Commercial Chemical Water Treatment Services for the Plastics Industry


Reducing scrap rate and lowering cycle times are important in ensuring the success of your plastics operation.  Chardon understands the specific details of a plastics operation, such as the critical role Thermolators® play for the plastic injection molding industry.


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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling towers play a large role in the cooling system of your plastics manufacturing facility, linking into your facility cooling systems and often playing a role in your plastic chilling.  Because of the role cooling towers play in your facility, ensuring the proper functioning of your cooling towers is essential.

Unfortunately, improper cooling tower maintenance can result in both functional and biological hazards for your facility and its operations.  Concentrated mineral content and improper system treatment can cause the system to form scale in systems with harder water.  Cooling towers can also quickly breed biological contaminants like Legionella if the conditions are right.

The ramifications of such problems can be anything from slowed systems to a microbial outbreak, both of which hurt the operations of your plastics manufacturing business.

Chardon is one of the best resources available for reliable cooling tower water treatment for plastic manufacturing facilities. Our highly trained and experienced water treatment technicians are certified to ISO standards and have the knowledge and expertise needed to develop a custom plan for your system.

Whether your concern is scale, corrosion or biological growth, Chardon can identify the problem and help your organization implement solutions that will eliminate future problems.

Closed Loop Water Treatment Systems

Cooling systems for plastics manufacturing often include a closed loop of chilled water, which is used to remove excess heat from molded plastic parts.  If left unchecked, the closed loop water system can develop anaerobic bacteria causing Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC).  With enough corrosion, the system could lose enough water to slowly lose its functionality.  This can have severe ramifications for plastic products, affecting the quality of products while also causing downtime and repair costs for your facility.

Chardon can help by offering comprehensive closed loop water treatment systems for plastic manufacturing facilities.  We employ ISO-certified technicians who perform a wide range of tests and assessments to determine the state of your system and identify any damage or corrosion. Once identified, Chardon technicians perform various treatment and prevention services, fixing existing problems when possible and helping your organization prevent further issues in the future.

Legionella Control and Prevention

Waterborne illnesses are of major concern in the world, as diseases like Legionnaires’ slowly grow in breadth and incidence.  This has made prevention a critical concern.   When preventing Legionella, specifically, many health organizations turn their eyes to cooling towers, which are commonly used in plastics manufacturing facilities.

Cooling towers can be a prime location for Legionella bacteria to grow, combining ideal temperatures with dark, moist environments.  Though many modern towers employ water cycling methods to avoid bacterial growth like this, every system has a weakness — whether it’s a buildup of sludge and mineral deposits or lack of biocide or stagnant areas of water flow (dead-legs, back-up pumps etc.).

Whatever the reason, cooling towers contaminated with Legionella have the potential to infect employees.

Chardon can help.  We specialize in Legionella control and prevention for plastics manufacturing facilities, providing water testing and treatment programs specifically targeted at Legionella and other waterborne bacteria.  We also serve as a consulting service, helping businesses take steps to prevent bacterial growth in their water systems.

With appropriate cooling tower designs and maintenance procedures, your facility can avoid outbreaks and ensure continued production.


Choose Chardon

Reducing scrap rate and lowering cycle times are important in today’s competitive environment.  Chardon specializes in servicing the plastics industry and understands the critical role Tthermolators®, oil coolers, heat exchangers and chillers play in your manufacturing operation.  Together we will develop a customized water treatment program to meet your specific needs.

Chardon’s ISO-9001 certified technicians will partner with your maintenance staff to ensure your treatment program runs smoothly, conserves chemicals and ultimately results in clean, efficient systems. Chardon is one of the only companies to provide the three efficient practices in the water treatment industry: Guaranteed Scale-Free Systems, Guaranteed ISO Service at a Guaranteed Price.

We make your concerns our priority.

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