Michigan Water Treatment Services: Cooling Towers, Boilers & Closed Loops

water treatment services in Michigan

Water Treatment Services in Michigan


While Michigan is primarily known for its thriving automotive industry, it’s also home to leading plastics, food processing and other manufacturing entities. If your Michigan manufacturing operation requires reliable and affordable water treatment services, Chardon Labs has you covered.

We’re not a chemical seller — our goal is to deliver premium services that create clean systems. Our strong Midwest presence enables us to serve industrial and commercial operations throughout Michigan quickly and efficiently. We are proud to provide commercial water treatment services in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and beyond.

The Leading Cooling Tower Treatment Company in Michigan

Our Michigan cooling tower water treatment services include an assortment of chemical treatment options that protect against common contamination issues such as white rust formation and microbiological growth. For new cooling tower system startups, we have processes for cleaning to eliminate oxidation and corrosion by-products and remove residual grease and oils.

For galvanized steel cooling towers, we’ll follow this up with passivation to help prevent white rust/galvanic corrosion. We can also implement targeted chemical treatments to clean and decontaminate heat exchangers.


Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

We’re Also a Top Boiler Water Treatment Company in Michigan

Scale is a destructive force that will eventually cause boiler tubes to fail. Our ISO-certified technicians know how to eliminate scale via the chemical application of our recommendations for proper blowdown. We’ll also develop and implement an effective anti-corrosion strategy that entails the application of the best chemical solutions for the job.

Boiler Chemicals in Michigan

If your Michigan company needs to keep its boiler system up and running, Chardon can help with its maintenance.

Your boiler system functions are vital to the operations of your business. Unfortunately, corrosion and scale can get in the way of this and put a damper on the efficiency of your boiler system.

Chardon can keep your system running and fight off scale and corrosion through boiler chemicals and comprehensive treatment. With professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field, Chardon has everything you need to keep your systems running worry-free. Learn more about our boiler treatment services and contact us today for your boiler chemicals in Michigan!

We’re Experts in Closed-Loop Water System Treatment

Our water treatment options for closed-loop systems feature chemical applications specifically designed to prevent corrosion. We recommend a thorough cleaning and flushing process that will target and prevent microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), which results from colonized bacteria feeding on iron-based surfaces.

Other effective corrosion-prevention techniques for closed-loop systems include applying chemicals to remove dissolved solids and using chemical compounds provide protection to system surfaces.

Chardon: A Michigan Water Treatment Company With More Than 50 Years of Experience

Chardon Labs has been a leading water management industry solutions provider since 1965. We’ll work closely with you to develop and implement customized treatment programs for cooling towers, boilers and loop systems that deliver great service at great prices. We share the mutually beneficial interest with our customers of finding ways to keep costs down, especially as it relates to water and energy savings.

To learn more about our Michigan commercial water treatment services, contact us today or give us a call at 313-202-4410.