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Part of running a facility is ensuring clean, safe and well-preserved process water. Whether using a steam boiler for brewing beer or a cooling tower for food temperature control, regular water treatment helps extend equipment life span, ward off bacteria, save money and preserve energy.

If you need commercial or industrial water treatment in New Jersey, Chardon Laboratories can customize a plan for your industry, facility and daily operations. Learn more about the solutions we offer.

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Newark Water Treatment Programs for Facilities

We proudly serve a wide range of industries, from medical facilities to breweries.

Health Care

To ensure safe, pure water for patients, employees and visitors, your health care facility should incorporate a proper water treatment plan. Whether for a hospital, clinic, pharmacy or another health care setting, the team at Chardon can help.

Water serves many roles in medical environments, from water heaters and coolers to sinks and showers. By providing water maintenance services for cooling towers, boilers and closed-loop water systems, we can help your facility prioritize health and meet water safety and cleanliness standards.

Additionally, we offer Legionella bacteria control and management services for health care. These services safeguard against outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease, Pontiac fever and other illnesses for particularly high-risk patients.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

HVAC systems in industrial and commercial operations often have stringent, complex requirements. They must meet the facility's cooling, heating and ventilation regulations while avoiding costly breakdowns. Proper water treatment plays a crucial role, as it impedes scale, corrosion and microbiological growth in equipment.

Chardon Labs provides comprehensive water maintenance solutions for HVAC boilers and cooling towers. Our chemical treatment services help keep your water and appliances clean. In turn, this can:

  • Extend your water systems' life and performance.
  • Ensure safe and comfortable facility temperatures for workers.
  • Control scale buildup, corrosion, biological growth and contaminants.
  • Reduce your utility bills.
  • Minimize the need for repairs.


The brewing industry relies on steam production for an even, efficient heating process. Boiler water treatment also contributes to your facility's safety — research shows that 40% of boiler-related incidents and fatalities result from poor maintenance or human error. For these reasons, it's essential to keep your boiler in top shape and avoid equipment breakdowns.

Our brewery water treatment services include:

  • A free assessment and evaluation
  • High-quality chemical or chemical-free treatments
  • Ongoing water system testing and maintenance

Effective water treatment from Chardon can help keep your brewery's boiler dependable, safe and at peak performance.


Minimizing scrap rates and cycle times is essential in the plastics manufacturing industry. In addition, these companies often use cooling towers to cool plastic molds. At Chardon, we understand the integral role of Thermolators®, heat exchangers and oil coolers in your operations.

We can customize a cost-effective water treatment plan to your facility's needs and applications. This plan will keep your cooling tower at maximum performance, decreasing expensive maintenance and repairs. Additionally, proper water treatment keeps plastic parts sanitary to support approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Our plastic manufacturing water treatment services include:

  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Closed-loop water system maintenance
  • Legionella control.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Plastic manufacturing machine

    Newark Cooling Tower Maintenance Consultation and Planning

    Cooling towers use an open tower water loop, making them a primary target for issues like these.

    • Corrosion: Corrosion such as rust can deteriorate materials over time. Because increased water conductivity can lead to corrosion, our team can help you create a surface barrier and maintain pH levels with a multistep plan.
    • Scaling: Mineral buildup from water hardness can cause multiple cooling tank issues. We provide heat exchanger fouling solutions in North Jersey.
    • Bacterial growth: Cooling towers are prone to contaminants like algae, fungi and bacteria. Our technicians can collect water samples, then develop a chemical treatment plan based on the results.

    At Chardon Labs, we stock a full line of inhibitors for scale, corrosion and microbiological growth. Using the appropriate filtration chemicals and technologies, we can customize a chemical plan that keeps your cooling tower running smoothly while addressing any issues.

    We have all of the equipment necessary to treat and maintain your cooling tower, including contact headwater meters, conductivity controllers and chemical pumps. Our cooling tower water services include:

    • Inspect, test and report on your current cooling tower system
    • Create a chemical treatment plan to deter rust, scale, corrosion and bacteria
    • Offer ongoing maintenance at a fixed annual cost
    • Provide heat exchanger services

    Newark Legionella Control

    Though common in natural freshwater environments, Legionella bacteria can also grow in human-made water sources without proper disinfecting and treatment. These sources include cooling towers, shower heads, sink faucets and ornamental fountains.

    Some causes of Legionella growth include:

    Chardon works with the industry's leading Legionella testing service for precise data regarding bacteria levels. Following ASHRAE Standard 188 protocols, we use the following three-step system to help prevent and control Legionella growth as much as possible:

    1. Survey your building's water systems and analyze risks.
    2. Develop a Water Management Plan based on these risks.
    3. Validate and document the results of your Water Management Plan.

    Newark Industrial Boiler Treatment Services

    Many facilities use boilers to produce hot water or steam for heating. Corrosion and scale are common issues that can minimize efficiency, increase costs and maintenance and reduce the boiler's life span.

    At Chardon, we have the proper equipment, products and chemicals for boiler water treatment. We can protect your boiler's valuable components while safeguarding against scale and corrosion. Our treatment solutions include:

    • A complimentary survey to assess your boiler system needs
    • A personalized chemical treatment plan with regularly scheduled testing
    • Scale and corrosion prevention
    • Annual boiler maintenance
    • Services performed by our ISO-certified technicians

    If your facility needs reliable boiler treatment services, the Chardon team can help you choose the right treatment plan for your unique needs.

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    At Chardon Laboratories, we don't sell chemicals — we sell services for clean water systems. We strive to reduce costs as much as possible while providing the treatment you need. We offer fixed costs with no hidden fees, ISO-certified field technicians and ongoing maintenance to every client. In addition, our team can consult with you on the various utility credit programs available to help you save on water, sewer, energy and chemicals.

    To get started with our services in New Jersey, contact a water treatment expert for more information.

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