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Industrial Boiler, Cooling Tower & Closed Loop System Water Treatment Services in Illinois

As a prominent Rust Belt state, Illinois is known for its robust manufacturing industry that produces everything from farming machinery to chemical manufacturing equipment and machine tools. The diverse range of industries that are found in "The Prairie State" of Illinois includes everything from the manufacturing of tool and die and construction equipment to the production of farm machinery and machine tools.

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This level of production and manufacturing also creates a demand for high-quality water treatment services to ensure the peak performance of the cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems that are an essential part of these and many other types of manufacturing facilities. These services are vital to maintaining water quality and preventing serious harm due to damage caused by inorganic and organic matter, hardness and incorrect pH levels.

Chardon Laboratories is a water treatment service provider with more than 55 years of experience in the industry. Our technicians are certified by the International Organization for Standardization, and they have the training and expertise necessary for professional and effective treatment and service of your water systems.

Industrial Boiler, Cooling Tower & Closed Loop System Water Treatment Services in Illinois

Since 1965, Chardon Laboratories has been a leading water treatment company that provides excellent service to manufacturing operations throughout Illinois. Our testing and treatment services protect water systems and equipment to boost the quality of industrial processes. We service large volumes and high flow rates of process water, which helps businesses achieve high water quality, ideal water composition and fully functioning equipment. Our services include:

  • Closed-loop water treatment.
  • Boiler chemicals.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) water treatment.
  • Chemical water treatment.
  • Cooling tower treatment.
  • Legionella testing.
  • Boiler water treatment.

Without our treatment, our customers would likely spend a fortune replacing and repairing heating and cooling equipment and experience higher water and energy consumption than necessary.

Our strong Midwest presence has helped us establish a lengthy list of satisfied customers in Chicago, Chicagoland, Champagne, Carbondale, Springfield and all points in between. We provide water treatment services in the following manufacturing districts:

  • Clybourn Corridor
  • Elston Corridor
  • Goose Island
  • Kinzie Corridor
  • Chicago/Halsted Corridor
  • Lake Calumet
  • Western/Ogden
  • Stockyards
  • Northwest
  • West Pullman
  • Pilsen
  • Harlem
  • Greater Southwest
  • Kennedy
  • Armitage

As a leading industrial water treatment company in Illinois, Chardon Labs offers a host of cost-effective treatment services to:

  • Manufacturing facilities.
  • Food processing and cold storage.
  • Health care.
  • HVAC companies.
  • Plastics operations.
  • The automotive industry.
  • Breweries.

We’re an ISO-certified industrial/commercial water treatment company that offers customized solutions that provide the chemical treatment your systems need for efficiency. We also offer ongoing maintenance to help our customers reduce operating costs and extend the life of their treatment systems. Take our free survey today to identify what water treatment services you need, and contact Chardon Labs for more information.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    The Best Illinois Water Treatment Company for Cooling Tower Service

    A cooling tower disperses excess heat to cool the temperature of the water circulating through the system. This specialized heat exchanger facilitates the contact of air and water, causing some water to evaporate and cool. Because cooling towers are exposed to the outside air, they face the risk of contamination from white rust, concentrated mineral content and biological growth. Corrosion prevention is essential for ensuring the reliable performance of vital cooling tower system components.

    As a leading cooling tower water treatment company in Illinois, Chardon Labs will develop and implement a customized treatment plan. We will start by testing and reporting on the current conditions of your cooling tower, then creating a tailored plan that can include the application of white rust prevention chemicals and corrosion and scale inhibitors that will keep galvanic corrosion at bay. In addition, we’ll apply chemistry with inhibitors that will prevent the formation of scale on heat exchangers.

    The goal of our cooling tower water treatment services is to provide Illinois businesses with effective treatment solutions for a cost-efficient price. Because our ISO-certified technicians complete all of our services, you can expect quality work and professional results from Chardon Laboratories.

    We’re Also the Illinois Water Treatment Company to Call for Exceptional Boiler Service

    Boilers produce the steam required for heating and temperature maintenance in industrial processes. Because this steam is critical, boilers need to be maintained to stay reliable. The two most major concerns with boiler maintenance are:

    • Corrosion: Corrosion is the result of the reaction between chemicals in the boiler's metal parts and chemicals in the air and water. Eventually, the metal will pit and wear, reducing the boiler's efficiency and life span while increasing its operational costs. Corrosion also eats away at the boiler's inner mechanisms.
    • Scale: Scale is deposits of iron, calcium and silica from impurities in the water. They gather on the boiler's heat transfer surfaces and harden there. Scale can create uneven heat distribution because of its insulation properties and eventually cause tubes to warp and rupture. Scale can also block water flow in the tubes, causing the boiler to overheat and fail.

    Are you concerned about the accumulation of calcium carbonate (scale) on the tubes of your steam boiler? Our industrial boiler treatment services will help companies in Chicago and throughout Illinois win the battle against destructive scale.

    We’ll implement an effective blowdown process that will ultimately reduce the level of dissolved solids in the feedwater. The blowdown process involves draining the boiler's feedwater to maintain appropriate concentration cycles. We’ll also use water softeners to remove iron and calcium and employ chemical treatments to remove scale-forming minerals from the feedwater.

    Boiler Chemicals in Illinois

    Your boiler is an essential part of your company’s daily operations. Keep your boiler system up and running with Chardon’s comprehensive boiler treatment services in Illinois, which help prevent and treat most kinds of boiler damage while extending the life of your boiler equipment.

    Chardon’s boiler treatment chemicals can help inhibit the formation of scale and fight against corrosion. With our boiler chemicals, professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field, Chardon can ensure the continued function of your boiler system. Our chemicals include:

    • pH control: Our pH control chemical uses sodium hydroxide to increase the water's pH and neutralize acids. Chardon has liquid and solid formulas available.
    • Scale prevention: This chemical uses a phosphonate blend to prevent the formation of scale. It also has extra dispersing polymers, sludge conditioners, antifoaming agents and molybdate tracers to protect against overfeeding.
    • Return line: We have blends with ammonium hydroxide, cyclohexylamine, morpholine and amines — we'll use the formula that will accomplish what you need. Our return line chemical blends suit different pressures, line lengths and environmental requirements, such as food safety. Treating your return line will help ensure consistent pressure and metal that can resist corrosion.
    • Boiler inhibitors: Chardon Labs has several boiler inhibitors. BJ-10 is a blend that protects against oxygen pitting while being economical and long-lasting. Our Comp-50 and Comp-F blends contain phosphonates, sulfite and caustic, and Comp-F is formulated for food-safe environments.

    Our technicians may use one or several boiler chemicals as part of your treatment, depending on what your system requires. View more information on our boiler water treatment services in Illinois and contact us today to get your boiler chemicals!

    We’ll Keep Your Closed Loop Systems Working Properly

    Most heating and cooling systems have a refrigerant gas loop, a chilled water loop and a cooling tower loop, all of which are considered closed loops. These closed loops are used in HVAC systems to circulate water and transfer heat for heating and air conditioning. Undiagnosed leaks in closed loop systems allow air to enter, which can lead to contamination of the cooling water due to corrosion and bacteria growth. Leakage is a common sign of the premature demise of closed loop water systems.

    We provide timely closed loop water treatment services for Illinois that include pH testing, filter changing, equipment replacement, cleaning and flushing, and conductivity testing that will prevent bacteria-related contamination and corrosion.

    At Chardon Labs, we can perform periodic system cleaning and flushing to protect against microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) by removing the iron deposits that are the primary cause of it. Our water treatment services also include regularly changing system filters along with pH and conductivity testing, which can stop the formation of corrosion that ultimately leads to leakage by using chemicals to adjust the water's pH.

    Legionella Testing Services in Illinois

    Legionella — which is short for Legionella pneumophila — is a bacterial strain found in warm, wet natural water sources such as ornamental fountains, cooling towers, air washers and similar water systems. When the right conditions are present, a small amount of Legionella can quickly grow into a colony.

    Legionella is dangerous to have in your process water supply. Aspirating Legionella water droplets can cause Legionnaire's disease, which may result in severe illness or death. Since Legionella is potentially deadly and cannot be eradicated with chlorine, testing and treatment services from a professional provider like Chardon Labs is essential for health and safety.

    Our Legionella testing service involves testing your water for bacteria cultures. We follow the industry-accepted regulations outlined in the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 188. This means that we will:

    • Inspect your water systems to analyze the risk of Legionella.
    • Create a water management plan to control the Legionella.
    • Validate and document how we follow the water management plan.

    Whether you want to prevent a Legionella outbreak or treat an existing Legionella presence in your water supply, Chardon Labs has the tools and expertise needed to help.

    Water Quality in Illinois

    Chardon Labs creates a chemical water treatment plan based on the water quality in your area of Illinois. Our first step is testing the water to determine its makeup. This information will help us understand any issues with your process water supply. Our technicians will help you select which water treatment services you need to remove contaminants, protect your equipment and maintain optimal efficiency.

    Our HVAC Water Treatment Services

    HVAC systems for industrial processes — which include boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems — face many unique challenges due to the high demands they must meet. Because they are essential in many commercial facilities, HVAC systems must be properly maintained to prevent costly mechanical breakdowns.

    The water treatments for HVAC systems at Chardon Labs help prevent damage from microbiological growth, corrosion and scale. Our solutions will help make your HVAC system perform reliably and extend its service life. After testing your process water to determine its hardness, we will use our chemical treatment solutions to balance it, which may include scale and corrosion inhibitors. We can also use cleaning and passivation to prevent contamination in your system.

    Why Choose Chardon Laboratories for Chemical Water Treatment Services in Illinois?

    Chardon Labs is an experienced water treatment solutions provider that delivers guaranteed scale-free systems at a guaranteed price. Our well-trained service technicians will deliver your treatment chemicals, install all necessary equipment and dispose of all containers at the conclusion of the treatment process. And, we’ll never try to sell you chemicals — our goal is to help create clean systems that minimize your long-term operating costs.

    We have worked with several companies throughout Illinois to provide professional services that treat existing cases of contamination or prevent potential system damage from microbiological growth, corrosion and scale. We'll help your equipment last longer and work better for less, all from our professional services that are competitively priced.

    Contact Chardon Labs About Water Treatment Services Today

    Get in touch with the experienced technicians at Chardon Labs to make your process water clean and keep your operational costs low. Our ISO-certified services provide guaranteed results for a fair price. Contact us to learn more about our water treatment service in Illinois today, or give us a call at 312-257-3464.


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