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Minerals and biological materials can impact the efficiency and health of closed loop systems, boilers and cooling towers. Water contaminants may also present health and safety hazards. Chardon Laboratories offers personalized water treatment services for industrial facilities in New York City.

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How New York City's Water Quality Impacts Your Business

New York City sources most of its water from an expansive watershed in upstate New York over 100 miles from the city. Water from this source does not undergo filtration due to the volume. Instead, the New York Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) disinfects water using chlorine and ultraviolet light. The DEP also adds materials such as phosphoric acid, fluoride and sodium hydroxide to protect the city's water infrastructure and improve oral health.

While the DEP treats water, some minerals and biological materials may still leave scale and microbial material, resulting in equipment corrosion and efficiency loss. Microbials are a top concern following the 2015 Legionnaires' disease outbreak. Today, building owners must register their cooling towers and test for Legionella. Chardon Labs offers treatment and monitoring services that help businesses in New York City meet efficiency goals and satisfy state requirements.

Maintain Your Business Operations With Routine Treatment and Testing

Regular water monitoring, testing and treatment will benefit your business in numerous ways:

  • Productivity: Testing and treating water systems will resolve issues earlier, preventing downtime spent repairing or replacing equipment.
  • Equipment health and longevity: Preventing scale, corrosion and microbial growth will preserve your water systems and protect your investment.
  • Energy efficiency: Treating scale and corrosion allows water to flow seamlessly through your systems and prevents leaks, elevating your facility's energy efficiency.

Our Services Available in New York and Beyond

Chardon Labs provides thorough testing, monitoring and treatment services for industrial water systems in New York City.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling towers may accumulate scale and microorganisms that cause corrosion, leaks and fouling. We mitigate cooling tower damage through the precise implementation of treatment chemicals and products, including:

  • Conductivity controllers
  • Contact head water meters
  • Corrosion coupon racks
  • Biocide batch tanks
  • pH probes
  • Corrosion inhibitors

Boiler Water Treatment

Chardon Labs provides boiler water treatment solutions for companies in New York City. Our chemical treatments eliminate the substances that cause scaling and corrosion. We will collaborate with you to determine a boiler treatment plan that suits your facility and needs.

Closed Loop Water Treatment

We prevent corrosion, scale and microbial growth in New York City closed loop water systems. Our closed loop water treatment methods address the common causes of damage and efficiency loss within hot, chilled, tempered and process water systems.

Legionella Testing

Legionella testing and reporting are requirements for New York City buildings featuring cooling tanks. Chardon Labs is a reliable and cost-effective partner for Legionella testing, monitoring and treatment. Our Legionella treatment experts will survey your water system, determine the level of risk and implement a solution that satisfies New York's requirements.


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