Chemical Water Treatmemt for Businesses in Athens, OH

Chemical water treatment is crucial for various industries that rely on process water. If you operate a business in Athens, Ohio, you source your water from groundwater containing numerous contaminants that can damage your equipment. The right water management plan can help you reduce scaling, prevent corrosion and control bacteria growth within your cooling towers, boilers or closed loop systems.

Athens, Ohio Water Quality

Businesses in Athens, Ohio, use groundwater for various processes. Groundwater sources are highly susceptible to contamination due to shallow aquifer depths, manmade contaminants and contaminant sources in wellhead protection areas. If you operate a business in the Athens area, your process water may contain the following:

  • Inorganic contaminants
  • Microbial contaminants
  • Organic chemical contaminants
  • Radioactive contaminants
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides

Various contaminants and chemicals can cause significant damage to your process water equipment. They can pervade groundwater from sources such as runoff, gas tanks, lawn care chemicals, oil tanks and chemical drainage. Aquifers are under a sand and gravel layer, but they lack a clay protective layer to capture harmful chemicals and materials. Treatment is crucial because it prevents Athens' water source contaminants from causing severe complications or delaying your operations.

Benefits of Industrial Water Treatment

Professional industrial water treatment offers the following benefits:


Proper water treatment removes harmful materials and corrosion so your water systems can operate efficiently. Growth, scaling and corrosion can reduce a water system's ability to insulate and adequately heat or cool process water. The right treatment enables your systems to operate without consuming excess energy.

Cost Savings

Due to increased efficiency, water treatment can also help your company save money. Scaling and growth can hinder a system's ability to insulate properly, but water treatment helps systems maintain insulation so they can operate while consuming less energy. Treating your process water can save your organization significant energy costs, and it can help reduce repair needs.


With well-maintained water systems, your company can increase and maintain productivity. Treating your process water reduces the likelihood of equipment downtime, ensuring your machines are operational when you need them most.

Nearby Water Treatment for Businesses

Athens water treatment is essential for quality water and long-lasting equipment. You can find the following services in Athens, Ohio:

Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler water treatment helps remove scale and prevent corrosion, saving you time and money on maintenance and water usage. Scale forms on a boiler's heat transfer surface when impurities such as silica, iron and calcium concentrate and harden. Removing scale deposits and preventing further complications helps maintain proper insulation for greater efficiency.

Scale reduces how well your boiler can transfer heat, causing it to burn more fuel, raise your energy costs and emit more greenhouse gases. It can also cause your boiler to overheat and fail as it gradually accumulates. Additionally, corrosion from your process water's chemicals can potentially eat holes in your boiler, leading to leakage, repair costs and potential system failure.

Boiler water treatment uses sulfite to absorb dissolved oxygen and reduce pitting. Additional boiler treatment products such as boiler probes, corrosion coupon racks and controllers disperse precipitated particulates and crystals to prevent them from concentrating and settling on your boiler's surfaces. With professional water treatment, you can prevent shutdowns and maximize your company's productivity.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment

    Cooling towers are susceptible to bacterial growth, corrosion and scaling, but you can protect your cooling tower and its components with effective cooling tower treatment.

    Cooling tower treatment in southeast Ohio uses chemical inhibitors and multi-step approaches to prevent chemical reactions and manage pH levels. It also involves epoxy coating, which provides your cooling tower with an epoxy layer that creates a barrier between the tower's surfaces and the water. This barrier prevents water from causing further corrosion on metal surfaces.

    Closed Loop Water Treatment

    Microbial growth, particulate matter deposits, corrosion, low pH and dissolved gases can damage closed loop water systems, but proper treatment can protect their performance and longevity. If you have a hot water, chilled water, tempered water or process water loop system, a cleaning and flushing process is necessary. Closed loop treatment tests, cleans and flushes your system. It also includes regular testing and treatment through a customized plan.

    Water Testing and Management

    Water testing and management services help control and hinder Legionella growth. Legionella management follows ASHRAE Standard 188 with regularly scheduled testing and proper response procedures that meet strict guidelines. Regular testing and monitoring provide accurate information about bacteria levels in your water systems, and response procedures help reduce bacteria concentrations for safer, cleaner water.

    Water testing and management is essential because it helps reduce bacteria that can cause significant health complications. Legionella naturally grows in water sources and thrives in wet, warm environments, but controlling this bacteria can help your company or organization prevent outbreaks.

    Tailored Solutions for Your Cooling Tower, Boiler and Closed Loop Systems

    Chardon Labs tailors water treatment solutions to meet your company's unique needs. We perform thorough testing to track and evaluate your water's condition and determine the most effective treatment plan. When you work with Chardon Labs, you can trust our specialists to customize chemical treatment and develop a plan that addresses your specific contaminants, growth and corrosion.

    Each area and business within the country has different process water contaminants depending on the water source. Chardon Labs develops solutions that target your water's specific contaminants. We determine the most effective way to combat dissolved materials, reduce scaling and balance pH levels in your systems.

    Contact Chardon Labs in Southeast Ohio for Water Treatment Solutions

    Chemical water treatment is an essential part of ensuring your systems operate smoothly. Various contaminants and deposits in your water source can gradually accumulate on your water equipment, causing complications such as scaling, corrosion, leakage and system failure. Implementing effective water treatment methods significantly reduces energy consumption and repair costs, extends your equipment's life span and protects your employees and the surrounding community from potential risks.

    Chardon Labs offers chemical water treatment solutions to meet your company or organization's specific needs. We strive to help you keep your energy, water and chemical costs down with tailored water treatment services and water management plans. Our experienced service technicians test your water, install the necessary equipment, deliver chemicals, implement treatment plans and dispose of containers to provide a smooth process. We also use remote monitoring technology for accurate, real-time water quality updates.

    At Chardon Labs, our services are ISO-9000 certified. This certification reflects our dedication to providing top-tier quality management systems you can depend on. Contact us to learn more about our water treatment solutions and how we can help you maintain your water equipment.

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