Commercial Water Treatment in Baltimore, Maryland

Commercial Water Treatment in Baltimore, Maryland

Operating a commercial building is no small feat. Likely, you have many tasks and areas to manage each day. Therefore, you may not always have the time or resources to maintain your entire water management system.

That is why it is important to choose a water treatment partner that understands these challenges and constraints, bringing decades of industry expertise to the table. Proper commercial water care is crucial to remove hazardous substances, prevent bacterial spread, save money and preserve the integrity of your water systems.

At Chardon Laboratories, we provide a range of customized water treatment solutions for numerous facilities and industries.

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The Importance of Water Treatment Solutions for Industries

Pure, clean and well-maintained water is a necessity in many industries, including but not limited to:

  • Hospitals and health care facilities.
  • Power and energy plants.
  • Manufacturing, such as microelectronics, automotive and pharmaceutical.
  • Educational facilities.
  • Data centers.

Large, complex commercial facilities are susceptible to Legionella outbreaks. Legionella is a type of bacteria that inhabits natural and human-made water sources. Like other bacteria, it thrives in warm and wet environments.

People over the age of 50, current and former smokers, individuals with chronic lung disease and those with weakened immune systems are more likely to contract legionellosis (Legionnaires’ disease, or Pontiac fever). Hospitals and health care facilities are particularly high-risk environments, as many patients fall into these categories.

Legionella bacteria commonly grows in water systems such as:

  1. Cooling systems: Because water is an effective cooling medium, it is frequently used in cooling systems for data centers and other businesses. Chemical manufacturing plants, oil refineries and similar industries often use cooling towers, which remove heat from the water by evaporation. If the water is not properly treated, maintained and disinfected, it can become contaminated with bacteria, minerals and algae. Contaminants can release into the air and pose risks to employees and cause clogging and other problems in the cooling system.
  2. Faucets: Water in a sink or shower faucet can become a bacteria hotbed without regular cleaning and disinfecting, or if the temperature is not hot enough.
  3. Hot tubs and spas: When the water in a spa or hot tub is not properly maintained, it can grow bacteria, transmitting to others that use the tub.
  4. Decorative fountains: Facilities with ornamental fountains should maintain and disinfect the water, as it can also become a source of bacteria.

To prevent these outbreaks in commercial facilities, it is essential to maintain water systems and implement a proper care plan. Doing so can also reduce water system malfunctions, cut down energy and maintenance costs, and extend the life span of your equipment. Fortunately, Chardon Labs can help your business create an effective water treatment solution.

Baltimore Boiler Treatment

Boilers play an important role in many industrial operations, from accurate water heating to maintaining comfortable temperatures. Two major concerns surrounding boilers are:

  • Scale: Boiler scale is a mixture of materials like iron, calcium and silica that settle on heat transfer surfaces. It can shed off the sides and interfere with water flow in the tubes, potentially causing overheating or failure.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion usually results from chemical reactions in the boiler's metal, air or water. It can cause deterioration in the metal and inner mechanisms.

Scale and corrosion can raise costs, reduce efficiency, increase maintenance needs and shorten the boiler's life span. As a leading water treatment company, Chardon Labs has the products, equipment and expertise needed for quality boiler chemical treatment. We can help preserve your water heating system and its vital components, keeping unwanted scale and corrosion at bay.

a man holding a tablet in front of a water heating system

Our water treatment services for boilers include:

  • A free survey to evaluate your current system and its needs.
  • Regularly scheduled testing through a customized chemical treatment plan.
  • Corrosion and scale prevention.
  • Continued boiler care and maintenance at a fixed annual cost.
  • Services administered by International Organization for Standardization-certified technicians.

Our experts can help you select the right treatment plan for your specific application.


    Cooling Tower Chemical Experts in Baltimore

    Cooling tower water treatment requires using the right chemical products and filtration technologies to remove toxic or damaging elements. Some common cooling tower issues include scale, corrosion, foam and dirt buildup.

    At Chardon Labs, we can help you create a cooling tower chemical treatment plan to prevent contamination issues like biological growth, concentrated mineral content and white rust formation. We will customize this system to your needs at a guaranteed annual fee.

    Our cooling tower water treatment services include:

    • Testing and reporting on your current cooling tower's system status.
    • Tailoring a chemical plan to defend your system from rust, biological growth, scale, corrosion and other impedances.
    • Providing cooling tower treatment applications by International Organization for Standardization-certified technicians.
    • Performing heat exchanger services.
    • Providing ongoing maintenance at a fixed yearly price.

    By protecting your water cooling tower from microbiological growth, corrosion and deposits with Chardon, you can maximize your system's life span while keeping water, energy and maintenance costs to a minimum.

    Baltimore County Water Testing for Legionella

    Merely inhaling water droplets with Legionella can transmit Legionnaire's disease. To prevent these outbreaks, your facility should have a solid plan in place. Chardon Labs offers Legionella laboratory testing services in Baltimore County.

    Testing your water for cultures of Legionella is a significant part of managing this bacteria. Legionella is typically consumed by an amoeba — a moving, single-celled microbe — then multiplies from within before exploding, causing an outbreak. Consistent testing is critical to pinpoint and address potential bacteria problems.

    Using ASHRAE Standard 188 as a resource, we use this three-step system as a foundation for Legionella control:

    1. Survey water systems within the building and analyze the potential risk.
    2. Create a Water Management Plan to prevent Legionella development.
    3. Validate and document progress after implementing the Water Management Plan.

    Our team partners with the industry's top Legionella testing service to provide accurate data regarding bacteria levels. This testing is crucial for ensuring a properly maintained water system.

    Contact Chardon Laboratories for Baltimore Water Treatment Plans

    Contact Chardon Laboratories for Baltimore Water Treatment Plans

    Chardon Labs can take on the complex task of water system maintenance for your facility. Whether you are looking for boiler preservation services, cooling tower maintenance or water testing in the Baltimore area, we have nearly 60 years of expertise in the commercial water treatment industry, so we can provide the expertise you need.

    Let us help you customize a water care plan to your facility's needs. Get in touch with one of our water treatment experts today.

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