Industrial Boiler, Cooling Tower & Closed Loop System Water Treatment Services in Illinois

As a prominent Rust Belt state, Illinois is known for its robust manufacturing industry that produces everything from farming machinery to chemical manufacturing equipment and machine tools.

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The diverse range of industries that are found in “The Prairie State” of Illinois includes everything from the manufacturing of tool and die and construction equipment to the production of farm machinery and machine tools. This also creates a demand for high-quality water treatment services to ensure the peak performance of the cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems that are an essential part of these and many other types of manufacturing facilities.

Since 1965, Chardon Laboratories has been a leading water treatment company that provides excellent service to manufacturing operations throughout the Midwest and beyond. Without our treatment, our customers would likely spend a fortune replacing and repairing heating and cooling equipment and experience higher water and energy consumption than necessary. Our strong Midwest presence has helped us establish of lengthy list of satisfied customers in Chicago, Chicagoland, Champagne, Springfield and all points in between. We provide water treatment services in the following manufacturing districts: Clybourn Corridor, Elston Corridor, Goose Island, Kinzie Corridor, Chicago/Halsted Corridor, Lake Calumet, Western/Ogden, Stockyards, Northwest, West Pullman, Pilsen, Harlem, Greater Southwest, Kennedy, and Armitage.

As a leading industrial water treatment company in Illinois, Chardon Labs offers a host of cost-effective treatment services to Manufacturing, Food Processing, Health Care, HVAC and Plastics operations from Chicago to Carbondale and everywhere in between.

We’re an ISO-certified industrial/commercial water treatment company that offers customized solutions to help our customers reduce operating costs and extend the life of their treatment systems.


Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

The Best IL Water Treatment Company for Cooling Tower Service

Corrosion prevention is essential for ensuring the reliable performance of vital cooling tower system components. As a leading cooling tower water treatment company in Illinois, Chardon Labs will develop and implement a customized treatment plan that can include the application of white rust prevention chemicals and corrosion and scale inhibitors that will keep galvanic corrosion at bay.

In addition, we’ll apply chemistry with inhibitors that will prevent the formation of scale on heat exchangers.

We’re Also the Illinois Water Treatment Company to Call for Exceptional Boiler Service

Are you concerned about the accumulation of calcium carbonate (scale) on the tubes of your steam boiler? Scale can create uneven heat distribution and eventually cause tubes to warp and rupture. Our industrial boiler treatment services will help companies in Chicago and throughout Illinois win the battle against destructive scale.

We’ll implement an effective blowdown process that will ultimately reduce the level of dissolved solids in feedwater. We’ll also use water softeners to remove iron and calcium from the feedwater.

Boiler Chemicals in Illinois

Your boiler is an essential part of your company’s daily operations. Keep your boiler system up and running with Chardon’ comprehensive boiler treatment services in Illinois.

Chardon’ boiler treatment chemicals can help inhibit the formation of scale and fight against corrosion. With our boiler chemicals, professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field, Chardon can ensure the continued function of your boiler system. View more information on our boiler water treatment services and contact us today to get your boiler chemicals in Illinois!

We’ll Keep Your Closed Loop Systems Working Properly

Undiagnosed leaks in closed loop systems allow air to enter, which can lead to contamination of the cooling water. Leakage is a common sign of the premature demise of closed-loop water systems. We provide timely closed-loop water services that include pH testing, filter changing and conductivity testing that will prevent bacteria-related  contamination and corrosion.

At Chardon Labs, we can perform periodic system cleaning and flushing to protect against microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

Our water treatment services include regularly changing of system filters along with pH and conductivity testing, which can stop the formation of corrosion that ultimately leads to leakage. We will also perform cleaning and flushing procedures to remove the iron deposits that are the primary cause of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

Chardon Labs is an experienced water treatment solutions provider that delivers guaranteed scale-free systems at a guaranteed price. Our well-trained service technicians will deliver your treatment chemicals, install all necessary equipment and dispose of all containers at the conclusion of the treatment process.

And, we’ll never try to sell you chemicals — our goal is to help create clean systems that minimize your long-term operating costs.

Contact us to learn more about our water treatment service in Illinois today, or give us a call at 312-257-3464.