Commercial Water Treatment Services in Traverse City, Michigan

Commercial water treatment services in Traverse City Michigan

From meeting production deadlines to complying with stringent regulatory guidelines, you likely handle many responsibilities daily. Therefore, maintaining your facility's water systems — such as steam boilers, cooling towers and closed loops — may not be your first priority.

When you partner with Chardon Laboratories, you'll have peace of mind knowing every step of the water treatment process is covered. Rather than taking on these tasks yourself, let us relieve some of the stress by chemically treating and maintaining your water systems.

If you're seeking closed loop, boiler or cooling tower treatment in or near Traverse City, Chardon Labs can personalize a comprehensive water treatment plan to your organization's needs.

Our Northern Michigan Service Areas

Identifying Water Quality and Concerns in Northwest Michigan

According to Traverse City's 2022 water quality report, contaminants such as fluoride, nitrate, combined radium and xylene were present in Lake Michigan, the city's primary water source. These substances derive from the following sources:

  • Viruses and bacteria from septic systems, sewage treatment plants, livestock and wildlife
  • Salts and metals from stormwater runoff, mining, farming, and oil and gas production
  • Pesticides and herbicides from residential and agricultural uses
  • Radioactive contaminants from mining and oil and gas production
  • Organic chemicals from stormwater runoff, septic systems, petroleum manufacturing and industrial processes

Your Commercial Water Treatment Services in Traverse City

Chardon Labs has been in the water treatment business since 1965, and we've resolved countless issues impacting cooling towers, closed loops and boilers. Our ISO 9000-certified technicians can provide these services for your manufacturing facility:

  • A free survey to assess your water system's condition and requirements
  • Comprehensive water testing and analysis from our mobile laboratory in northern Michigan
  • A chemical treatment program tailored to your local water conditions
  • Full system cleaning and flushing services
  • Filter changes
  • Ongoing maintenance at a guaranteed annual price
  • Electronic service reporting
  • Remote monitoring

Our chemical treatments help rectify a range of common issues affecting water systems, such as:


Corrosion occurs when metal comes into contact with water and oxygen. This reaction can create pits, wear and rust in the metal, degrading tubes and other infrastructure. Without proper treatment, corrosion will continue to decrease efficiency, raise costs and, ultimately, shorten your equipment's service life.


Scale is a white, chalky buildup made up of minerals like calcium carbonate, magnesium, iron and silica. These materials can precipitate out of process water and harden onto various surfaces.

When scale sloughs off the sides, it hinders water flow through the tubes, causing them to overheat, warp and rupture. Though scale is most prominent in boilers and cooling towers, it can also form in hard closed loop water. Either way, scaling lowers efficiency and damages equipment when left untreated.

Biological Growth

Organisms like fungi, algae and bacteria can invade your water system, leaving slimy biofilms on your equipment's surface. These contaminants impede heat transfer and water flow, significantly reducing efficiency. Some of these organisms will also damage infrastructure and can be a health hazard to workers.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Tailored Chemical Treatment Solutions for Your Business

    Customized chemical treatment and maintenance plans

    At Chardon Labs, we know that every water system faces a unique set of challenges. That's why we work with companies to create customized chemical treatment and maintenance plans. Our technicians can analyze and survey your water systems to determine current and potential issues and implement the appropriate measures to address them.

    Depending on the type of water system and its requirements, treatment might involve one or more of these chemicals:

    • Pretreatment chemicals: Pretreating your water system helps prepare surfaces for corrosion inhibitor chemicals and maximize equipment life span. Pretreatment generally involves two phases — precleaning (eliminating foreign matter) and prefilming (stimulating the growth of an inhibiting film). If your water system contains copper alloy, we typically apply azoles to individual exchangers instead of the entire system.
    • Anti-foaming chemicals: Issues like biocide overfeeding and excess proteins can cause foam to build up in your cooling tower or closed loop. Over time, too much foam can damage equipment and pose safety hazards. Anti-foaming chemicals help remove excess foam from your water system. They quickly spread across the water's surface, rupturing bubbles and preventing future foam development.
    • Corrosion inhibitors: Our corrosion inhibitor chemicals protect metals that come into contact with fluids, managing two common issues in water systems — scale and rust.
    • Nonoxidizing biocides: We primarily use nonoxidizing biocides to address bacterial growth, pH imbalances, water quality issues and toxicity.

    Whether your operations involve a steam boiler, cooling tower or closed loop system, we can tailor a robust chemical water treatment plan to your business's needs and local water conditions. In turn, you can enjoy more productivity and less costly downtime.

    Industry-Specific and Personalized Plans for Traverse City Businesses

    For many industry sectors, ongoing water treatment is non-negotiable. Here are some different businesses that can benefit from water system treatment.


    Manufacturing a single vehicle can use thousands of gallons of water. Automotive manufacturers must find ways to keep water usage costs at bay while making manufacturing processes as eco-friendly as possible. Water from vehicle manufacturing processes can contain oils, grease, metals and chemicals from paint residue. These substances can cause long-term environmental damage.

    Thankfully, Chardon Labs has plenty of experience working with automotive manufacturing businesses. Our experts can help you develop a cost-effective water treatment plan to control your water usage while still yielding outstanding products.

    We can help you find ways to use water, fuel and electricity more efficiently, reaching your spending and sustainability goals. In turn, you can acquire Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits.


    This industry often uses cooling towers to cool plastic extruders and injection molds. Additionally, a closed loop system may be used to remove excess heat from molded plastic components.

    To avoid costly repairs and keep your plastics manufacturing operations efficient, you'll need a reliable water treatment program for your cooling tower or closed loop. Regular water maintenance can also keep plastic parts sanitary, ensuring they meet Food and Drug Administration requirements.

    Food and Beverage Processing

    Many food processing facilities rely on cooling towers for cold storage purposes. However, cooling towers can carry bacteria, which can spark disease outbreaks after coming into contact with refrigerated food. Ammonia compressors can also leak ammonia into the water system, causing long-term damage.

    For these reasons, consistent water treatment for cooling towers and ammonia compressors is a must. Chardon Labs can help you develop a chemical treatment plan, keeping your equipment functional and food items safe for consumption.

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    Whatever type of manufacturing you're involved in, your water systems deserve the highest level of care and upkeep. Fortunately, the experts at Chardon Labs have what it takes to fulfill your unique commercial water treatment needs.

    Let us help you create a customized water treatment program for your business in the Traverse City area. If you'd like to schedule a free survey of your water system with one of our specialists, get in touch with us today.

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