiler tube to warp and rupture over time. Scale can also decrease efficiency and heat transfer, boosting fuel bills considerably.

Combining tried-and-true treatment strategies, state-of-the-art equipment and quality chemicals, we proactively address scale and corrosion to ensure maximum boiler performance and safety.

Corrosion Prevention

Our proven chemical solutions can help your company treat and manage boiler corrosion. We use sulfite to absorb dissolved oxygen that often accompanies pitting. Additionally, we use various water treatment products to evenly distribute particulates and crystals. These keep materials from settling and forming insulating deposits that typically cause corrosion and thermal stress.

Scale Prevention

Industrial water boiler

To restrain scale formation in boilers, we execute a process called blowdown. Boiler blowdown is water deliberately wasted to impede the accumulation of impurities during steam evaporation. The boiler drains out the feedwater using force from the steam pressure. This water then gets replaced with feedwater containing a lower concentration of dissolved minerals.

We also treat boiler systems by adding chemicals to the feedwater. This process creates a reaction that consumes scale-forming minerals. In some cases, we also use water softeners to remove iron, calcium and magnesium ions.

International Organization for Standardization-certified technicians and applications experts oversee our boiler water treatment solutions. We provide on-site services and remote monitoring technology to boost performance, extend equipment life and cut costs.

We have the expertise and tools — including contact headwater meters, conductivity controllers and treatment chemicals — necessary to establish, troubleshoot and manage your boiler system. You can depend on us to tailor a cost-effective treatment plan to your unique applications and needs.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Indianapolis Legionella Laboratory Testing

    Legionella is a bacterium prominent in freshwater sources. However, it can also arise in dirty or poorly maintained human-made water sources.

    This pathogen can multiply and cause outbreaks of illnesses like Legionnaire's disease, a severe form of pneumonia. You can get sick by breathing in tiny water droplets containing Legionella, or by accidentally swallowing water ridden with these bacteria.

    Human-made water sources that are vulnerable to Legionella include:

    • Sink faucets and shower heads
    • Cooling towers of commercial building air conditioning systems
    • Hot water tanks and heaters
    • Decorative fountains
    • Whirlpool spas and hot tubs

    Low disinfectant levels, water temperature fluctuations and stagnation can all contribute to this bacterial development. While bacteria grow naturally and are impossible to prevent altogether, Chardon Labs can help control Legionella from compromising your water systems as much as possible.

    Our Process

    We'll work with you to detect Legionella risk factors in your facility, offering short- and long-term solutions to potentially avoid unwanted outbreaks. We also partner with the industry's leading Legionella testing provider to deliver accurate information surrounding your bacteria levels.

    We follow ASHRAE Standard 188, a set of guidelines for buildings with complex water systems prone to bacterial growth. While our services don't guarantee total prevention and risk management for Legionella, we can assess your facility's risk factors and implement appropriate steps to help limit growth.

    Our three-step plan for Legionella control is as follows:

    1. Survey your building's water systems and analyze possible threats.
    2. Help you create a water management plan to control Legionella as much as possible.
    3. Validate and document the plan's outcomes.

    Regular bacteria testing and monitoring are essential to ensure a safe, clean water system for your establishment. Choose a trusted water treatment partner like Chardon to assist you.

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services in Indianapolis

    A cooling tower is a specialized heat exchanger that combines water and air to reduce water temperature. While it's an effective way to remove heat and cool your facility, it's also susceptible to bacterial contamination. It uses an open-tower water loop, which can collect airborne particulates.

    During evaporation, the water concentrates mineral content. The cooling tower can also attract biological growth and white rust, reducing the system's efficiency and performance.

    If your facility in Indianapolis needs water treatment services for your cooling tower, you can turn to Chardon Labs for assistance. Our highly trained service technicians use an extensive line of inhibitor products and equipment, preventing common fouling in heat exchangers like scale, rust, foaming and other dirt and debris.

    Chardon can recommend and implement a cost-effective cooling tower treatment plan for new system startups and heat exchangers. We'll test and inspect your current cooling tower status, then develop a treatment plan to keep contaminants away. You can count on us to help your cooling tower system run efficiently while keeping costs low.

    Contact Chardon Laboratories for Your Water Treatment Needs

    When you need reliable Indianapolis water treatment technology, Chardon is here for you. Our seasoned, ISO-certified field technicians deliver high-quality services that surpass our clients' expectations.

    Unlike many other water treatment providers, we don't sell chemicals to our customers. We achieve clean water systems for organizations in numerous industries, doing the hard work so they don't have to. We share a mutual objective with our clients — reducing costs as much as possible. We also guarantee water treatment systems at a fixed annual price, so you'll have no surprise bills or hidden fees.

    With nearly 60 years of industry expertise and a passion for helping companies thrive and succeed, Chardon Labs is ready to meet your needs. Contact a water treatment expert today to learn more about our solutions!

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